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Ides of Perfection

Ides of Perfection


I have been posting numerous photos from Ides of Perfection starring Prinzzess Felicity Jade vs. myself (above) throughout January at my OnlyFans Twitter feed.


Attempts to psychoanalyze disturbing February 13 incident tax police sergeant’s brain. Yet again he scrutinizes handwritten note found at one combatant’s home:

“Icy blonde perfection,
Dark degeneracy,
Every sense in me
Shocked beyond redemption.”

Guilt and obsession saturate words but cop doesn’t know if Tanya Danielle penned note before or after her stunning melee with Prinzzess Felicity Jade. Has a crime been committed? Thus far no one can agree whether sexual component of wrestling match had happened spontaneously or resulted from premeditation. Once more cop pops DVD into player, labors to decide what charges, if any, Tanya Danielle should face.

Join Officer Smedley in viewing the footage which has scandalized an entire metropolitan police force..

I will probably release the video in mid-February, just in time for both the Ides of February and Valentine’s Day 😉

XO Tanya



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Free Memberships!


So much has happened.. my twin sister (above) passed away and I’ve been trying to make peace with it all. Just kidding. I have been unearthing a lot of long unseen images and videos though. As many of you have already noticed I am spending most of my time at OnlyFans.com/TanyaDanielle. This weekend I’d like to offer free trial memberships to anyone who signs up for an OnlyFans account using this link. Once you have signed up send your OnlyFans.com username to Jay at webmaster@tanyadanielle.com and he will grant you a week of access to the new feed.

Hope to see you there!

XO Tanya


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Caffeine Supreme

Door locked: no coffee, no donuts, no respite for road-weary travelers..


I have been subsisting on coffee. Somewhere on the cusp of Orange and Los Angeles Counties I pulled into a donut shop driveway only to find above sign taped to window (top pic.) You can see my reaction in second pic. Lately I’ve been throwing a few too many internal tantrums – think I hide it pretty well but I’ve had a number of “moments” in recent days, probably due to not sleeping quite enough. Thankfully, my friend Phil sent me this video today. It definitely improved my afternoon. Thanks, Phil!

This coming week looks very busy but I have prepared updates:

I do have lots of new material that I will post soon. Sorry I have fallen behind on blog comments – will catch up this week. Hope everyone is doing well on this Halloween eve!

XO Tanya

P.S. As I type these words workers at a nearby hotel are decorating a gigantic Christmas tree on the top floor of their parking garage. It’s not even November yet..



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Staying Cool

Long Beach, CA street art off Atlantic Blvd., possibly near Willow
Seasonal Surprise from “Summertime Rune”
Frosted in the Summertime

Good afternoon,

I awoke at midnight with the vague sense that something “big” was going to happen today. Nothing so far but I’m drinking lots of water, staying cool in current Los Angeles heat wave. Saw awesome street art (top pic) the other afternoon when I got off Metrolink train at random stop and went for a walk. Nudie shots come from soon-to-be-released Summertime Rune created in July 2016:

Summertime Rune

“I feel like I want Lisa more than she wants me.” you confess to Aunt Jillian. “We have fun when we’re together but sometimes she barely responds to my calls. Lately I’ve been acting more detached – just like she does – and it seems like we are drifting even further apart.” Aunt Jillian takes long pull from highball glass, responds bluntly: “If Lisa’s a female and you are playing ‘hard to get’ like a girl then nothing will ever work out.” Words stab your fragile heart like a spear. Without relinquishing beverage Aunt Jillian rises, selects thick tome from bookshelf, thumbs to specific page. “Make no mistake about it.” Jillian proclaims.”You need to go after what you want. Here’s a magical rune which works only on night of the strawberry moon. When you release dripping fluids mentioned in text you must simultaneously utter these exact phrases:

“Star-crossed June, full strawberry moon,

Cracked lightning arcs through midnight sky,

Oh, just have some fun – do or die!

