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Investigative Reporting


Reporter Ralph Axe is having flashbacks from his research..


After a year spent covering LA’s underground fight scene reporter Ralph Axe still ponders moral complexities associated with such a violent, unsanctioned sport. Ralph glances at last night’s notes from an event featuring hometown favorite Tanya Danielle vs. Cajun sensation Prinzzess Felicity Jade:

“Crazed eyes evaluate distress,

Assess degree of injury,

Jeer with exaggerated zest,

Until foe rises gingerly,

New vigor swelling in her chest.”

Honestly, Ralph can’t remember which combatant had first dominated the match. Alternating beatdowns, flurried exchanges, several near KOs had driven the crowd into a roaring, cheering frenzy for thirty minutes straight. Now, just moments before sunrise, Ralph takes a long pull of whiskey before simply placing his aching head atop a well-worn Daily Bugle desk. Only one thing seems certain: more than one cranium will pound with regret in the morning.


No Mercy starring Prinzzess Felicity Jade vs. Tanya Danielle coming soon to DeviantDownloads.com. More pics available now at Tanya’s OnlyFans.com Twitter feed.

XO Tanya



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:30 Minute Workout

Video Deal of the Week


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:30 Minute Workout

Smoking a cigarette, unable to find remote control you manually flip through television channels. Lithe, toned body of busty model materializes on screen. Skin gleams with sweat as she displays come-hither look, drops down to floor in splits. You watch her, fascinated. Latent memory hovers on very fringe of your consciousness.. Camera angle switches and suddenly the same woman is warming up on a treadmill. Muscular legs strain, chest heaves when she increases speed of machine. You find yourself impressed by her athleticism in spite of bouncing breast/butt cheek imagery which is overloading your brain. Pleasurable realization surfaces: you are watching 2012 version of that erotic exercise show which used to air at 5am on an obscure TV channel in 1983! On heels of revelation breathless, blonde model rips off sports bra, douses gleaming breasts with water, launches into dumbbell portion of regimen.. (Tanya Danielle stars as Arlaine Wright in classic remake of :30 Minute Workout.)

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Watch Tanya Danielle videos now!