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Tool Time

A recent excerpt from Tanya’s OnlyFans.com Twitter feed:


“3/11/18 – And what will I do with my first day off in what feels like a long time? Perhaps I will address the aftermath of an episode which occurred two weeks ago. Several Saturdays ago I returned home to find my front door barricaded shut from the inside. At first it seemed like a fluke, some strange folly of circumstance caused by a dropped item wedged in the door frame. I shook the door by the knob, certain I could dislodge the obstruction but soon it became apparent that I couldn’t. My unit boasts a so-called “fire door” installed in the 1920s. It fits nearly flush with the floor and has remarkable thickness, designed to burn very, very slowly in case of a fire. Soon I was throwing my whole body weight against the door to no avail. Remember this famous scene? Like Jack’s efforts it seemed like my own were playing over and over on an endless loop with no progress whatsoever. I called out to my cats who remained silent. Weirdly I had just been working on a text description for upcoming video The Watcher in which a stalker pens a cryptic note to milf target Mrs. Hamilton. Here were some of the words in my notebook:

“Only reason that I am holding back,
Priming for the moment, feeding on lack,
Is because I relish sweet perfection,
Need to execute flawless attack,
Earn eternal right to your affection.. “

“Golden sunlight fades to ochre halo,
Over distant hills dark villain lays low,
Even in harsh isolation he knows:
Rich surprises reward those who play slow.”

“Golden sunlight fades to ochre halo,
Over distant hills dark villain lays low,
All alone and forgotten.. he still knows:
Lady luck rewards those who play slow.”

When my front door would not yield I really started to wonder if some psycho had against all odds holed up inside my place..  (click for more)”




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