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Get a Grip

Masked gunfighter scoping out targets..
Getting a grip

Good morning,

Just put exclusive, newly released Chosen Few starring Saharra Huxly vs. myself on sale for $19.99 (normally $36.99) through Sunday. Since last post I have been working on text for upcoming gunfighter video tentatively entitled Shameless (pics above):


Gunfighter Madeleine Mark gallops toward Carson City, intent upon locating lost secret which enabled ancestors to establish strongholds throughout medieval England. Why does she think sparsely settled Nevada desert contains elusive information? Nobody knows. Several years elapse before Madeleine’s partner receives triumphant missive:

“Suppressed for centuries,

Lost to society,

Antiquity’s dark rune

Yields great wealth unto me.”

Partner knows instantly that Madeleine has learned dark rune which will enable her to reincarnate her own luscious curves after any type of weapon-inflicted injury. Soon, very soon, Madeleine and cohort will embark on campaign of terror which plunders every stagecoach and banking institution West of the Rockies. Will frequent adversary Sheriff Goldie succeed in halting the unstoppable duo??

Lol.. in last post Madeleine seemed to have a grip on everything but her guns. Today she has gotten more serious ūüėČ

Also just added Ireland of Riches to my Diamond Club Members’ Area. Stay on the lookout for a new photo gallery at FantasyImageStore.com¬†later today. Hope everyone has a great Monday!

XO Tanya



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Gunfight at the Compton Corral
Masked gunfighter ready for action.
Bit slow on the draw.. Mouth full of carpet ūüôā

Good evening,

First of all, I’d like to thank Brad for the wonderful new trove of reading material and the T-shirt which I will wear proudly. I love regional T-shirts. Muuuaaahhh!! Lately I have not been visiting my mailbox as frequently so please forgive the delayed acknowledgement for your lovely gifts. Tonight I plan on reading “Casting the Runes” since I have developed a bit of a fixation with runes. Early this morning a few odd verses popped into my brain as I lay in bed:

Suppressed for centuries,

Lost to society,

Antiquity’s dark rune

Yields great wealth unto me.

Think those words may eventually help explain how a certain masked gunfighter (pics above) developed supernatural abilities which enable her to survive endless gunfights with other busty outlaws ūüėČ Or maybe they don’t explain anything at all. Sentence fragments often dangle inside my head – I’ve probably forgotten 1,000,000 of them for every one that I’ve noted down. For reasons unknown my mind likes to compose things. As a little kid I dreamed of scoring a job where I could name different shades of lipstick: “Lustrous Lilac”, “Cranberry Passion”, “Miss Liberty” (bright red), “Gold Cadillac” (perhaps for nail polish.) I still dream of that job even though I love what I do.

Tonight I am preparing Chosen Few starring Saharra Huxly vs. myself for release. Very weirdly I named the video Chosen Few on Wednesday night, met a friend on Thursday morning at a breakfast joint where we saw someone sporting a T-shirt emblazoned with Chosen Few MC. Prior to that moment I had never heard of the club but they do seem to have a colorful history.

So tired.. must stop typing. I will return in the morning to answer post comments. Hope everyone is having a great weekend! Thanks again for the wonderful gifts, Brad. May your generosity revisit you a thousandfold.

XO Tanya



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Black Swan





(Pics above from Madeleine’s Mark)

Good afternoon,

I have pulled myself from bed after brief illness. Made a few lifestyle changes recently but want to see how they work out before I discuss them. Think alterations have shocked my body. Lymph nodes in left groin have exploded to sizes never seen.¬†Last night I sweated with fever, gobbled ibuprofen for body aches. Do I have the flu or am I reacting to recent events? Not yet sure but I did have some trippy dreams. One of them featured a black swan nesting within my kitchen (or pantry?) light fixture. Even inside dream I reacted¬†to black swan by staring fixedly and thinking: “Wow, that really is a black swan.”

During 2016 I have started listening almost exclusively to alternative media on YouTube for economic, political news because in this day and age mainstream radio primarily transmits propaganda. Alternative media makes frequent mention of potential black swan events which will adversely effect economy. I had never gazed upon a black swan til one surfaced in my dream last night. In honor of the omen (and sometimes omens do presage good things) I am putting Black Swan starring Goldie Blair and myself on sale for $11.99 (normally $22.99.)

While wracked with fever, body aches over past two nights I also rewrote some text:

Madeleine’s Mark

Legend of Madeleine’s Mark:

Moon beams as banished infidel,
Advancing soul from parts unknown,
Divinely guided but alone,
Encounters ravaged citadel.

Lost fortress strewn with mortar shell,
Excruciated human bone,
Irreverently toppled stone
Now offers up forbidden spell.

Ensconced in devastated site,
Submerged beneath dark, layered loam
Masked vagrant finds forgotten tome.

Alchemical book brightens light,
Rich gold explodes from honeycomb,
Kaboom! Deposed queen has come home!

After banishment from corrupt oligarchy Madeleine had wandered for years, stumbled upon remains of toppled fortress. Search of rubble lead to discovery of ancient tome containing alchemical secrets. Now possessing ability to create golden bullets Рmagic projectiles which will transfix enemies into quiescence РMadeleine prepares to leave indelible mark on society which had rejected her so long ago..

Previously I had released above video under title “Through the Looking Glass” but I had strange compulsion to redo text and change title to Madeleine’s Mark. I just added Madeleine’s Mark to my Clips4Sale store for the first time.

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend. I’m trying to rest up because I have a lot of shoots next week and want to be 100% healthy.

