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Buxom Neighbor

Tanya stars as buxom neighbor in “Satan’s Fire”

Handwritten placard accompanies vial of combustible powder:

Satan’s Fire

Magnificent sensations surge,

Extreme emotion conquers ire,

Reluctance morphs to wild desire,

Gargantuan, unquestioned urge,

Elicited by Satan’s fire.

A bit hesitantly shopper inquires: “Is this.. an aphrodisiac powder?” Apothecary nods affirmatively, sells dose of substance for $750, cautions buyer to use  it wisely.

Wisely? What unmarried man uses potent aphrodisiac powder wisely? With hands in ten and two o’clock positions buyer drives slowly home, hoping against hope that he will soon expose buxom neighbor to a great deal more than just his new purchase..

Tanya Danielle stars as buxom neighbor in Satan’s Fire, a POV seduction fantasy featuring astonished prey, double image in mirror, magic dust, entrancement, overpowering lust, striptease, full nudity, indecent proposal.

Satan’s Fire now playing exclusively at OnlyFans.com/TanyaDanielle.



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Raspberry 33


I return from a mysterious 36-hour illness which reminded me a bit of this. Let me backtrack..

About a week ago I spontaneously attended a Pacific Islander festival. Friend and I paid $10.99  for above 1.75 liters of Smirnoff. For that price I could ignore the “raspberry infusion” in this particular bottle. We had a great time talking, laughing, eating ethnic food, watching a dance show, splitting raspberry vodka with other friends. The following morning I awoke to a mostly empty vodka bottle on my desk accompanied by a strange handwritten note:

Raspberry 33,

Enchanted fruit injects

Dark madness into me..

Don’t remember writing those words but I do that all the time – odd scribblings turn up under my bed, inside my pockets, beneath car seat, even saved inside my computer. “Raspberry 33” made sense because for years I’ve maligned vodka “flavors” as synthetic travesties: “Oh, yuck, is that Vanilla #24?”, “Who wants to ruin good vodka with Grape #12?”, “Real vodka should not taste like pear..”, etc. Yes, I could see why I scribbled “Raspberry 33” but last line seemed to have no relevance to such a fun evening.  Shaking my head I tossed piece of paper back onto desk, deposited vodka into freezer, continued with day.

Nearly a full week later (this past Friday) I finished packing for upcoming shoot and decided to pour myself a drink before bed. Bottle of Raspberry 33 lay waiting. I loaded final props into suitcase, zipped it with finality, watched end of Boogie Nights with vodka in hand. Hours later, as previously mentioned, this happened. I don’t know why. Two days later I have wracked my brain trying to figure out what had affected me so adversely. A friend and I had had some potato tacos, later I’d made an omelette out of fresh eggs and freshly washed vegetables.. and I’d drunk some of the remaining Raspberry 33. For the record, friend and I had been pouring vodka into plastic containers for everyone at the Pacific Islander festival so the bottle itself stayed just as clean as when we bought it. Honestly, I don’t think germs would live on a liquor bottle anyway, especially not after a week in the freezer. During the worst of my illness I remembered that strange poem I had written and suddenly the words assaulted me with haunting clarity:

Raspberry 33,

Enchanted fruit injects

Dark madness into me..

Lol.. anyone who has experienced a bad case of food poisoning knows how the mind can wander when subject to extreme dehydration. Recovery took from Friday night til noon today. Needless to say I had to reschedule my shoot. A few minutes ago I logged onto computer only to find STJ’s latest e-mail blast of photos. Check out those raspberry streaks in Nicole Oring‘s hair, raspberry flower barrette, and raspberry trimmed bikini:

Raspberry 33
Dark memory
Scripted into breathtaking finality.

Maybe I need to avoid all things raspberry for a while 😉

Many thanks to custom photo/video collectors who have to wait a little longer for me to shoot. I do have a newly scheduled date. Hope everyone is having a great weekend! I will return to answer post comments after I drink another half gallon of water. Still trying to re-hydrate.. so grateful to regain good health.

XO Tanya



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