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Fall Grab Bag





Good evening,

I finished up latest round of shooting and promptly went to bed. Think I have recovered from recent illness as long as I don’t subject my body to anything crazy in the next few days. Autumn has seized neighborhood and leaves/temperatures are finally starting to drop. In honor of the changing season I have decided to clean out my closet. Starting with hippie chick ensemble pictured above (featured in just-released Summer of Love) I will be offering memorabilia/costumes/lingerie through the mail. On a grab bag basis I will send garment, photo of myself wearing it, plus a personalized letter to interested parties who send $75 to:

Tanya Danielle

2554 Lincoln Blvd. #130

Venice, CA 90291


Yes, you read that correctly. I am reviving mail order in this era of digital gratification. Honestly, I’ve always enjoyed writing letters. Please make checks or money orders payable to Green Pastures Productions.

Feel free to request a specific type of outfit (lingerie, dress, bikini, etc.) and I will try to accommodate you but can’t guarantee exactly what I will send. This idea occurred to me as I was surveying a closet inside my 500 square foot studio and thinking: “I have to move this mountain of clothes before I’m living underneath it.” Right now I’m just playing it by ear but I’ll start by offering sexy clothing for $75 and pairs of high heels and/or boots for $150 and see how it goes. Again, please make checks or money orders out to Green Pastures Productions. I look forward to sending you a package!

XO Tanya

P.S. I will answer new comments tomorrow. Spent today posting updates:



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Ghost of New Year’s Past









Good afternoon,

I greet you from home on a rainy Tuesday. Love the rain! As if to smite the words from my last post I just encountered a gallery of photos from 2009 entitled “New Year” and from all appearances I was celebrating something (presumably New Year’s Eve) and not at home. Pics above seem to trace a course from late at night until following morning. Presence of champagne with morning paper indicates some type of festive event. In all likelihood I had booked motel room for a shoot and then just stayed overnight to party with friends. I do see trademark Days Inn rising sun logo on paper cup in bottom pic. And clearly I spared no expense on that fine bottle of Korbel champagne 😉

Came across these shots whilst perusing a flash drive of content (thanks, Mikey!) from former TanyaDanielle.com Members’ Area.  Getting ready to launch new auctions so I was looking for footage corresponding to specific items of wardrobe in my closet. About to have lunch but will continue closet cleaning/organizing mission afterward. Hope everyone is having a great Tuesday!

XO Tanya



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Stars, Stripes, and Superheroines




Good morning,

The first three episodes of Adventures of Terra are now playing inside my Diamond Club Members’ Area. I mention this not only because they are awesome, (Stacy Burke plays diabolical supervillainess Lynx in these premiere episodes of the series), but also because I am retiring Terra’s signature sequined thong. You can own a piece of cinematic history by bidding now. This thong got around. Before becoming a key part of Terra’s official supersuit it appeared in numerous videos and magazine layouts, even on the cover of Tail Ends magazine. That particular issue of Tail Ends is not included in the auction but the winner will receive the sequined thong itself plus a truly stunning amount of other exclusive memorabilia.

XO Tanya



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Current Auction


Speaking of Brazzers (as I was in my last two posts) I remembered that BrazzersFan is the high bidder in my current auction. Thank you, BrazzersFan – Muuuaaahhh!! That is a big kiss for you. I usually run about one auction a month and the winner gets a big haul of exclusive memorabilia: lingerie, DVDs, magazines, photos, and more. Bookmark AdultStarBids.com to keep track of my latest offerings.

XO Tanya



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