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Weekend in Vegas

(See more photos from Gilt City at Tanya’s Twitter feed.)


Gilt City

Alone in Las Vegas Mrs. Hamilton gazes at singular white orchid, only life stirring within garish bridal suite. View from 38th floor showcases long row of hotels, each offering slight variation on same neon/gilt motif. Drained and demoralized, Mrs. Hamilton tries to unlatch window, finds it bolted shut. Mysterious green bug saunters toward orchid as if mocking housewife’s sensibilities. “How did that insect gain entry when I can’t even open a window?” she cries aloud before pulling out leather-bound journal. Tears flow as ballpoint pen races across page:


My Weekend in Vegas

Creeping, crawling, calculating aphid

Instigates attack on blooming beauty,

Turns once pristine orchid into sordid

Yellow husk, systemically empty.


Brief journal entry reflects internal strife without providing incriminating evidence should anyone ever read it. Long weekend partying with 18-year-old lover has left Mrs. Hamilton feeling withered. Can she really justify risking marriage, social standing, reputation for fresh, young pussy? After several long, moments of tortured consideration homemaker’s mouth curves upward into a wicked smile..

Now we shall turn back the clock – download Gilt City to join Mrs. Hamilton on the very day she plans this fateful trip to Las Vegas, the day which changed her life.

Tanya Danielle stars as Mrs. Hamilton in Gilt City, a milfsploitation fantasy featuring older woman/younger woman theme, phone sex, finger fucking, anal masturbation, rollicking orgasm.



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Collecting Urban Legends

Good evening,

Ever get a song stuck in your head? You try to shake it but it plays for days on end. Last week I was chatting with a longtime resident of my neighborhood. Can’t remember what lead up to it but he gestured towards sparkling ocean, bobbing sailboats and said: “I was living here a long time before it became a tourist attraction. Do you remember how this looked in the 80s?” He launched into a parable featuring crack cocaine, rogue cops, Ronald Reagan’s War on Drugs. “The po-lice used to smash battering rams straight into dopehouses.” he reminisced. “They didn’t care who was in there – families, babies, whatever – they just smashed in before anyone could flush the drugs.” I listened with rapt attention, not entirely sure if he was exaggerating for effect or perhaps citing one or two isolated occurrences. He noticed my uncertainty. “Remember Batterram?” he asked. I didn’t think so. “You don’t remember Batterram?” he said with surprise. “C’mon.. ” he tried again. “Batterram!” As a last resort he pulled out his phone and played this video. Immediately engrossed I watched the entire presentation without speaking. Ever since then I hear Batterram in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening, and in conjunction with any long, tubular object that crosses my field of vision (that happens a lot):

Batterram from “Milfettante”
Batterram from “Barbie Loves Black Cock”
Batterram from soon-to-be-released “Ghostbusted”

OK, I’m joking around a bit with the photos (have to include some nudie pics) but Batterram the song has staying power. Lol.. you’ll be singing it at your office if you watch this oddly compelling proto-music video.

Going to bed now but will return very soon to answer post comments. Sorry I have fallen behind on that – I do enjoy reading your thoughts. In the meantime I have put Land of Cameron on sale for $19.99 (normally $34.99) and added both Return to Sparta starring Ariel X vs. myself and Story of Now to my Diamond Club Members’ Area. Hope everyone is having a great week!

XO Tanya



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Good evening,

Looks like milf extraordinaire Mrs. Hamilton is grabbing throttle of a speedboat as she powers through pristine ocean waters. Actually, she has taken a far different type of excursion:

Red Neon Fury

Tanya Hamilton scrutinizes every aspect of Highway 6 landscape while restless mind narrates third person travelogue:

“Haunted highway, lonely truck stop,
Asphalt flanked by agriculture,
U-shaped burger joint with car hop.

Nighttime driver smokes red sulphur,
Traces path of circling vulture,
Enters twilight zone gone viral,
Donuts into endless SPIRAL…… !!!

Car spins wildly out of control, scarring pavement with black circles before landing in ditch next to donut shop. Shaken, Mrs. Hamilton adjusts chignon, climbs from vehicle. Shop proprietor offers sympathetic greeting, steaming cup of joe. “Must’ve nodded off there..” he says. “Happens all the time on this forsaken highway.”

