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Back to the 90s..

Was probably in my early 20s here – funny how I never looked “young”, per se
Renee Ryan – so hot. Never saw her again after this.
Very serious about winning those pay-per-view bucks 🙂
Maybe this was Eden? Very beautiful woman. Not entirely sure of her name. She became upset on the day of the contest, was not accustomed to dancing nude in front of a live audience. Think the rest of us were all professional strippers.
Think this was Debi
Lol.. high-waisted and haughty

Good morning,

Long before either the Internet or DVDs became prevalent naked women vied for cash on pay-per-view TV specials. Above you see pics from one such PPV event – the Beverly Hills Short Shorts Contest. Back then I don’t even recall anyone using the term “booty shorts”.  Just look at the high-waisted numbers we used to wear:

I thoroughly enjoyed these photos, love trips down memory lane. Please visit store of ebay seller who posted them. Release date for Bevery Hills Short Shorts Contest DVD is 2003 but we probably shot footage in early 1990s. Good to see material is still circulating – I have fond memories of those days.

Hope everyone is doing well. I will return to answer post comments later today.

XO Tanya



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