Rich, dripping fluids usher in

Enchanting, entrancing July.. ”

Completely baffled, you sputter: “What’s a strawberry moon? What’s a rune? Cracked lightning? What kind of dripping fluid? Do or die??” Jillian regards you with sage 80-year-old eyes. “Do some research.” she says rather unhelpfully. “Your relationship will wither away unless you take dramatic action. A “rune” is a spell – if you implement details correctly Lisa will be your girl for life..”

In this post-surgery week I have become something of a lady of leisure but I am starting to snap out of it. Just posted Cyborg at my Diamond Club Members’ Area along with 40 other selections.  Join now to check them out Later today I will release Summertime Rune at TanyaTV.com and answer post comments. Hope everyone is having a great week so far!

XO Tanya



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Bedtime Stories


Tonight I return to 2017 (think I’ve posted enough old pics recently.) Shot above photos yesterday and spent all of today running errands. Huge thanks to Brad for the wonderful new book selections!! Picked up mail earlier and found myself touched yet again by your unerring instinct, thoughtfulness, and generosity. Very interestingly, (at least to me), I have read People Who Eat Darkness before although I didn’t immediately recognize the title. If memory serves it came into my life through an odd channel. Think I may have dreamt the words “people who eat darkness” Googled the phrase, and come across the book which I then ordered. Now it has returned to me again. Perhaps it has some significance that I will glean during the second perusal. Found book riveting the first time but could not figure out why I had encountered it in a dream. Incidentally, I received Hexagram 5 line 4 while reading People Who Eat Darkness in 2013 and, honestly, that freaked me out a bit. I began assessing new acquaintances more carefully. Thanks again for the reading material!

Very tired but will return tomorrow to answer new post comments and do video uploads, including a “dreamy” new selection called Bedtime Fable:

Good night!

XO Tanya



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Moon over Memory


Has anyone seen above pics before? An entire set of them exists – just came across it while looking for something else. They correspond to one of the lowest points of my life, December 31, 2008. Not sure if I ever posted the photos anywhere. One day after shooting them I resolved to consume alcohol only five days a week instead of seven. Honestly, the images look better than I remember. I vividly recall viewing my big fat moonface swollen by alcohol in January 2009 and feeling ashamed. Somehow that Dolly Parton hairstyle just made everything worse. Now I realize that self-loathing had distorted perception; photos don’t look much different from thousands of others I have taken over the years.

Lol.. went off on a tangent there. Tonight I had merely been intending to post a few nudie pics, promise to return this weekend, and go to bed. With no exaggeration I have probably shot over 40 videos this month and my body, independently of my brain, feels exhausted. Ides of May passed pleasantly at STJ’s ring yesterday with six (or was it seven?) other wrestlers and I had just enough time to add a new video appropriately entitled Ides of May to TanyaTV.com when I got home. Shooting continues this week but I intend to stay home all weekend after I finish, catch up on post comments, and relax.  Literally going to bed at 6pm this evening. Guess that says it all. Hope everyone is doing well!

XO Tanya


P.S. Wrath of Miss Kitty starring Goldie Blair and me is this week’s Video Deal of the Week!



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February Already?

Good evening,

I am getting caught up on everything. Earlier I picked up both my venerable T400 laptop and my mail. Huge thanks to generous soul who sent the lovely pink shawl, external hard drive, and Trailheads running hat from my Wish List. Muuuaaaahhhh!!!! So grateful. You made my day. No note accompanied the gifts so I don’t know who you are but I really appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Hope to answer e-mails and post comments tonight after late dinner. Just posted following updates:

Hard to believe that February has arrived! Onward and upward – I will keep the updates coming in accordance with 2017 resolution to get my biz running like a well-oiled machine 😉  Hope everyone is having a great week so far.

XO Tanya

P.S. Want to mention that I am really enjoying Seduction of the Innocent (thanks, Brad!) each night before bed and am right now wearing Ugg Christmas slippers. Day after day I treasure the wonderful gifts I receive and really do thank my lucky stars for the generous friends in my life.



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Good afternoon,

Just posted first gallery from Sextette at FantasyImageStore.com:


Parcel with six lines of text arrives in mail:

“Aventurine eyes sparkle gold,

Blink black fear, radiate

Survival tactics never told.

