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Caffeine Supreme

Door locked: no coffee, no donuts, no respite for road-weary travelers..


I have been subsisting on coffee. Somewhere on the cusp of Orange and Los Angeles Counties I pulled into a donut shop driveway only to find above sign taped to window (top pic.) You can see my reaction in second pic. Lately I’ve been throwing a few too many internal tantrums – think I hide it pretty well but I’ve had a number of “moments” in recent days, probably due to not sleeping quite enough. Thankfully, my friend Phil sent me this video today. It definitely improved my afternoon. Thanks, Phil!

This coming week looks very busy but I have prepared updates:

I do have lots of new material that I will post soon. Sorry I have fallen behind on blog comments – will catch up this week. Hope everyone is doing well on this Halloween eve!

XO Tanya

P.S. As I type these words workers at a nearby hotel are decorating a gigantic Christmas tree on the top floor of their parking garage. It’s not even November yet..



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