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Outward Bound


Outward Bound

Two friends, Summer Cummings and Tanya Danielle, travel to a remote mountain cabin to enjoy the last days of summer heat. In this isolated locale they feel comfortable wearing bikinis, or less, as they swim in a cool stream, fish for trout, and hike through grassy meadows. Their slim waistlines and huge breasts attract the eyes of a predator. He lies in wait, preparing for the perfect opportunity to strike. After trapping and tying each woman separately he will reunite them for a grand session of pleasure in which he will play a starring role. The ladies do fall into his clutches but have absolutely no intention of submitting to his perverted plan without a fight..

Summer Cummings and Tanya Danielle star in Outward Bound, a Damsel-in-Distess bondage thriller featuring classic ties with white rope, white cloth gags, brutish assailant, onscreen tying, skimpy bikinis, vigorous struggling, lift and carry, and hopping. Download Outward Bound now! (Co-produced by White Rope Lover.)



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