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Full Moon Morning

Jewell Marceau crushed in “Stadium Thrill”

Good morning,

Shortly before dawn this morning I saw a glowing formation on perhaps the 20th floor of a neighboring building. After a minute I realized that the full moon – still stunningly bright – was reflecting off building’s plate glass windows. So beautiful! Did Jewell Marceau have the same reaction in Stadium Thrill when she looked up to find my ass descending on her face? Hahaha! Probably not.. 🙂

Hope everyone has a great Thursday!

XO Tanya



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Amarna, USA







Good evening,

Just emerged from bed and found pics from ringmaster STJ inside my inbox. Fiery Spaniard  Amarna Miller and I shot above match on November 10, I did another shoot yesterday, and then had to postpone today’s booking due to  recurrence of fever. Guess I should have taken more time to recover from illness I mentioned in last post.

Lovely Amarna, whom I met for the first time minutes before our match, struck me as both uncommonly intelligent and capable. Although relatively new to wrestling she successfully pulled off numerous moves that many veterans would probably not even try. Her pleasant manner, tinged with just the slightest diffidence, bespoke very refined cultural sensibilities. I found her intriguing and would like to know more about her. Have a feeling Amarna spends a lot more time reading literature than watching television, if you get my drift. A certain intensity seems to percolate beneath her red hair and beautiful fair skin.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. I would like to send much love and gratitude to current and former members of our US military whom we just honored with the Veteran’s Day holiday on Friday. Mere words seem inadequate but sentiment behind them comes from the heart. Thank you for your service.


P.S. I’m going to eat something and go back to bed. Will answer messages tomorrow 🙂



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