Slipping into plastic yellow booth grateful traveler watches red neon sign letters illuminate themselves one by one to spell out “HOOTERS DONUT”. First “T” in sequence flickers spasmodically, as if wiring or bulbs cannot function much longer in present condition. Reflecting on recent activities Mrs. Hamilton feels similarly discombobulated. How had she succumbed to sexual advances of 18-year-old family friend?? Despite impromptu road trip homemaker cannot escape memories. “No one will ever know about affair.” she tries to reassure self. “And it doesn’t count as lying if no one ever asks me about it.” Nervously she twists wedding ring on finger, stares out window into moonless night.

Like tiles in cosmic game of Jumble flickering neon letters suddenly exchange positions to form new message: “DO UNTO OTHERS”. Scorched by red neon fury Christian housewife nearly loses consciousness for third time in less than a week..

Will Mrs. Hamilton ever reassemble what remains of her jumbled conscience? Probably not. Check out the good time she had in Red Neon Fury.

How does that scheming housewife sleep at night?



XO Tanya



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Good evening,

I am starting a new phone sex hotline from my home. Just kidding. Above photos from February 2015 surfaced inside my computer tonight. Looks like milf extraordinaire Mrs. Hamilton was enjoying some naughty conversation although, honestly, I will have to locate footage to know what was really going on there. Mrs. Hamilton has lots of randy adventures 😉

Hope fellow Americans enjoyed a nice Thanksgiving. I had a wonderful dinner at the home of a good friend’s family. Since returning to my corner of LA I have hit a few donut shops for morning coffee and mostly been working on updates:

About to forage in my refrigerator for dinner but nothing will compare to the awesome food I had on Thanksgiving. Soooooo good.. Normally I hibernate for the holidays so Thursday was a special occasion with a group of really gracious, friendly, interesting people. I felt very honored and grateful to share their company and intend to act like less of a grinch this yuletide season 😉

XO Tanya



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Magic 8 Ball




Good evening,

I greet you from home as sun sets over Pacific Ocean – very beautiful day here. Earlier I picked up my mail and would like to thank the anonymous individual(s?) who sent me a gorgeous set of gemstone/stainless steel earrings and an extraordinarily sexy black camisole with matching thong. Muuuaaahhhh!!!! You will be seeing gifts soon in upcoming videos. I really appreciate your thoughtfulness and generosity.

Night has fallen outside – sun disappeared as I was typing last paragraph. Valets at steakhouse across street seem to be preparing for big turnout but rest of neighborhood looks quiet, unlike this morning. Around 9AM I felt like a pinball rolling from adventure to adventure as various people created havoc in the vicinity. On first block man was challenging motel management to throw him off property, on second block couple was brawling over plastic lighter, at Starbucks (thanks for gift card, Phil!) an individual began convulsing on the ground behind me. “I smoked a whole eight ball and I’m having a heart attack! Somebody help me!” he yelled in distress. His companion gazed down at him, unimpressed. After a moment man jumped to his feet, began laughing. Two European tourists clapped their approval. Does the term “eight ball” have universal significance?

Speaking of eight balls.. words just reminded me of a great scene (#25) that I did with incomparable Darla Crane for Seymour Butts’ TushyGirl Video Magazine. I also appear in Scene 4 with blonde beauty McKayla Matthews. Check out my tryst with Darla – quite sure a magic eight ball is rolling around there somewhere 😉

Tonight I will be editing photos from milf extraordinaire Mrs. Hamilton’s latest adventure (pics above from video tentatively entitled Red Neon Fury. ) Hope everyone is having a great Friday!

XO Tanya

P.S. Just looked more carefully at the TushyGirl movie and it appears that I’m in Scene 15-16 with Seymour as well.



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Lonely Lady



Good evening,

I have embarked upon a mission which I will describe soon – for now I feel like letting details rest so I can reexamine them with fresh vigor in the morning. All peaceful here at my abode but past weekend literally made me wonder if US government has started passing out free narcotics in the street.

