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Everton Blue


Everton FC

My recent tribute to Chairman Andy elicited a flurry of messages and several photos from old friends. In top pic legendary wrestler Hollywood and I are flanking the Chairman (in Everton gear, of course) at a Glamourcon convention in Los Angeles. In bottom pic I, too, am sporting the official kit of Chairman Andy’s beloved Everton football team. Many thanks for the photos, Paolo.

XO Tanya

P.S. Just reread Paolo’s e-mail to me. Evidently the top pic originally appeared on Andy’s MySpace page with the caption: “Perfection,A sexy blonde,a sexy brunette and a (sexy!) redhead”. Lol.. I miss Andy. He is still spreading laughter from beyond the grave.






Good evening,

I had a really fun day shooting with Stacy Burke. Top pic shows Stacy at a past Glamourcon convention. Bottom pic comes from Buxom Servants in Bondage. Today we shot videos for a private collector, material which will never be released to the public. Maybe I can talk him into giving me a photo or two 😉

Just brewed a pot of coffee because I still need to work out. Caffeine will propel me forward. Will write more about Holly Body and answer comments later this weekend. Hope everyone is having a great Friday night!

XO Tanya



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