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Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye


Perceiving Georgia Jones as a rival for Prinzzess Felicity Jade’s affection catfighter Tanya Danielle dreams up revenge fantasies, frequently penning grim verses which limn Georgia’s demise:

“Cracked tombstone marks forgotten site,

Hot, rotting corpse has dropped from sight,

All past due respects have been paid,

Remains belong to the depraved,

Mad ghouls who crave debauched delights.”

On the evening of April 18 Tanya drops ballpoint pen, laughs aloud, feels like howling at the full moon. “It would serve Georgia right to lie six feet under, savaged nightly by an assortment of zombies and goblins.” Cold wind blows through dark bedroom, rattling windowpanes and nearly detaching curtains from steel rod. “And tomorrow..” Tanya vows. “I shall take the first step toward making that happen.”

(Georgia Jones and Tanya Danielle star in Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye, a topless ring match featuring skimpy bikinis, high heels, breast mauling, trash talk, nipple twisting, chokeholds, submissions, torture with hairbrush and other implements, eye gouging, scratching, leg scissors, head scissors, fish hooks, stomach claw, KO, belly punching, biting, more. Co-produced by JW.)


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Noir Heat


*This exclusive title on sale at DeviantDownloads.com for $28.99 (normally $42.99) through Friday, November 30.


Buried deep in the pages of Femfighter Monthly a single photo of September Reign generates more excitement than anything else inside the publication. Practically salivating, Tanya Danielle pens these phrases in September’s honor:

“Rich noir chocolate bar,

Indescribable treat,

Let’s unwrap you, my sweet,

Eat flesh in rite bizarre,

Savor your creamy heat.”

Months later the two women encounter one another at a Los Angeles-area wrestling ring. Tensions escalate quickly. Will veteran fighter Tanya Danielle succeed in disrobing, defiling, and devouring newcomer September Reign?

(September Reign and Tanya Danielle star in Noir Heat, a topless femfight thriller featuring interracial opponents, skimpy G-strings, copious trash talk, leg scissors, breast smothering, surfboards, grapevines, hammerlocks, half nelson, belly punching, breast mangling in ropes, biting, tit torture, chokeholds, multiple submissions, pleading, KO, more. Co-produced by Naz.)



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I experienced a tremendous revival over the weekend and this is how it looked:

“Annihilation, heinous act,
Let’s celebrate without excuse!
Indeed I gleefully react,
Because of this one crucial fact:
I got to dispense the abuse.”

Join my OnlyFans.com Twitter Feed to view the streaming video version of this remarkable day.

XO Tanya



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Investigative Reporting


Reporter Ralph Axe is having flashbacks from his research..


After a year spent covering LA’s underground fight scene reporter Ralph Axe still ponders moral complexities associated with such a violent, unsanctioned sport. Ralph glances at last night’s notes from an event featuring hometown favorite Tanya Danielle vs. Cajun sensation Prinzzess Felicity Jade:

“Crazed eyes evaluate distress,

Assess degree of injury,

Jeer with exaggerated zest,

Until foe rises gingerly,

New vigor swelling in her chest.”

Honestly, Ralph can’t remember which combatant had first dominated the match. Alternating beatdowns, flurried exchanges, several near KOs had driven the crowd into a roaring, cheering frenzy for thirty minutes straight. Now, just moments before sunrise, Ralph takes a long pull of whiskey before simply placing his aching head atop a well-worn Daily Bugle desk. Only one thing seems certain: more than one cranium will pound with regret in the morning.


No Mercy starring Prinzzess Felicity Jade vs. Tanya Danielle coming soon to DeviantDownloads.com. More pics available now at Tanya’s OnlyFans.com Twitter feed.

XO Tanya



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No Mercy

Who is that scantily clad assailant using her muscular legs to crush me like a vise??

Funny thing, after taking the long Labor Day holiday weekend to recover I began thinking of  my stunning attacker as “the crazy-eyed Cajun”:

Yep, that is one Prinzzess Felicity Jade chewing on my breast. Always lovely, she has somehow begun to remind me of Kim Basinger’s Cajun character in the classic (at least to me) movie No Mercy. Join my OnlyFans.com Twitter feed to see more pics from last week’s match featuring Prinzzess vs. me!

