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I experienced a tremendous revival over the weekend and this is how it looked:

“Annihilation, heinous act,
Let’s celebrate without excuse!
Indeed I gleefully react,
Because of this one crucial fact:
I got to dispense the abuse.”

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XO Tanya



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T. Danielle Girlbanged

Who is that poor woman in above pics so violated and abused??


Tick, tock..  tick, tock..


Oh, wow.. repressed memory is slowly returning..

Guess final disturbing photo explains the torn T-shirt and destroyed purple/white G-string I found in my laundry pile. Did I bring this vile attack upon myself? Some people seem to think so..

Apt insult strikes like thunderbolt,
Edge of the Earth quakes, victims shake,
Girlbanging trio does partake
In diabolical revolt,
Sweet payback for Danielle’s mistake.

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XO Tanya



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Beach Girls

Beach Girls in Westminster, California
Beach Girls at cameraman Jon White’s mid-century modern apartment.

Good morning,

As anyone who lives here will tell you Los Angeles sprawls all over the place. I reside in one of the furthest corners of Los Angeles County while my friend Paul lives on a different fringe. Periodically we meet in Orange County (equidistant from both our homes) for drinks. On a recent occasion we visited Beach Girls in Westminster. Other than bikini-clad bartenders the beach theme has vanished. I seem to recall a large room with concrete floors, graffiti, and pool tables. Or maybe the graffiti was just in the rest room (top pic.) Paul and I had a good time there. A friendly bartender, wearing skimpy black shorts and top beneath flannel shirt, mixed us a gin-based concoction worthy of the Biltmore Hotel in 1923. Sounds like a strange description but it truly seemed like a cocktail that the dignified elite would have been sipping in one of America’s grand hotels during the Roaring 20s. Upon my first taste of the drink I had raised my eyebrows over the rim of the glass while my lips were still fastened around it. Paul spoke before I could. “This is great!” he commented with feeling. I agreed. After a lifetime of drinking I have felt that way exactly one time. Usually I drink straight vodka or gin with no desire to mix it with anything.

Accompanying photos of stunning Alix Lynx vs. myself have nothing to do with Beach Girls but I always post a few skin pics and Satyr’s Spell starring Alix vs. myself just went on sale for $19.99 (normally $28.99) this week. Hope everyone is having a pleasant Monday!

XO Tanya



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