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Ides of Perfection

Ides of Perfection


I have been posting numerous photos from Ides of Perfection starring Prinzzess Felicity Jade vs. myself (above) throughout January at my OnlyFans Twitter feed.


Attempts to psychoanalyze disturbing February 13 incident tax police sergeant’s brain. Yet again he scrutinizes handwritten note found at one combatant’s home:

“Icy blonde perfection,
Dark degeneracy,
Every sense in me
Shocked beyond redemption.”

Guilt and obsession saturate words but cop doesn’t know if Tanya Danielle penned note before or after her stunning melee with Prinzzess Felicity Jade. Has a crime been committed? Thus far no one can agree whether sexual component of wrestling match had happened spontaneously or resulted from premeditation. Once more cop pops DVD into player, labors to decide what charges, if any, Tanya Danielle should face.

Join Officer Smedley in viewing the footage which has scandalized an entire metropolitan police force..

I will probably release the video in mid-February, just in time for both the Ides of February and Valentine’s Day 😉

XO Tanya



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Sub-Saharran Domination

Good evening,

Hosting company had an outage so you may have noticed that TanyaDanielle.com went down for about 24 hours. Now I’m back in action.. sort of. Pics from Friday (Saharra Huxly vs. someone I used to know) speak for themselves.

This is how I spent weekend after the match:

Lol.. my site had an outage and so did I. Just kidding.. pic above is from soon-to-be-released video Mind Fuck but it does sort of reflect how I’ve been feeling since Friday. Hope everyone had a pleasant Monday. Please check out my newest updates for the week:

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I shall return shortly..

XO Tanya



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