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Investigative Reporting


Reporter Ralph Axe is having flashbacks from his research..


After a year spent covering LA’s underground fight scene reporter Ralph Axe still ponders moral complexities associated with such a violent, unsanctioned sport. Ralph glances at last night’s notes from an event featuring hometown favorite Tanya Danielle vs. Cajun sensation Prinzzess Felicity Jade:

“Crazed eyes evaluate distress,

Assess degree of injury,

Jeer with exaggerated zest,

Until foe rises gingerly,

New vigor swelling in her chest.”

Honestly, Ralph can’t remember which combatant had first dominated the match. Alternating beatdowns, flurried exchanges, several near KOs had driven the crowd into a roaring, cheering frenzy for thirty minutes straight. Now, just moments before sunrise, Ralph takes a long pull of whiskey before simply placing his aching head atop a well-worn Daily Bugle desk. Only one thing seems certain: more than one cranium will pound with regret in the morning.


No Mercy starring Prinzzess Felicity Jade vs. Tanya Danielle coming soon to DeviantDownloads.com. More pics available now at Tanya’s OnlyFans.com Twitter feed.

XO Tanya



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Hot, Hot, Hot




Oh, those were the days. What I wouldn’t give for a hot shower with Jezebelle Bond right now, emphasis on HOT. Boiler failed in my 1920s residence. Yes, this near century-old building still has a boiler room and a water tank on its roof. Above pics with Jezebelle come from Liquid Sex, a fluid-filled odyssey in which I have two scenes (3 & 4.) I have fond memories of beautiful women, and hot, hot, hot running water..

Funny thing.. just two days ago I wrote:

“Think I have recovered from recent illness as long as I don’t subject my body to anything crazy in the next few days.”

Haha.. boiler went out that very same night. I have been showering in cold water ever since. Guess I will watch scene with Jezebelle to keep myself warm 😉

XO Tanya


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Miss Housekeeping




Happy Halloween!

I greet you from home on this festive night. Thought I should keep my black cat company on her official holiday 😉  Earlier I added Vampiress Smother starring Summer Cummings and myself to my Diamond Club Members’ Area and am currently uploading Morrison Hotel starring Francesca Le and Stacy Burke to TanyaTV.com. Incidentally, I woke up yesterday morning, looked at Morrison Hotel text from last post and decided to change it a bit:

Powerful engravings decorate walls,
Reproduce mythology in marble,
Elevate medieval witch on corbel,
Summon ghostly spirits into dark halls.

Ebony eyes promise life-changing tryst,
Nighttime predators begin to warble,
Crashing orgasm! Transmissions garble!
Evidence fades with dawn’s earliest mist..

I live in a spooky old building with engravings on walls; etchings wend their way into my dreams at times. In writing above words for Morrison Hotel I was picturing Stacy and Francesca as gorgeous succubi who assault business traveler in his sleep. His wife could hardly blame him for such a supernatural occurrence 😉 It took me a few tries to put words together (see last post) but when I saw this I had everything I needed. Honestly, I had been looking for one more word that loosely rhymed with “marble” and it felt like a sign that this awesome medieval succubus was attached to a “corbel”.

In other news I will be making Vampiress Sexfight starring Mercedes Ashley and myself  the specially priced Video Deal of the Week this week. As you can see I’m juggling a few activities tonight so I should probably try to focus a little better. One last thing.. as I walked to donut shop this morning I passed some street art that looks just a bit like Francesca:



Above pic of Francesca with Stacy’s lush breast comes from Morrison Hotel which I am going to post at TanyaTV.com right now. Happy Halloween!

XO Tanya

Update – 10pm:  All above missions now accomplished, plus I added gorgeous Morrison Hotel photo gallery, (including behind-the-scenes pics), to FantasyImageStore.com.



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Whiskey Bottle and Classic Car


Blonde Dahlia 270_pp

tnBlonde Dahlia 615_pp

tnBlonde Dahlia 637_pp

Since October mysterious 1970 Plymouth Valiant has prowled my neighborhood, inspiring second text version of Blonde Dahlia. Several weeks ago I claimed parking spot next to Valiant. Following morning’s early shoot time would enable me to photograph vehicle when  no one (like car’s owner) would see me and wonder what I was doing. Shortly after sunrise I emerge from home to discover that Valiant has already departed, leaving solitary bottle of Jack Daniels in its wake. Discomfited, I load suitcases into car, hit road. As noted in post from November I have recently been listening to biography of Lynrd Skynrd. Maybe that explains why odd lyrics (mostly culled from Sknyrd’s That Smell) begin floating through my head:

Whiskey bottle and classic car

Smoke screen, you’re in the way

There’s too many schemes and too many scenes

Fear is welling up inside you

Ooooh that smell

Can’t you smell that smell

Ooooh that smell

Devil’s torment surrounds you

I motor on, driving into fog as memories spray windshield , drift over car. Sun rises behind cloud cover, wattage diminished by atmospheric conditions.

