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Super Bowl Sunday




Good afternoon,

I had a busy week shooting with Stacy Burke, Akira Lane, and JM Rolen. As most of you know Super Bowl XLIX is occurring today. I tried to put a little money on the Patriots but could not access my account at Sportsbook.com.  Never had that problem before. Superstition now dictates that I avoid placing a wager. No plans for the big game. In my estimation Super Bowl Sunday has joined New Year’s Eve, St. Patrick’s Day, and 4th of July as an excellent date to stay home. Realize that I sound like an old fuddy-duddy but I have never had much enthusiasm for occasions that call for mass exuberance, if that makes any sense.

Despite both boxing and wrestling Akira yesterday I could not sleep last night. In the early hours of the morning I went for a drive around the empty roads of LA and encountered a bar that looks like it should be sitting on a street corner in Buffalo, New York or Oil City, Pennsylvania. It reeks of dejection, rejection, and neglect but still remains open for business. When I came home I typed its name into the Yelp.com search engine only to discover that no one has written a single word about it. I will check it out next week.

Lots of new photos to edit so I am going to tune in to a 1947 flick entitled Pitfall and get to work. Hope everyone has a great Sunday!

XO Tanya



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Cory Lane



I first met Cory Lane on the set of Penthouse: On Campus which we shot back in, dare I say, 1993 (!)   That’s me doing the splits on the cover of the video and that might be Cory in the yellow cheerleader outfit but I can’t tell for sure.  Cory had true beauty, confidence and kindness, sort of like a Carolyn Monroe with less of a wild streak (at least on film.) Cory, to my knowledge, only did softcore work. She shot with Bob Walenski (BobsVideos.com) a lot and I believe that he likely took the above pic of Cory smoking.  Click here for the full gallery. Cory vanished off the scene long ago. What a beautiful woman, inside and out. Never knew her well but remember her fondly.

By the way, I guess Penthouse: On Campus has turned into a bit of a collector’s item. Amazon is charging $99 for the DVD! I remember ordering boxes of VHS tapes of Penthouse: On Campus so I could sell them while dancing and also send copies to members of my mail order fan club.

XO Tanya



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