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T. Danielle Girlbanged

Who is that poor woman in above pics so violated and abused??


Tick, tock..  tick, tock..


Oh, wow.. repressed memory is slowly returning..

Guess final disturbing photo explains the torn T-shirt and destroyed purple/white G-string I found in my laundry pile. Did I bring this vile attack upon myself? Some people seem to think so..

Apt insult strikes like thunderbolt,
Edge of the Earth quakes, victims shake,
Girlbanging trio does partake
In diabolical revolt,
Sweet payback for Danielle’s mistake.

More photos of August 7, 2018 match at my OnlyFans Twitter Feed. Come join me now!

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Satyr’s Spell

Alix Lynx vs. myself in sexfight fantasy “Satyr’s Spell”


I have returned to civilization from weekend shooting + a short road trip. Rather than buckling down to catch up on work/housework I headed to the beach this morning. Cool breeze rippled ocean water, wafted through my hair as I sat in the sand and meditated. Felt so wonderful. Public restroom was a different story. City officials have seemingly begun a crackdown on prostitution which was occurring in restroom area. They have removed all enclosures around toilet stalls and now leave front entrance door propped open. When I pulled down my pants today I noted with amusement that a highrise condominium development on shoreline literally has an unimpeded view into ladies’ restroom. Occupants would need to use binoculars but there is nothing to block them from spying on each and every woman who utilizes the facilities.

After walking home I got busy:

Still catching up on stuff but will try to answer post comments later today. Hope everyone is having a nice Monday!

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Glorious Hole


Good evening,

I just added Glorious Hole to my Diamond Club Members’ Area.

Here is a complete list of all selections currently playing inside the Diamond Club:

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Generally I add two videos and remove two videos each week. Selections at the bottom will vanish the soonest. Join my Diamond Club to enjoy the fun!

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