Everything began innocently enough at a donut shop across town. A large man wandered in, sat down and began eating a jar of olives. “Customer only.. customer only, please..” proprietress called out to him, politely urging him to relinquish his seat since he hadn’t purchased any food inside the establishment. “I gotcha, sister.. I gotcha.. ” the man responded good-naturedly. While rising from table he caught sight of me. “What do you do for a living?” he inquired. For some reason two people at a nearby table also turned to hear my answer. On the spot I glanced at notepad in front of me, sorta gestured with ballpoint pen in hand and stammered: “I’m..  a writer.” The man gazed at me speculatively. We regarded one another. “The Lonely Lady”. he said after a few long moments. “The Lonely Lady.. it’s a really good book. You should read it.” He nodded affirmatively, stared at me harder. I felt myself sigh, knew he was appraising me and that “Lonely Lady” was his accurate assessment. He seemed to relish my discomfiture but we parted amicably. On his way out the door he said “The Loooonely Laady” a few more times as if he enjoyed hearing the words roll off his tongue.

Yet again I missed Andy, my solitary friend in this far corner of Los Angeles County where I reside. No one else lives close enough to simply hit a donut shop with me. I chat with some of my neighbors but don’t know any of them very well. Thinking of Andy I finished my coffee and trudged out the door. For 3 blocks I walked alone and then heard someone running up behind me. Whipping around I recognized a guy I met recently. Happy to see a friendly face I invited him to join me on an errand. We chatted companionably until he said one or two odd things. I looked at him more carefully, noticing something of a wild look in his blue eyes.

As we proceeded down the sidewalk he began accosting passersby with strange accusations. (“I saw you last night. Don’t you remember me? Why are you pretending you don’t know me?”) Then he wanted to change his shirt. As he pulled off one garment and replaced it with another I couldn’t help but notice the dichotomy between his healthy, muscular physique and the clearly drug-induced paranoia in his face. How had his mental faculties deteriorated so rapidly without his body showing any signs of strain? He and I resumed walking til he flopped down on a wide metal post, still convinced that various strangers were involved in some type of conspiracy against him. By now his agitated behavior was attracting attention but I didn’t want to abandon him there. Gamely or lamely I tried to keep him engaged in conversation, hoping he would calm down. A tattoo on his leg looked familiar but I couldn’t place its significance. “What do those two crossed hammers in the circle represent?” I asked him. “Why don’t you sit down in my lap and I’ll tell you about it.” he responded nastily. Although I disliked leaving him to be a spectacle on the street I had to go. For at least half a block he yelled stuff at my retreating figure.

The following morning I visited a nice, safe corporate-run establishment: Subway Sandwiches. Through the window I watched as one homeless man beat another to a bloody pulp. Loser of the battle collapsed in the gutter as his cart of recyclables rolled slowly into oncoming traffic. Soaked from hair to waist in blood he became combative once again when paramedics arrived. Only a proffered cigarette seemed to quell his ire.

On Labor Day I went to the Port of Long Beach to see three gargantuan Hanjin vessels stranded like lost souls in the harbor. Spectacle seemed surreal and, for the first time ever, I honored the Labor Day holiday by actually pondering economic/labor issues. Usually Labor Day just passes by in a blur of barbecue smoke and alcohol. A young man in swim trunks approached me at the coastline. “You look sad.” he said. “Do you need a hug?” He did make me smile.

Anyways, the long weekend has come and gone. Where was Mrs. Hamilton in all this? She always knows what to do..




Looks like Mrs. H drank too much and got herself in trouble. Photos come from upcoming video Vertigo which I am still preparing for release. Hope this post doesn’t come off as a complaining rant – I just felt like expunging the last few days onto my keyboard. All quiet on homefront now. Will return in the morning to answer post comments. Hope everyone is having a great week!

XO Tanya

P.S. I reject “Lonely Lady” moniker. Mrs. Hamilton’s alter ego shall ride again 😉



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My Fair City


November12015 068_pp

November12015 069_pp

November12015 059_pp

November12015 061_pp


This past week I suffered an attack of vertigo while driving. At the wheel I had trouble differentiating between vertigo and panic but did manage to pull vehicle safely to side of road and crawl into backseat. It felt like my body was attacking me. Mystical underwater scenes (kind of like top pic of trippy street art) unfolded in my mind as I lost sense of reality.  Finally I recovered to find myself parked in front of a Sons of Italy lodge.

