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Once Smitten..

Good afternoon,

Getting ready to post new updates before I commence last round of shooting for 2016. Yesterday I visited Starbucks to write promo for upcoming video tentatively entitled Birthday Surprise (pics above.) Pen flew across page as images from brain flowed onto paper. Resulting passage genuinely puzzled me:

Bright fuchsia bow unwraps delicious dream,
Intoxicatingly sweet decadence
Topped with thick layers of vanilla cream..

Swirling images, creamy confection embrace sleeping businessman. Transported to pink satin sea he navigates amidst lustrous ripples, silken female legs, boisterous great white sharks.. sharks?!! Jerked awake as gigantic jawline encompasses head businessman lurches to consciousness in familiar surroundings. Vanilla bedroom sheets look staid and ordinary, nothing like wild adventure he had been experiencing. Does dream portend coming excitement? He hopes so. Later that night girlfriend calls on phone. “I’ve got a birthday surprise for you.” she purrs. “Can’t wait til you unwrap the present..”

Crowd was descending on Starbucks so I drained coffee, placed folio in purse, decided to reexamine words later. This morning I did so. Dessert imagery seemed somehow seductive (at least to me) but how had sharks swum into the scene?? Then I remembered a noteworthy album cover from the 1980s:

“Twice Shy” released by heavy metal heroes Great White in 1989

Submerged in my subconscious that image has evidently been screaming for release since 1989. Funny, I had remembered leggy ladies posing on fuchsia satin but red looks equally amazing. Think I will forever revisit heady heavy metal years of yore. Recall seeing long ago MySpace.com post from Kristal Summers in which she said the same thing.

Obviously I need to revise text for Birthday Surprise so today I will be doing that along with packing for shoots, continuing updates:

Thanks to everyone who has posted comments this week – I should have time to answer them this evening.  Hope all of you are having a great Tuesday!

XO Tanya



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Classic Americana


crescent (4)

Tanyas Big Shots1


Back home but travels through classic Americana continue even after last of donut shops, motels have long since vanished in my rear view mirror. This afternoon, whilst fulfilling a vow to spend 30 minutes a day cleaning out my inbox,  I arrived at July 14, 2010 where I found an e-mail from dear Chairman Andy containing a photo montage from some of my earliest, now classic, WTB matches against Kristal Summers, Kim Chambers, Stacy Burke, Shannan Leigh AKA Alexis Taylor, others (click bottom pic to enlarge.) Thought I would post it here while I finish unpacking my suitcase. I shall return shortly..

Hope everyone is having a great day!

XO Tanya



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Blonde Stripper Battle





Blonde Stripper Battle

From Tanya Danielle’s 2011 catfight diary:

“Kristal Summers and I had intended to get together this past Friday night. An hour before our date I told her that I had fallen ill and wanted to stay home. Sweet as ever, Kristal expressed concern and inquired if she could bring anything to my bedside. ‘No, thank you.’ I replied in a weak voice, sniffling a few times. ‘I’ll be OK. Right now I just need to sleep. Hopefully my fever will subside by morning.’ Kristal made me promise to call immediately if I started feeling any worse. I agreed, hung up the phone, and touched up my makeup.

Thirty minutes later I was walking into the club where Kristal and I both dance. I felt capital, particularly since I knew that Kristal had canceled her shift when she and I had made our original plans for the evening. Now I would make bank as the only busty blonde in the lineup! As expected, I raked in the dough and happily returned home around 3am on Saturday morning.

At 7am someone started pounding relentlessly on my front door. I tried to ignore it, but after five minutes of steady banging I finally got out of bed and looked through the peephole. Kristal was standing on my porch with an irate expression on her face. She never gets mad. I opened the door. She glared at me. I tried to look puzzled. ‘Let’s settle this in the ring.’ she said with the closest thing to anger that I had ever heard in her voice. ‘What are you talking about?’ I asked. ‘Settle what? What are you doing here?’ She looked at me with complete disgust. I could sense a potent combination of contempt and moral superiority roiling inside her gut. All of a sudden I realized that I was behaving like an imbecilic coward.

‘All right, all right.. ‘ I said, waving my hands in the air to ward off her unspoken accusations. ‘I tricked you into resheduling your Friday shift so I could work all night with no competition whatsoever. It was crappy of me to do it, but.. ‘ My words trailed off. Really, there was no justification for my actions. Kristal stared at me. I sighed. ‘Look, I’m sorry.’ I said. ‘I deceived you and also deceived myself into thinking that I was just telling a few harmless white lies. Now I see that I could have seriously compromised our friendship by thinking only of my own financial gain. I really am sorry. Will you forgive me?’

Kristal leaned in close to me. ‘Will I forgive you?’ she replied nastily. ‘I might forgive you. Maybe I will feel more forgiving after I take your ‘harmless white lies’ and shove them up your fat, white ass!’ For the record, I can’t say for sure whether I was suffering from a massive hangover or still just drunk from the night before. Not that I am making excuses for anything that happened later in the ring..

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Pornstar Cam on the Fritz


We are having a few problems with the most recent video additions to my Diamond Club Members’ Area, including Pornstar Cam 1 (see above pic featuring Kianna Dior, Kristal Summers, and me.) Clips4Sale tech support is working on it now. Hope to have issues resolved this afternoon. I want to extend my apologies to all members for this temporary snag.

XO Tanya



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