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Love this street art. Think artist is Bud Snow.
Pic from “Ghostbusted”, exclusive new video at DeviantDownloads.com.

Good morning,

Supernatural elements invaded my bedroom last night, unleashing a gigantic, red snake which slithered up my..

Just kidding, wish I could relate an exciting story about recent events but I live in a studio and don’t even have a bedroom 😉  Second pic from top comes from newly released Ghostbusted. In this paranormal adventure I explore a haunted old house still inhabited by a ruthless madam known as “Grandma” Evelyn Snipe:


Huge cabbage roses cover walls,

Antique embroidery decks halls,

Upstairs in Grandma’s secret room

Noir pit of decadence does loom,

Taboo boudoir amidst lace shawls.

Just put Ghostbusted on sale for $16.99 (normally $35.99) through October 1. Also added:

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

XO Tanya



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