XO Tanya



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Ballad of Isolation




Agent Tanya Рstar of such classics as Penetration Nation, Gangbang Banana, Blonde Dahlia Рhas resurfaced. Earlier this week I found some 2011 footage (look at those huge cans) lurking in my filing cabinet so I prepared material for release. Entitled Hitwoman this video features clandestine operative who yearns for companionship. Over the next few days I began composing text to promote the material. This poem emerged:

Ballad of Isolation

Memories skulk through city,
Dark and delirious,
Sad remainders of yesteryear,
Painful and piteous.

Brutalized beyond redemption,
Grisly wounds dripping rust,
Fetid, festering entities,
Violations of trust.

From eleventh story window,
Aswirl in cold nimbus,
Isolate gazes at carnage,
Pens magical opus.

Diary of a madwoman,
Sparkling black treatise,
Infernal animosities,
Serve eternal purpose.

Released from wicked spell of past,
Crumbling edifice,
Isolate smites roving demons,
Dissolves into focus.

Finally satisfied with verbiage and 8-6-8-6 syllable pattern I noticed that poem had morphed into a composition that had virtually nothing to do with the video. Think¬†words did help remind me to stop living in the past – lately I’ve recognized importance of expunging tortured memories which haunt me. Ready to post Hitwoman but still lacking text description I headed to Denny’s for midnight coffee and an omelette. Words flowed easily within comfortable environs of window-side table:


Dangerous occupation, constant assignments, need for secrecy isolate Agent Tanya from rest of society. Closest acquaintances know neither her true name nor any details of shadowy past.

Middle of nowhere,
Overflowing beer,
$6 slam.”

Agent idly scribbles words on paper place mat just as food arrives. 24-hour diners represent only consistent aspect of operative’s itinerant existence. More festive than most this Denny’s restaurant boasts both liquor license and intoxicated patrons. With gusto agent downs food, leaves $20 bill and curious truckers in wake. None of the men had approached her but most watch as mysterious blonde merges vehicle onto Highway 80. Someday Tanya will join forces with suitable lone wolf but for now she must rely on large, rubber cock in suitcase to relieve yearning for companionship..

Yes, I’ve been feeling a bit lonely lately.. and it keeps showing up in my writing. Poor Agent Tanya – I should refrain from making her seem like a needy broad ūüėȬ† As with everything this phase¬†in my life too shall pass. Big¬†hugs to all who visit me here. You make me feel wanted. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

XO Tanya



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Shootout at the Easy 8







Good afternoon,

In this abbreviated holiday week I have  motored the streets of Los Angeles, crashed at budget accommodations, engaged in a gun battle, and faced awesome newbie wrestler Shia in the ring. Yesterday cameraman Jon White graciously allowed me to use his spare bedroom for several videos. His new kitten Isabelle is already preparing for her first Xmas:


Today I am running errands, picking up mail, unpacking suitcases. Either tonight or tomorrow I will answer blog comments and post some pics of my match with Shia. Hope everyone is having a great week, especially fellow Americans who are likely preparing for our annual Thanksgiving Day holiday.

XO Tanya



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Smoking, Shooting & Warhawks




Good afternoon,

In the past week I completed my hospice orientation and also¬†did¬†a lot of shooting for a private collector. The material goes straight into his library and will never surface publicly. I lost count of the number of videos but they consisted of my standard¬†fare: bondage, POV femdom, and superheroine-in-peril.¬†Yesterday I caught up on necessary¬†errands, including a trip to the doctor’s office for a TB test required by the hospice organization. The red circle on my forearm still looks like a red circle – nothing alarming has developed ūüėČ

Today I visited Subway for breakfast (just discovered that they sell Subway gift cards on Amazon) and could not get a refill on my coffee. Most¬†Subway locations put a coffee pot near the fountain drinks but this store¬†did not. I ate my food and migrated to a donut shop. The Jerry Springer Show was playing on a TV set above my head. Fortunately I could only hear it, not see it. One individual lamented the fact that his girlfriend had been sleeping with his cousin but expressed his desire to stay with the girlfriend. He used these words to explain why he had neglected to kick his cousin’s ass: “When you smoke weed you get stuck. I got stuck watching Netflix.” I write most of the text descriptions for my videos in donut shops so I quickly jotted¬†down his statement on my ubiquitous notepad (thanks again for the new supply, Don!)

For the record, I think that Francesca Le and I have the distinction of being the only women in the entire adult industry – and possibly the whole state of California¬†– who do not smoke pot. She once commented that it annoys her when she has to wait for people who are fiddling with their pipes or inhaling intoxicants. I feel the same way. For some reason I never engage in¬†any type of smoking, not even cigarettes. Shay Sights and I shot the above photos for a customer who later observed that we had forgotten to light the cigarette. Lol.. I don’t get hired for many smoking-themed shoots.

Tonight I am immersing myself in Turbo Tax. For fun I put a little money on a college hoops (CBI) tournament. Go Warhawks! Hope everyone is having a great week.

XO Tanya



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Many Thanks, Mysterious Stranger!

Jan292015 105_pp_pp

Good evening,

I stopped to pick up my mail about an hour prior to my last shoot. To my delight I discovered three items from my Amazon Wish List: a gorgeous waist cincher, white sports bra, and long, sexy, black gloves! Stunning synchronicity enabled two of those items to fit perfectly into videos that I was shooting that day. I wore the gloves for a sexy gunfight (above pic) and another video tentatively entitled Valentine’s Day Massacre. The sports bra will appear in the opening sequence of Megababe Tortured before an unassuming civilian (me) morphs into her superheroine alter ego.

Thank you so much, Mysterious Stranger!!! You made my day. I love the gifts and will post more photos tomorrow. Muuuuaaahhhh!!!

XO Tanya

P.S. Thank you also to the very generous gentleman who commissioned my latest gunfight video and sent me the amazing black boots you see above. You are awesome!