Misty morning and shining star

Choked scream, too much to say

There’s too much coke and too many jokes

Tears are welling up inside you

Ooooh that smell

Can’t you smell that smell

Ooooh that smell

Fermented death surrounds you

Car veers toward sidewalk, bounces off curb, parks. I pull out pad of paper, unsure if I want to remember strangely modified lyrics or not.

Angel of surcease is upon you,

Stuck a needle in your heart,

So take another toke, have a blow for your nose,

One more drink fool, will drown you..

Thoroughly rattled, I shut Pleather folio with defiance, as if I can escape verses just by expunging them onto paper. Words linger..

Much later – after work and after nightfall – I revisit Blonde Dahlia shoot. Original source material contains 789 unedited images, including those from same day filming of Black Magic Sexfight and POV Class A Blowjob. Inadvertently comedic aspect of some shots vanquishes dark clouds from my psyche. Below you see co-star Goldie giving her best male pornstar face, cumshot emitting from nozzle of plastic condiment bottle instead of dick, and condiment bottle resting in plain sight because we forgot to hide it.

Dahlia 421_pp

Dahlia 462_pp Dahlia 474_pp

Afterward Goldie and I change outfits, proceed with other business (Black Magic Sexfight):

Dahlia 003

Dahlia 004

Dahlia 014_pp_pp

Goldie departs and disgraced pageant queen Carrie Prejean shows up (POV Class A Blowjob):

Dahlia 728_pp

Blonde Dahlia 708_pp

Above photos (aside from whiskey bottle at top) reflect how I spent Monday, September 26, 2011.  No wonder I have occasional bouts of madness.. and hear peculiar tunes inside my head. Just think of all the videos I have produced over the decades – constantly changing outfits, characters, locations, etc. So far this week I have wrestled legendary Robin of LesFemmesFatales.com and am now preparing for a round of custom videos which feature very imaginative storylines. Tomorrow I shall return to post new photos and answer blog comments. Hope everyone is having a great week!

XO Tanya



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Nina Mercedez




Good evening,

A new blog comment reminded me of Nina Mercedez. When last seen by me (pics above) Nina was enjoying  great popularity as an adult actress, having recently become a Vivid Video contract star. Earlier this year I heard that she had retired from the adult biz to pursue a career as a fitness model. Just checked her Official Site and it does indeed appear that she has vanished from the XXX realm. Nonetheless, she leaves behind a tremendous body of work, including a handful of catfight videos. Nina and I shot erotic photos together once or twice but we never did a full scene together. Glad I had the opportunity to meet her although I wish we had been able to collaborate on more projects during the time she remained active in the industry.

XO Tanya



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Nina Ferrari




Nina Ferrari and I first met on the set of Babes Illustrated 11. You can see us on the box cover (top pic) flanking beautiful, raven-haired Czech pornstar Nikita Denise. My initial sighting of Nina occurred in the bedroom of the Malibu mansion (middle pic) where we shot our sex scene. She had just entered the XXX industry and looked fresh, radiant, and enthusiastic. Later I learned that she, like so many pornstars of the era, had worked as a stripper for years before venturing into the world of adult videos.

In the short time I knew Nina we did numerous scenes together, including my favorite for legendary director Jim Holliday’s High Desert Dream Girls (scene 6.) Some considered Nina “difficult” but I found her candor and assertiveness to be refreshing, especially in an industry where too many actresses allow production teams to call all the shots and push them into doing sex acts that they had never intended.

Eventually Nina drifted away from the adult film industry while continuing to perform on the feature dance circuit (bottom pic is a promotional flyer from March 2015.) I hope that someday she and I have a chance to reunite for another videotaped encounter!

XO Tanya



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Petite, raven-haired Cherokee and I first met on the video set of a 2002 production for Adam & Eve Studios (pics second row from top). She and I did a crazy 4-girl orgy with Kim Chambers and Felix Vicious. I think the scene starts as a catfight and evolves into a sexfest with very large dildos.  Well-known female director Toni English filmed the footage at actress/producer Skye Blue’s now defunct Canoga Park, California studio. On that day Cherokee seemed very enthused about her new porn career and also gushed about her boyfriend back home, possibly in Tennessee or Kentucky. She radiated happiness and exuberant energy. In the coming years Cherokee and I shot together often, frequently for large XXX production companies. As time passed she grew quieter and more withdrawn. Even though she smiled with warmth and always had a great attitude I could sense some type of sadness beneath the surface.