XO Tanya



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T. Danielle Girlbanged

Who is that poor woman in above pics so violated and abused??


Tick, tock..  tick, tock..


Oh, wow.. repressed memory is slowly returning..

Guess final disturbing photo explains the torn T-shirt and destroyed purple/white G-string I found in my laundry pile. Did I bring this vile attack upon myself? Some people seem to think so..

Apt insult strikes like thunderbolt,
Edge of the Earth quakes, victims shake,
Girlbanging trio does partake
In diabolical revolt,
Sweet payback for Danielle’s mistake.

More photos of August 7, 2018 match at my OnlyFans Twitter Feed. Come join me now!

XO Tanya



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Ides of Perfection

Ides of Perfection


I have been posting numerous photos from Ides of Perfection starring Prinzzess Felicity Jade vs. myself (above) throughout January at my OnlyFans Twitter feed.


Attempts to psychoanalyze disturbing February 13 incident tax police sergeant’s brain. Yet again he scrutinizes handwritten note found at one combatant’s home:

“Icy blonde perfection,
Dark degeneracy,
Every sense in me
Shocked beyond redemption.”

Guilt and obsession saturate words but cop doesn’t know if Tanya Danielle penned note before or after her stunning melee with Prinzzess Felicity Jade. Has a crime been committed? Thus far no one can agree whether sexual component of wrestling match had happened spontaneously or resulted from premeditation. Once more cop pops DVD into player, labors to decide what charges, if any, Tanya Danielle should face.

Join Officer Smedley in viewing the footage which has scandalized an entire metropolitan police force..

I will probably release the video in mid-February, just in time for both the Ides of February and Valentine’s Day 😉

XO Tanya



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Stadium Thrill


I just added Stadium Thrill starring Jewell Marceau vs. myself to my Clips4Sale store. Ringmaster STJ’s backyard wrestling ring probably does not qualify as a “stadium” but I can’t seem to resist the verbiage:

Stadium Thrill

“All muscles, no strength.” wrestler sneers,

“Wait til the bell rings.” model  jeers,

Adrenaline pounds cranium,

Insanity fills stadium,

Testosterone-infused crowd cheers..

Wrestler jerks awake, pouring sweat. Strange dream had coupled snippets of trash talk with head-pounding pain. Might it be predicting dire outcome of upcoming match? Wrestler dismisses notion after five seconds of reflection. “No fitness model, especially Jewell Marceau, has enough skills to cause me even one iota of pain.” she blurts aloud to empty room..

Yep, Jewell Marceau and I are back in all our trash talking glory. In honor of this long-awaited reunion I have put Stadium Thrill on sale for $19.99 (regularly $38.99) through Sunday, September 3. Funny, about 16 hours after this match I was lying on an operating table as I underwent surgery. Almost completely healed now and working on photos which accompany video footage. Thanks so much to everyone who has posted comments. I really enjoy your feedback and have answered about 3/4 of recent messages. Will return tomorrow to answer more. Hope everyone is having a nice Monday!

XO Tanya

P.S. Also added La Tigresa and Assignation with a Senator to my Diamond Club Members’ Area.



Raspberry 33


I return from a mysterious 36-hour illness which reminded me a bit of this. Let me backtrack..

About a week ago I spontaneously attended a Pacific Islander festival. Friend and I paid $10.99  for above 1.75 liters of Smirnoff. For that price I could ignore the “raspberry infusion” in this particular bottle. We had a great time talking, laughing, eating ethnic food, watching a dance show, splitting raspberry vodka with other friends. The following morning I awoke to a mostly empty vodka bottle on my desk accompanied by a strange handwritten note:

Raspberry 33,

Enchanted fruit injects

Dark madness into me..

Don’t remember writing those words but I do that all the time – odd scribblings turn up under my bed, inside my pockets, beneath car seat, even saved inside my computer. “Raspberry 33” made sense because for years I’ve maligned vodka “flavors” as synthetic travesties: “Oh, yuck, is that Vanilla #24?”, “Who wants to ruin good vodka with Grape #12?”, “Real vodka should not taste like pear..”, etc. Yes, I could see why I scribbled “Raspberry 33” but last line seemed to have no relevance to such a fun evening.  Shaking my head I tossed piece of paper back onto desk, deposited vodka into freezer, continued with day.