Not really wanting to drive but also not wanting to bother anyone to come get me I motored to nearby donut shop which I visit periodically. After nightfall this joint secures their entire cash register/kitchen area behind interlocking plexiglass shields but they generally open windows in the plexiglass during daylight hours. On this particular afternoon I found all shields locked and an empty bottle of Taaka gracing a tabletop. Clearly they had been experiencing some difficulties. I ordered a coffee which materialized through a labyrinthine passageway designed to prevent anyone from leveling a gun directly at employees. Strong sunlight induced me to sit in a booth which faced the back of the room instead of toward the street. Wish I hadn’t done that.

Not long after my arrival a loud argument erupted in the parking lot. “Give me my motherf*cking money! I want all my motherf*cking money!” someone was yelling. “Hand it over now, n*gger, before I beat your motherf*cking ass!” Although tempted to turn around I knew I should mind my own business. A man at a nearby table had no such compunction. He darted to the other side of his booth so he could shamelessly rubberneck at the spectacle from an improved vantage point. I ventured a long enough glance at the parking lot to see four large black men embroiled in a very loud dispute. Redirecting attention to notebook in front of me I continued to hear yelling, arguments and later some laughter arising from outdoor confrontation. After draining coffee I rose to leave. That’s when I saw two men in the parking lot, clad only in underwear, angrily putting on their clothes. What had I missed?? Two other men still loomed over the semi-naked ones and spectators gawked unabashedly in the distance. I cursed myself for the earlier restraint I had exhibited. Lol.. milf extraordinaire Mrs. Hamilton would have found a way to throw herself right into the mix..

april262015 199_pp

Day ended on a high note. Upon returning home I Googled “cure for vertigo” and  found an extraordinary video which both explains the condition and provides a viable cure which can halt future attacks. Feeling renewed I decided to use incident for text description of upcoming release, Vertigo, in which redoubtable Mrs. Hamilton experiences a fainting spell (pics in purple blouse.)

Just checked footage.. looks like I shot Vertigo on November 1, 2015. Video likely would have languished in personal library for years if real vertigo hadn’t prompted me to remember it. I will release Mrs. Hamilton’s fainting episode (and consequential exploitation) later this week at TanyaTV.com. Hope everyone is having a pleasant Monday!

XO Tanya



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Garden of Melon







gardenofmelon (91)

gardenofmelon (111)

gardenofmelon (133)

gardenofmelon (149)

Mrs. Hamilton instructs English students to compose envelope quintets on subject of choosing. Amongst completed assignments appears this submission from Prinzzess Felicity Jade:

Garden of Melon

Casaba, honeydew, papaya, quince –
Rich, fruity horticultural reserves
Used for speed bags, drills, target practice thence
Smashed into jam, pie filling, sweet preserves.
Heed warning, Temptress, hide your succulence!

Disconcerted by words Mrs. Hamilton unconsciously raises hand to cleavage, wonders if Prinzzess might be leveling some type of threat. Admittedly English teacher has used large breasts to seduce numerous 18-year-old male pupils but Prinzzess can’t know that, can she? Dismissing notion educator slashes red “C-” across page, returns it to Prinzzess the following morning. Several hours later classroom door flies open to reveal pair of stunningly feral, catlike eyes. “Stay away from my boyfriend.” Prinzzess hisses ferociously, clouds of yellow fire emitting from hazel irises. “Or I will smash your huge tits into oblivion!!” Naturally Mrs. Hamilton will brook no such disrespect from a mere student..

Prinzzess Felicity Jade and Tanya Danielle star in Garden of Melon, a brutal topless catfight which pits hot teacher against nubile student. Punching, choking, breast mauling, nipple torture, wedgies, crotch grabbing, stomping, decisive KO ensue. Download Garden of Melon at TanyaTV.com.



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Long, Hot Summer




Good evening,

Tanya Hamilton, reigning Mrs. Parker City 2016, seems to have gotten herself worked up over something. Lol.. bottom shots look like they come from a computerized tavern game where you have to discern “What makes these two photos different?” Cameraman Jon White snapped pics during July 8, 2016 shooting of Venal Code:

Venal Code

“Vagina overflows with revelry,
Elixirs soon evaporate to mist,
Nirvana vanishes like setting sun
As willing victim revisits dark tryst,
Lewd acts, unmitigated devilry.”

