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Local bank – October 29

Dolled up for Christmas – December 11
Shocked that holidays have arrived so quickly!

Good afternoon,

Skies have grown dark before 4pm in LA. We are expecting a much-needed rainstorm. Love, love, love the rain and have already purchased a nice bottle (well, relatively) of pinot noir. This evening I will be enjoying inclement weather, sipping wine, working on upcoming video release, Eugenia:

Coded biographical information leaps off page:

Experiment yields tortured spawn,
Unknowing soul born to despair,
Gulfed by fear since disastrous dawn.

Emerged from test tube decades ere,
Neurotic female soldiers on,
Illiterate, tense, unaware.

Cast out from wicked Babylon,
Alone with neither guide nor heir,
Lost dame learns sacred lexicon..



Prime minister digests message, tosses telegram into fire, ponders best course of action. Paper burns to ash before he utters brief summation of circumstance:

“In the late 1970s Soviet scientists conducted unsanctioned experimentation which resulted in three chemically engineered offspring from one human parent. Shocked by success, fearful of prosecution researchers concealed progenys’ true heritage, offered them for blackmarket adoption. One of the spawn, Eugenia, grew up in America with parents who could neither understand their daughter’s psychological peculiarities nor keep pace with her fast-evolving intellect. Eugenia – emotionally illiterate due to background, unable to relate well to normal humans – began quest for divine guidance in 2012. Now, after years spent absorbing sacred lexicon of Universe she poses nearly unfathomable threat to current social structure. If we don’t stop her she will expose politburo, compromise our ability to control lives of ordinary citizens.”

Assembled dignitaries shift in seats, uncomfortably aware that one half-human has power to both reveal, destroy their heretofore unseen influence..

To force enemy into quiescence unseen cabal subjects her to electroshock stimulation .. (custom video sponsored by Johan, frequent comment contributor on these pages)

Naturally, captive demonstrates tremendous resistance to nefarious plan ūüėČ Will post more pics as I keep editing. Hope everyone is having a great week!

XO Tanya



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After my release from Soviet captivity (pics above) I headed to Granny’s Donuts this morning. Every Granny’s location bears signage with “GRANNY’S DONUTS” spelled out in same distinctive font, leading one to believe that a single franchising entity must have spawned all of them. However,¬†the shops bear little resemblance to one another. Today’s destination boasted friendly proprietress, altar offering grapes to deity, and large table with a dozen loud¬†Vietnamese (?) men speaking animatedly in their native tongue. All fell silent when one man, possibly the proprietress’ husband, played Celine Dion on his phone. Beautiful voice, heavy lyrics floated over hushed room until song ended and rapid-fire conversation resumed.¬†Episode felt a bit surreal and I want to find name of that song. Will always wonder what significance, if any, it had to those assembled.

Aside from kitten mission which I mentioned in last post life has been progressing as usual. Generally I rise early, jog, get coffee someplace, return home by noon to edit material/post photo and¬†video updates. ¬†One day last week, en route to donut shop du jour, I encountered a familiar face outside my building. “That looks like… ¬† ¬†nah, it can’t be… ” I told myself, unwilling to believe that random person from past had materialized so close to home. Man in question was standing by a row of parked cars and yelling at the top of his lungs toward the residential complex next to mine. I kept walking when suddenly our eyes locked. He blinked in surprise. We stared at one another. “You disappeared.” he said laughing. “When I called your phone you had another lady answer it and then you both started making fun of me.” I replayed the statement in my head because it had no bearing on reality. “That never happened.” I said seriously, as if rational words and truth could somehow jerk him back to his senses. At that moment another man walked up behind me on the sidewalk, sternly informing my old acquaintance: “She’s not at home. She’s at work right now.” I took the opportunity to depart quickly as the two men engaged in tense conversation. For whatever reason the incident unsettled me and I headed to crisp, corporate, predictable Starbucks instead of a random donut joint.

Ensconced in Starbuck’s table by window I crawled into wormhole, got lost in fascinating book. Thirty minutes later I jerked bolt upright¬†when erratic figure veered toward plate glass as if he might crash right through it. For second time that day I looked up into the face of my not-so-long-lost old acquaintance. ¬†He began laughing, took a lengthy moment to scrutinize open page of book I was reading, and then disappeared down sidewalk. Reminded of his startling ability to process details I finally wondered why this intelligent man had ended up screaming on a street corner like a crazed degenerate. Honestly, it still bothers me a tad. And brings me back to the original notion of this past post: it seems like there are¬†some especially potent narcotics floating around our streets these days.

Anyways, I am preparing for a shoot today but felt like transmitting a few words/pics as I finish Granny’s coffee.¬†Photos come from just-released Tanyastroika, a bondage/electroplay custom video commissioned by none other than frequent blog commentator Johan ūüėČ I will return this evening to answer more post comments. Hope everyone is having a great Tuesday!

XO Tanya



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