Nearly a full week later (this past Friday) I finished packing for upcoming shoot and decided to pour myself a drink before bed. Bottle of Raspberry 33 lay waiting. I loaded final props into suitcase, zipped it with finality, watched end of Boogie Nights with vodka in hand. Hours later, as previously mentioned, this happened. I don’t know why. Two days later I have wracked my brain trying to figure out what had affected me so adversely. A friend and I had had some potato tacos, later I’d made an omelette out of fresh eggs and freshly washed vegetables.. and I’d drunk some of the remaining Raspberry 33. For the record, friend and I had been pouring vodka into plastic containers for everyone at the Pacific Islander festival so the bottle itself stayed just as clean as when we bought it. Honestly, I don’t think germs would live on a liquor bottle anyway, especially not after a week in the freezer. During the worst of my illness I remembered that strange poem I had written and suddenly the words assaulted me with haunting clarity:

Raspberry 33,

Enchanted fruit injects

Dark madness into me..

Lol.. anyone who has experienced a bad case of food poisoning knows how the mind can wander when subject to extreme dehydration. Recovery took from Friday night til noon today. Needless to say I had to reschedule my shoot. A few minutes ago I logged onto computer only to find STJ’s latest e-mail blast of photos. Check out those raspberry streaks in Nicole Oring‘s hair, raspberry flower barrette, and raspberry trimmed bikini:

Raspberry 33
Dark memory
Scripted into breathtaking finality.

Maybe I need to avoid all things raspberry for a while 😉

Many thanks to custom photo/video collectors who have to wait a little longer for me to shoot. I do have a newly scheduled date. Hope everyone is having a great weekend! I will return to answer post comments after I drink another half gallon of water. Still trying to re-hydrate.. so grateful to regain good health.

XO Tanya



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Sub-Saharran Domination

Good evening,

Hosting company had an outage so you may have noticed that TanyaDanielle.com went down for about 24 hours. Now I’m back in action.. sort of. Pics from Friday (Saharra Huxly vs. someone I used to know) speak for themselves.

This is how I spent weekend after the match:

Lol.. my site had an outage and so did I. Just kidding.. pic above is from soon-to-be-released video Mind Fuck but it does sort of reflect how I’ve been feeling since Friday. Hope everyone had a pleasant Monday. Please check out my newest updates for the week:

True Detective 1 & 2 downloadable videos at TanyaTV.com

Tres Leches downloadable video at my Clips4Sale store

POV Cumshot from the Boss and A Woman Scorned streaming videos at Diamond Club Members’ Area

True Detective 1 and Land of Cameron photo galleries at FantasyImageStore.com

I shall return shortly..

XO Tanya



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Garden of Melon







gardenofmelon (91)

gardenofmelon (111)

gardenofmelon (133)

gardenofmelon (149)

Mrs. Hamilton instructs English students to compose envelope quintets on subject of choosing. Amongst completed assignments appears this submission from Prinzzess Felicity Jade:

Garden of Melon

Casaba, honeydew, papaya, quince –
Rich, fruity horticultural reserves
Used for speed bags, drills, target practice thence
Smashed into jam, pie filling, sweet preserves.
Heed warning, Temptress, hide your succulence!

Disconcerted by words Mrs. Hamilton unconsciously raises hand to cleavage, wonders if Prinzzess might be leveling some type of threat. Admittedly English teacher has used large breasts to seduce numerous 18-year-old male pupils but Prinzzess can’t know that, can she? Dismissing notion educator slashes red “C-” across page, returns it to Prinzzess the following morning. Several hours later classroom door flies open to reveal pair of stunningly feral, catlike eyes. “Stay away from my boyfriend.” Prinzzess hisses ferociously, clouds of yellow fire emitting from hazel irises. “Or I will smash your huge tits into oblivion!!” Naturally Mrs. Hamilton will brook no such disrespect from a mere student..

Prinzzess Felicity Jade and Tanya Danielle star in Garden of Melon, a brutal topless catfight which pits hot teacher against nubile student. Punching, choking, breast mauling, nipple torture, wedgies, crotch grabbing, stomping, decisive KO ensue. Download Garden of Melon at TanyaTV.com.



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