Distractedly Mrs. Parker City Tanya Hamilton composes verses, tosses pen onto leatherbound journal. In last 24 hours vagina – seemingly without consent of brain – had exploded in orgasm, creating beautiful afterglow which evaporated along with pussy juices. Now pageant winner must face consequences of tryst with 18-year-old temptress. Still ensconced in rumpled bed sheets Mrs. Hamilton realizes that fleeting state of sexual nirvana has permanently corrupted both her code of ethics and what remains of yearlong reign. Lust, guilt, treachery, repentance swirl like a maelstrom. “I should have halted this venal sojourn while I still could.” beauty queen says aloud..

Milfsploitation fantasy Venal Code features disgraced beauty queen, outfit changes, photo shoot, older woman/younger woman theme, magic elixir, forced masturbation, dildo fucking, butt plug, double penetration, forced orgasm, explosive anger. Venal Code available for download at TanyaTV.com.

Maybe Mrs. Parker City 2016 should cool down with a nice, stiff drink:


Come to think of it.. I can probably use one too. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

XO Tanya



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Suburban Legend





Suburban Legend

“Lissome figure strolls dark hallways,
Enters skeleton key in lock,
Glides across dimensional maze,
Easily awakens black rock
Netherflesh volcano which sprays
Dripping, Dionysian shock.”

Crude, coded legend, handed down by generations of fathers, stuns chambermaid. “People really believe that the ghost of Hamilton House comes here to.. to.. ” maid struggles for words. “.. to obtain the seminal fluids of dark-skinned male guests??” Butler nods sagely , explains further. “A distinguished family, the Hamiltons, occupied this mansion long before it became a bed and breakfast inn. Matriarch Tanya Hamilton began an interracial love affair which destroyed marriage, family, social standing, and career. To this day Tanya’s ghost revisits the ancestral Hamilton home, condemned to endlessly repeat the same mistakes which ruined her life. Let me tell you how it all began.. “

Tanya Danielle stars as Mrs. Hamilton in Suburban Legend, a milfsploitation fantasy featuring multiple outfit changes, microbikini, interracial theme, rising tension, POV blowjob on dildo, facial cumshot. Download Suburban Legend at TanyaTV.com today.



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Lunar Charm




Good evening,

Full buck moon is looming outside my window – so beautiful! Many thanks to Don and Mikey for the lovely presents I received over the weekend. Shoulder bag, compass, Avatar costume, and lipstick put a huge smile on my face. Muuuuaaaahhhhh!!!! Huge kisses to both of you. Hopefully we are all gazing upon the same orange moon this Tuesday because it looks just stunning.

Photos above come from July 8 shoot. Yes, milf extraordinaire Mrs. Hamilton has gone back on the prowl 😉

XO Tanya



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Milftown USA





Good afternoon,

This day has flown right past me. Seems like I just got up to move my car at 7am and, lo and behold, the clock now reads 3:45pm. Thought I would follow up my drunken bar photos with a few shots of milf extraordinaire Mrs. Hamilton from Milftown USA. Evidently housewife has once again become subject of gossip in her hometown of Parker City:

Milftown USA

White-breasted swallows perform stunning aerialist maneuvers against rich shades of fuchsia, scarlet, purple. Within minutes  vibrant colors dissolve to gray, birds migrate over horizon. From semi-private balcony Mrs. Hamilton ponders afternoon transgressions, wondering if they will fade like the sunset or eventually return home to roost with the swallows. Idly she records impromptu poem in journal:

“Multi-hued clouds radiate fire,
Iridescent birds soar higher,
Luminous tableau becomes grey,
Fading memory of lost day.
Tangerine moon, twinkling stars rise
Over loose lips, scandalized eyes.
Word spreads quickly, triggering shock:
Naughty housewife loves big, black cock!”

Will star-crossed Mrs. Hamilton ever recover her reputation? Probably not. Hope everyone is having a great Wednesday!

