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Black Cat Bacchanal

Look who has returned for the holidays.. straight from comic book pages and into my house Catwoman seeks to defile all within her reach.  I’d like to blame her for the tumbler of vodka which now rests by my elbow. Honestly, however, I think I penned these cautionary words to myself several months before she even showed up:

“A river runs across my crypt,
Rich vodka – hundred-proof supreme,
Continually flowing stream,
Explosive when sucked through my lips,

Deadly when taken to extreme.”

Maybe I’ll slow down after Xmas. Anyways, to see more photos of Catwoman and read even more pathologically honest confessions join my OnlyFans.com Twitter feed to correspond with me daily.
Happy Holidays!
XO Tanya

Halloween Auction



Just in time for Halloween I am auctioning off my black latex Catwoman hood, worn by both Mercedes Ashley and me in various videos. Winner of the auction will receive numerous DVDs featuring the hood, plus a grandiose assortment of out-of-print, collectible magazines and photos. I love magazines. They are becoming more and more of a collector’s item. Join the fun – bid now!

XO Tanya



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