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Get a Grip

Masked gunfighter scoping out targets..
Getting a grip

Good morning,

Just put exclusive, newly released Chosen Few starring Saharra Huxly vs. myself on sale for $19.99 (normally $36.99) through Sunday. Since last post I have been working on text for upcoming gunfighter video tentatively entitled Shameless (pics above):


Gunfighter Madeleine Mark gallops toward Carson City, intent upon locating lost secret which enabled ancestors to establish strongholds throughout medieval England. Why does she think sparsely settled Nevada desert contains elusive information? Nobody knows. Several years elapse before Madeleine’s partner receives triumphant missive:

“Suppressed for centuries,

Lost to society,

Antiquity’s dark rune

Yields great wealth unto me.”

Partner knows instantly that Madeleine has learned dark rune which will enable her to reincarnate her own luscious curves after any type of weapon-inflicted injury. Soon, very soon, Madeleine and cohort will embark on campaign of terror which plunders every stagecoach and banking institution West of the Rockies. Will frequent adversary Sheriff Goldie succeed in halting the unstoppable duo??

Lol.. in last post Madeleine seemed to have a grip on everything but her guns. Today she has gotten more serious 😉

Also just added Ireland of Riches to my Diamond Club Members’ Area. Stay on the lookout for a new photo gallery at FantasyImageStore.com later today. Hope everyone has a great Monday!

XO Tanya



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