XO Tanya



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Mrs. Hamilton Returns

Jan222016 072_pp

Jan222016 080_pp

Good evening,

Mrs. Hamilton returns. And she has a stunning secret (pics above from just released Reverse Alchemy.)  Sorry for my long absence. I took some great opportunities in March to do a lot of shooting. You know that old expression “Keep going til the wheels come off”? Well, a wheel literally fell off my suitcase. Very glad to be sleeping at home tonight in my brand new Peach Skin sheets. Thank you, Don, for the lovely gift!!! Sheets feel even more luxurious than I had imagined, especially after a few too many stays at roadside establishments:


Exhausted, must get some rest, but looking forward to answering post comments in morning. Hope everyone is doing well!

XO Tanya



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Lovely Gift



april262015 006_pp

april262015 020_pp

Thank you, Don, for the Halloween card and awesome new superheroine gear. I can barely wait to apprehend a few criminals with my magic cuffs and boots! Muuuaaahhh!!! No footage yet with new accessories so I am posting a few pics of Mrs. Hamilton enjoying a recent gift. Just think what will happen if she gets a hold of those metal cuffs 😉

You made my day – thanks so much, Don!!

XO Tanya



Morning Neon



Good afternoon,

This morning I rose at 4am to move car from street cleaning zone, motored to donut shop, busied myself with work/coffee, glanced out window a short time later to discover that sun had already risen. Still haven’t adjusted to daylight savings time change. Nearby a neon bar sign blinked in hazy morning light. It looked a bit haunting so I photographed it from one angle before stepping around to the other side to get a different shot (top pics.) Either a timer or a live person extinguished neon bulbs just as camera clicked.

This week I continue my usual lifestyle of solo road trips/empty diners/cheap motels. Below pics come from November 1, 2015:



November12015 060_pp

November12015 059_pp

Will milf extraordinaire Tanya Hamilton recover from her latest troubles? Will desperate call for help go unanswered? Only The Shadow knows. Just kidding.. on the day before the shoot I stayed at a surprisingly pleasant 1960s-style motor court. You can see my long shadow holding trusty point-and-click camera because I don’t even know how to use the one on my phone. Think I was studying Mrs. Hamilton script at above diner before filming commenced. By the way, thanks again to the generous soul who sent me the gorgeous purple bra from my Wishlist. I love it!

November12015 187_pp

Yep, Mrs. Hamilton did indeed bounce back from recent hijinks. She will continue to traverse empty roads and snap pics of morning neon while the rest of the world sleeps 😉

Hope everyone is having a great Wednesday!

XO Tanya

P.S. Just discovered that Amazon has put audiobook version of Lynrd Skynrd bio on sale for $3.95. I’ll be listening to it today as I unpack from last shoot, pack for next one.


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Live, Nude Theatre




Good morning,

In recently released video Live, Nude Theatre my alter ego Mayor Hamilton has just returned from viewing battered remnants of a now defunct nude showclub in her town:

Live, Nude Theatre

Formless like fire,
Dancer reaches zenith,
Burns atop pyre.

Torchlight illuminates remains of nude theatre, triggering odd sense of desolation in politician who forced its closure. Ghostly images besiege mind, caress subconscious, rattle nerves. Sudden activity rocks atmosphere.

Mirrors crack,
Pipe shatters,
Ceiling rains,
Crystal spikes,
Into scarred marble veins.

Mayor Hamilton drops light source, flees building. Thirty minutes later she encounters bikini-clad daughter, best friend sunbathing in backyard. Hastily retreating to den Mrs. Hamilton masturbates wildly, almost as if spirits from dance hall have consumed her soul.. Download Live, Nude Theatre at TanyaTV.com.

Someone asked why I used so many seeming drug references in the description for Live, Nude Theatre. “Crystal spikes” refer to pendants from a chandelier and “scarred marble veins” refer to pockmarked, old marble stage scuffed by endless parade of stilettos. Despite her opposition to adult entertainment Mayor Hamilton becomes intoxicated during her visit to this sexually charged environment. Somehow it seemed fitting to mention mirrors and a crack pipe in there too, probably because I had just begun composing video promo on the morning I bumbled into the handjob park (where every possible type of illicit behavior seemed to be taking place.)

Over the past few days I have noticed that no new comments have rolled in. Sometimes my hosting company disables that feature to prevent brute force hacking attacks. Please e-mail Jay at webmaster@tanyadanielle.com if you are having trouble logging in to the message board here. Hope everyone is having a great day!

