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Catfighting Exposed


Good afternoon,

Diamond Jackson is on her webcam blasting “Back in Black” by AC/DC. Seems I don’t do anything these days without the accompaniment of live webcam models ūüėČ ¬†I tend to listen to their patter but not watch them. Their one-sided conversations are anthropological. It interests me to hear the ladies respond to whatever their viewers are saying. Amy Fisher does not take any sh*t. I sorta miss her when she is off for the weekend.

Anyways, I have been toying with how to respond to this blog comment posted by pw:¬†“I‚Äôve wondered ever since what prompted you to explore fight fetish work and superheroine fetish work, and why that interested you enough to keep doing it, whereas so many adult performers may never even put a toe into those waters. Do you find anything particularly different about the models you meet who do fetish fight work versus the ones who don‚Äôt?”

Pw, catfight/wrestling work is available to all the women who work in the adult industry here in LA. Some have bad first experiences and never want to try it again. As you and most catfight aficionados know, 98% of the matches are scripted with a predetermined winner. That does not stop some of the “competitors” from buying into an odd delusion that they are participating in¬†athletic events when nothing could be further from the truth. Consequently, they land punches too hard, “accidentally” hit you in the face, etc. I know that this may sound like fun entertainment to the viewer but it is not fun for the women who shoot with them. Even if you call them on it they just keep it up and pretend they are not doing it. On the most recent occasion this occurred at a shoot I simply resolved to keep my cool. I had just had surgery on my breasts a month earlier and my opponent was repeatedly hitting me too hard in the chest. She became winded and actually had to sit down to recover, totally embarrassing herself. It seemed like the Universe handled that situation for me. But yet.. I wasn’t 100% sure she had been punching me too hard intentionally so I had given her the benefit of the doubt. Each time she hit me too hard I saw an anticipatory gleam light up her eyes like she was trying to provoke me. I felt my anger rise but I knew if I lost my temper I would create a wild, cringe-inducing episode on a par with a number of¬†other such occasions in the past. Everyone in the room would freeze and stare at me like I had lost my mind. The other model would play innocent. I’ve lived this, I’ve gone through it, and this is what always happens. I just wanted to finish the f*cking shoot, get paid, and go. This – the situation I just described – is exactly why some models do one or two catfight shoots and never want to do anymore.

Remember I said that I had been toying with how to respond to your blog comment, pw? I had no idea these words would come out of me but they are straight from the heart. My fingers were dancing across the keyboard so fast that sparks flew.

I did my first catfight shoot with Jewell Marceau and Venus Delight for CaliforniaWildcats.com in 1999, I believe. Stacy Burke was ref. Oddly enough, this was real wrestling (not scripted) – the first time I had ever wrestled in my life. I beat Jewell and Venus beat me. It seemed pure – no hijinks or foolishness. Basically, I just got lucky and had a pleasant first experience. And, amazingly, I went for years without having a problem with anyone. Alexis Taylor (AKA Shannan Leigh), Jewell, Francesca Le, and Stacy Burke were the women with whom I worked most frequently. We all got along famously – not a delusional idiot in the bunch. The first time I had a real problem (and created a cringe-inducing scene) was when Frankie Zapitelli (I don’t know if I am spelling her name correctly and I don’t care) kicked me three times in the crotch during a scripted superheroine catfight. I erupted. The atmosphere froze. Everybody looked at me like I was crazy except Jared from DT Wrestling who understood exactly why I was mad. Things kinda went downhill from there and a lot more wackjobs started entering the catfight fantasy realm. Around then I started turning down most of the work. Now I mainly just do custom requests and only work with models who conduct themselves with a reasonable amount of decorum.

Normally I reread what I write to check for errors but I will probably just leave this post as it is: a mildly ranting, stream-of-thought, poorly punctuated expression of my opinion. I have added the box cover of Putting on the Gloves starring Devin DeRay and me for a little eye candy. Devin was a blast: beautiful with a fit, sculpted body and a great attitude.

By the way, the hottest chicks are almost always the easiest to shoot with.

