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Lovely Marilyn 1962 – shot by Bert Stern
So beautiful

Thought of something overnight.. above photos inspired the 2008 leopard scarf pics from last post. Think I was trying to re-create famous Marilyn pics and gallery didn’t turn out as planned.. lol

New Year’s Eve 2008 – Intoxicated

Oh, well.. blame it on:

Saw this while driving on Sunday

Took above pic over the weekend in City of Commerce. Wish I’d seen that in 2008. I could have used it as my profile pic for MySpace instead of this:

MySpace.com profile pic circa 2008

Not kidding, this really was my profile pic for MySpace back then. Oh, those were the days.. Good grief. Going jogging, be back shortly. Hope everyone has a wonderful Thursday!

XO Tanya



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