XO Tanya



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jen blood moon (1)





Good evening,

When last I wrote I was looking forward to the coming lunar eclipse of September 27. On the morning of the eclipse I visited a random park. Homeless encampments dotted extensive premises. Fervent motion attracted my attention as I proceeded through the landscape and quickly I realized that someone was giving a handjob to a man on his back while numerous others looked on. I averted eyeballs and headed toward what looked like a family barbecue in the distance. An empty concrete bench beckoned. I sat down with my coffee just as the clouds overhead parted. Sunlight pierced my skin, smoke stung my eyes, and a man with a rich African (?) accent began talking loudly and laughing. His deep voice seemed to echo across the park. Slowly I acclimated to the surroundings. No conventional families were frequenting the area on this day – presumably local residents know to avoid the place. Two stoic women were barbecuing for park inhabitants. The ladies, accompanied by several small dogs, bore the pleasant, guarded expressions that I associate with the most effective and diligent of outreach workers. Everyone else seemed embroiled in full frontal debauchery. I could only think: “If this goes on here at 10am then what in the world happens at midnight?” For maybe 30 minutes I wallowed in the ambiance and then drove to a nice, familiar tavern with a friendly bartender.

Later that night I became enthralled by the eclipse, completely spellbound by its majesty (top pic courtesy of LA photographer Jenifer.) I watched transformation from red to black to glowing macaroon to  glorious, full Harvest Moon. Throughout metamorphosis moon hovered near an amazing highrise structure in my field of vision. Around 9am the next morning I was intending to look up details about highrise in a book of architecture (thanks, Bob!) that I keep at home. The well-thumbed tome immediately fell open to a page which discussed a building on the periphery of the handjob park. Stunned, I read available information, felt like the park was haunting me. I couldn’t seem to shake it. On Tuesday I got some coffee at a donut joint and almost dropped my Styrofoam cup when a family sat down next to me and began discussing their plan to move into a 2-bedroom house which bordered the same park.

Obviously the park was calling me and I have been writing about it for the past week.

MacArthur Park,

Lesser known evil,

Open air sleigh ride,

On spear of the devil.

The full poem extends longer although I haven’t quite finished it yet. Clearly it will lurk in my soul until I do. Oddly, I am not writing about the infamous MacArthur Park that all LA residents know about. Somehow I managed to stumble into a different MacArthur Park (lesser known evil) which makes the original one look downright tame.

Next week I will be embarking on another round of shooting. Above pics come from soon-to-be-released Mrs. Hamilton video entitled Live, Nude Theatre. Even milf extraordinaire Mrs. Hamilton had to look away (2nd pic from top) from the public handjob that I witnessed 😉  Going to bed but I shall return in the morning to answer blog comments. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

XO Tanya



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Fire and Ice







Good evening,

On August 2 I shot new footage of milf extraordinaire Tanya Hamilton (pics above.) Five days later I had an IPL (intense pulsed light) treatment administered to my face, neck, and chest. I do this periodically to reduce the amount of freckling, sun damage on my skin. Normally I experience very little discomfort during the procedures but on this occasion I squirmed in distress and had to use mental energy transfer techniques. “Give back to the pain. Give back to the pain.” I kept telling myself silently. The technician, who had started on my chest, seemed rather alarmed. She toned down the settings on her equipment and stopped until I assured her that I felt fine. I smelled something akin to burning flesh in the air but told myself that I was imagining it. About ten minutes later the technician finished with my face and insisted that I take an ice pack with me as I departed.  Good thing she did. Clutching the ice to my chest I drove one-handed to my mailbox. Agitation – I refused to call it pain – radiated down to my toes. Breathing heavily and sweating I forced myself to keep running errands. If I abandoned the ice for more than a minute the sizzling sensation on my sternum became nearly intolerable. Finally, while visiting the bank, I could no longer deny the obvious: my ice was melting.

At Western and 168th I staggered into a bar and ordered Stoli on the rocks with a bag of ice. Too polite, street smart, worldly to ask questions the bartender very kindly complied. By an extremely peculiar coincidence a man materialized off the street, sat a few stools away from me, ordered a drink and a bag of ice. He downed a shot and then pressed Saran-wrapped ice cubes to his jaw. We probably looked like victims of the same brawl.

