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Lesbian Slayer

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Lesbian Slayer

Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
He who fights too long against dragons
becomes a dragon himself; and if you gaze too long
into the abyss, the abyss will gaze into you.
-Friedrich Nietzsche

Between Righteousness and Heaven
She who rails too hard against sacrilege
becomes a sinner herself; and if you gaze too long
into her disgrace, she will gaze into you.

Disjointed notes from the 2014 journal of religious crusader/Miss California Carrie Prejean (played by Tanya Danielle.) Videotape of Carrie having sex with a female entertainment executive (played by Goldie Blair) has surfaced. Carrie toys with how to indemnify herself against repercussions stemming from this scandalous episode. Maybe she will release a statement averring that: “The wind blew my legs open and..”

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