Cherokee established an official website which I used to glance at from time to time. On one occasion she described her frustration with a rental car clerk who tried to make arrangements for paid sex when she was picking up a vehicle. I could relate to her anger. Fans posted supportive comments in response to her words. Eventually Cherokee’s website vanished and, shortly afterward, she disappeared too. Long ago I devoted a blog to her and you can see in the comment fields where fans express puzzlement and sadness at her abrupt, unexplained departure.

On FreeOnes.com someone describes Cherokee as “underrated”. I agree with that. Throughout her prolific career she always remained beautiful, physically fit, intensely sexual, and very sweet – qualities which put her head and shoulders above most of the talent in the industry. Not sure why she failed (through no fault of her own) to garner quite as much recognition as she deserved. Even her Star Page at HotMovies.com seems oddly flat, kind of like someone wrote it at 4:58pm with the intention of leaving the office by 5pm.

I saw Cherokee for the last time during the 2005 shooting of Lesbian Milfs. In keeping with our shared history we had a wild catfight which lead into a passionate sexcapade. On that date I had filmed three different scenes. Cherokee came for the final one. The producer and I watched her drive away in a new SUV after we finished the video. “That car is the first thing that she ever bought for herself.” I remember him commenting. The resignation in his voice conveyed the sense that she deserved better circumstances than life had dealt her. That moment in the moonlight made a distinct impression on me. It seems very vivid even now.

This may sound silly but Cherokee lingers in my mind as sort of a female warrior figure. Even through difficulties she always retained her beauty, her kindness, and a positive outlook. The adult industry breaks a lot of women – they grow bitter, disillusioned, and angry – but Cherokee had some type of profound inner strength which enabled her to keep her dignity and self-respect. I hope that she is well.

Earlier this morning I added Deep Inside Cherokee (bottom pic) to TanyaTV.com.  Infamous custom video pioneer Mike Raffone shot this exclusive footage in July 2004. Longtime custom video fans will recognize his signature teal green couch in the background 😉

XO Tanya



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Veronica Ricci




Lovely Veronica Ricci entered the adult industry around 2008 when I met her. I believe that she has now retired so I feel lucky that we had a chance to shoot a few videos together. Like most stunning beauties she had a very sweet, classy personality. In my experience the absolute 10s usually do. I have added Springtime Sexfest starring Veronica, Goldie Blair, and me to my Diamond Club Members’s Area. This week I will also be adding the 2-part Sexy Sisters series featuring Veronica. Click here for a sexy layout of Veronica from Cheri magazine.

XO Tanya



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Trying to schedule a wrestling match with petite Odette Delacroix (blonde model above) in the next few weeks. My old friend, master photographer Ken Marcus, shot this gallery of Odette and Bonnie Rotten in 2012 or so.  Odette’s Star Page at HotMovies.com provides an interesting overview of her background. I look forward to meeting her.

XO Tanya



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Brittaney Starr




Do you remember Brittaney Starr? She did not stay in the industry for long. On the day we met Brittaney announced that she did not like fake boobs. I was sitting in a makeup chair getting ready for our upcoming lesbian scene. Her words kind of deflated me but I guess I was a much more tolerant person back then. I would like to reclaim some of that poise. She and I chatted for a while. Brittaney came from Las Vegas where she was dating an owner of a local strip club. Seem to recall that her sister was a pornstar. . maybe by the name of Judy Star? I may have remembered that detail incorrectly. Anyways, Brittaney and I did end up having fun shooting our roles as figure model and sculptress in Girl World 2. I never did see her again. Click here for one of Brittaney’s very few boy-girl scenes.

XO Tanya



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Bright Light Workout Tights


Above pic arrived in my e-mail this morning and it reminded me of a recent trip to Las Vegas. I had returned to Los Angeles via BoltBus.com. My friend Raul picked me up at Union Station and drove me home. Whilst helping me with suitcases he fell behind on the sidewalk and kind of cocked his head to one side. I turned around, wondering what he was doing. “Do you know that your tights are see-through?” he inquired. No, I did not know that. He was asking me this question at night. Just think what they must have looked like in the blazing Nevada sunshine. I half laugh, half cringe at the memory. Click here for the full gallery of Abella Danger and Staci Silver.

XO Tanya



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