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Superheroine Sex Doll 4


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Superheroine Sex Doll 4

Black sky,

Invisible moon,

Concrete city,

Shrouded in doom..

Visceral rhymes cascade through Megababe’s mind like pillars of dissolving salt. Untold months have elapsed since she has seen anything outside the holding chamber which confines her. Memories of a dark, desperate city – site of her ignominious capture – have assumed cartoonlike dimensions. No longer able to envision actual streets and structures Megababe can only summon stark, simplistic renderings into her brain. Does the corrupt metropolis still exist? Shrill buzzer violates Megababe’s eardrums, wracks neurons with powerful vibrations, eliminates rogue thoughts. Lapsing into remote-controlled state the superheroine mutely follows orders of her master. With fervid movements she lactates swollen breasts until milk flows into detachable glass collection tubes. Unbeknownst to Megababe she carries one of the last fetuses on Earth, a creature who will help repopulate the planet now that universal forces have decimated most bastions of civilization..

Tanya Danielle stars as Megababe in Superheroine Sex Doll 4, a dystopian odyssey featuring superheroine, mind control, robot, lactation, milk, and forced orgasm. Co-produced by MK.



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