XO Tanya



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Misty Regan



To me 1980s pornstar Misty Regan looks a bit like both¬†Susan Sarandon and Tori Sinclair. From the first time I saw Misty’s picture I felt like I knew her. Could we have crossed paths somewhere at some point? Maybe at a strip club? FreeOnes.com gives her birthdate as February 13, 1963 so she may well have retired from porn in the 1990s but continued working in a different branch of adult entertainment. Just can’t shake the feeling that some type of tenuous connection links us together. Originally from Australia Misty¬†began doing XXX scenes in 1979 and continued throughout the 1980s, working with John Holmes, Nina Hartley, Hyapatia Lee, and a relatively youthful¬†Ron Jeremy. Earlier today I discovered a surprising stash of Napali videos in which Misty battles Jean Afrique, Tracey Adams, and more! Been familiar with Misty for years but had no clue that she was a catfighter.

Do any longtime catfight aficionados remember her?

XO Tanya

P.S. Don’t think Misty was really born in 1963. If so, she should not have been doing porn in 1979! FreeOnes must have an incorrect date listed.



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Carolyn Monroe



Good evening,

A day or so ago “pw”¬†posted a comment inquiring about my recollections of Carolyn Monroe. She and I first met on the set of Sorority Sex Kittens 5¬†in 2000. You can see us both – along with my dear, departed friend Jim Holliday – on the back portion of the above box cover. On that very same day, whilst waiting to perform in my 10-girl (or was it 12?) orgy scene – I received a phone call from Ken Kirk of Napali Video. He wanted to book both Carolyn and me for the aptly entitled video Duel of the Busty Blondes. She and I got to know each other much better during the second shoot and began to frequently request one another for girl-girl scenes and refer each other for work. Carolyn had recently returned to the United States from Europe with her husband, an Italian film director. In fact, he directed us in our scene for The Best Night of My Life. Shortly after that he and Carolyn separated. I think she was going through a very rough time. By coincidence she moved into a Van Nuys apartment building which claimed bondage legend Jewell Marceau, custom video cameraman Rick Scott of RBP Studios, bondage director Ted Paramour, and 1970s pornstar Jesse Adams¬†as residents. Carolyn and Jewell became friends but that didn’t last long. They had some type of disagreement which, to my knowledge, never got resolved.¬†Eventually everyone moved out of that building other than possibly Jesse Adams. A number of years passed and Carolyn and I continued to do a lot of shooting together, including Voluptuous #2, Floss, and Too Many Blonde Moments.

Aside from performing for the large porn companies we also did a lot of joint custom videos during the Mike Raffone era. Mention of that subject makes me want to go find some of those videos right now.. I shall return..

XO Tanya



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Score Magazine Auction 4


In the video above I am wearing the same bikini as I wore on the cover of the Score Magazine Boob Cruise issue. Winner of my Score Magazine  auction will receive a DVD copy of this beachside video plus numerous other items of memorabilia/erotica.

Spent a long time at the donut shop yesterday but am now ready to continue my research into the current lives of the other Boob Cruise 2000 models..

Maxi Mounds РLooks like Maxi is still actively working in the industry. Just spent a little time clicking around her Official Website. She also has a Clips4Sale store with some recent videos. I heard that Maxi is a great performer but I missed her striptease show on the Boob Cruise. Just found a video Рcheck this out.

Brittany Love – Retired. From what I can see she disappeared around 2008 or so. Brittany was one of the few models I shot with after the Boob Cruise: one time for Danni.com and another for Napali Video. We shot for Napali in Las Vegas during an exotic dancer expo. Brittany was irate because noise in her hotel had kept her awake into the wee hours of the morning.¬†On the night¬†preceding¬†the Danni.com shoot Brittany had been staying at Donita Dunes’ home. Brittany flipped out because Donita was celebrating her anniversary and the festivities were preventing Brittany from sleeping. Donita’s husband had to drive Brittany to a hotel. Evidently she likes to get her shuteye. And give blowjobs. Just found her Clips4Sale store which has content from 2007/2008.

Of the 15 models on the cruise only five of us still actively work in the industry: Minka, Maxi, Casey, Linsey, and I. Not so surprising since nearly 15 years have passed! Click here to place a bid on several pieces of classic Score Magazine Boob Cruise history Рonly one day left to win the booty!

XO Tanya



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