To make the long story short I ended up with a combination of first and second degree burns on my neck and chest. Naturally the medical spa which administered the treatment denies any wrongdoing. If you want to check out the burns I do have pictures but I suggest that you avoid looking at them if you get easily grossed out.

Things got worse before they got better – skin blistered, turned black, slowly peeled away. I used lots of homeopathic techniques like aloe vera and apple cider vinegar. Thankfully my décolletage has healed beautifully. Some discoloration (pink in hue) still remains but I did two days of shooting this past week and it did not represent a problem.

I think that life episodes happen for a reason. On this occasion I decided that the Universe was simply challenging me to practice acceptance. Although I could not shoot for about 10 days I maintained faith that the situation would resolve itself in the best way possible. Honestly, I avoided everyone I knew because inevitable comments like “You need to see a doctor” or “You need to see a lawyer” were not in harmony with how I was feeling. Aside from asking my neighbor to take some photos of my chest I did not tell anyone what had happened.

Fear not, Mrs. Hamilton shall ride again 😉


Hope everyone is having a great weekend. I will return in the morning to answer blog comments.

XO Tanya



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april262015 071_pp

april262015 074_pp

april262015 108_ppp

tnapril262015 106_pp

april262015 166_pp

tnapril262015 112_pp

Good evening,

I greet you after a long day and less than 3 hours of sleep. Last night I stayed up til nearly 1am editing photos from upcoming video Milfettante and watching Rush on Amazon Prime. This morning I rose at 3:30am to move my car out of a 4am street cleaning zone. Motoring aimlessly down empty boulevards I eventually arrived at a 24-hour truck stop with Subway sandwich shop on the premises. Love that place 🙂 Over breakfast sandwich and coffee I described the latest dilemma faced by milf extraordinaire Tanya Hamilton:




Future dilettantes,

Who marry for millions.

The cruel rhyme jars Tanya Hamilton, especially since she finds it scribbled on a notepad in her spare bedroom. Is someone poking fun at her lifestyle and background? Or mocking her daughter Alice? Moments later she makes another startling discovery: the names “Tanya” and “Kelli” enclosed in a large, carefully rendered heart. Arteries contract, breath catches, face flushes, body sweats. Who wrote these words?? Daughter Alice frequently invites girlfriends, including best pal Kelli, to spend the night. Mrs. Hamilton collapses onto bed, nearly impaling herself on a monstrous black dildo which lurks beneath the covers. Dread, shock, revulsion, excitement flood body and brain. Soon forbidding instinct subsumes lesser emotions, imbuing housewife with realization that 18-year-old Kelli has purposefully planted these bombshells with sexual seduction in mind. Will Kelli succeed in tempting Mrs. Hamilton, dilettante of leisure, into compromising her comfortable marriage and traditional values for an episode of unthinkable debauchery?

Milfettante will be coming soon to TanyaTV.com. I shall return here in the morning after I catch up on my sleep. Hope everyone had a great Tuesday!

XO Tanya

P.S. Full moon tomorrow night! Will probably be a Garfield moon (big and orange) tonight too.



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Lady of the Manor



may3015 017_pp

may3015 022_pp

tnmay3015 037_pp

Above photos come from a soon-to-be-released video featuring milf extraordinaire Mrs. Hamilton:

10 Days in Parker City

Invisible madness permeates bedroom community, inflaming certain citizens with deviant desires whilst driving others away. Husband departs on business, daughter takes class field trip, housewife Tanya Hamilton sits home alone. Sensing opportunity, teenage heiress Kelli Cook plots seduction of Mrs. Hamilton. Young, beautiful, rich Kelli uses psychological manipulation, sexual wiles, lavish gifts to force the homemaker into a 10-day carnal escapade guaranteed to rock Parker City to its very core..

may3015 021_pp

Incidentally, Mrs. Hamilton has shed her signature white blouse and black/white blazer for the last time. These garments disappeared in a recent burglary along with much of her other apparel. Perhaps the resourceful housewife should start using some of her husband’s hard-earned dough to hang out at better joints than the Manor Motel 😉

10 Days Inside Kelli is coming soon to TanyaTV.com.



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