Extraordinary fate?

Noir destiny? Hype oversold?

Truth will haunt those who wait.. ”

After studying words doorman glances through accompanying photographs, stunned by their content. Each shot features lingerie-clad woman posing in suggestive manner, expression unreadable. Despite model’s heavy makeup, lack of clothing doorman immediately recognizes her as quiet, longtime resident of unit 206. Within weeks police have launched investigation into woman’s disappearance. Apartment 206, tidy and undisturbed, yields no clues. Years later neighbors still struggle with unsolved mystery. Did tenant vanish by choice or under duress? Each photo and every verse contained in now infamous package seems to offer a contrasting clue to her fate..

Also new this week:

XO Tanya



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Ghost of New Year’s Past









Good afternoon,

I greet you from home on a rainy Tuesday. Love the rain! As if to smite the words from my last post I just encountered a gallery of photos from 2009 entitled “New Year” and from all appearances I was celebrating something (presumably New Year’s Eve) and not at home. Pics above seem to trace a course from late at night until following morning. Presence of champagne with morning paper indicates some type of festive event. In all likelihood I had booked motel room for a shoot and then just stayed overnight to party with friends. I do see trademark Days Inn rising sun logo on paper cup in bottom pic. And clearly I spared no expense on that fine bottle of Korbel champagne 😉

Came across these shots whilst perusing a flash drive of content (thanks, Mikey!) from former TanyaDanielle.com Members’ Area.  Getting ready to launch new auctions so I was looking for footage corresponding to specific items of wardrobe in my closet. About to have lunch but will continue closet cleaning/organizing mission afterward. Hope everyone is having a great Tuesday!

XO Tanya



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Santa’s Helpers

12-16-13 092_pp

12-16-13 113_pp

12-16-13 089_pp

12-16-13 120_pp

12-16-13 203_pp

Good evening,

Photos above come from December 16, 2013 – two weeks after breast surgery and two days before foot surgery. Do I look a bit shell-shocked? I felt it. Mad rush to make as much money as possible lead me to start shooting too soon. Honestly, I had scrambled all year to cover portions of surgeries which insurance would not – dancing, shooting, dancing, shooting, dancing shooting – and just barely succeeded before I lost insurance policy at year’s end. As mentioned previously I came within days of losing my home in a foreclosure proceeding around this same time. I am forever grateful to Jet Strip nightclub for putting me on payroll, (almost unheard of in an era when 95% of dancers pay clubs for privilege of working), during this challenging era. I thought about sending club a “thank you” card later on but wondered if they would think I was a dork. The Jet Strip, their customers, friends who visited me there, STJ, and all of my valued custom video collectors really came through with a vengeance in 2013. Eternal gratitude and a million thank yous to all of you. May your generosity revisit you throughout the years.

Funny how those pics took me back. Tonight I had merely been planning to post a few Santa shots with brief commentary before going to bed. Photos revived 2013.. in reality, I should have been lying in a couch on December 16, 2013, recovering from first surgery and preparing for next one, but morbid fear haunted me: “What if I can’t work for months after double foot surgery? How will I pay my bills?” I wanted to keep shooting til the very end – so I did. Seems a little extreme now but it did give me peace of mind at the time. Still remember the last 3 customs I filmed on that day – thanks, Jerry, Mikey, and Chris!

Happy Holidays to everyone who has read this far. May all of you enjoy a great New Year’s Eve and much joy in 2016.

Oh, yes… almost forgot to provide a link to the video which prompted me to start writing tonight. Footage made me do a double take earlier – check this out.

XO Tanya




Whiskey Bottle and Classic Car


Blonde Dahlia 270_pp

tnBlonde Dahlia 615_pp

tnBlonde Dahlia 637_pp

Since October mysterious 1970 Plymouth Valiant has prowled my neighborhood, inspiring second text version of Blonde Dahlia. Several weeks ago I claimed parking spot next to Valiant. Following morning’s early shoot time would enable me to photograph vehicle when  no one (like car’s owner) would see me and wonder what I was doing. Shortly after sunrise I emerge from home to discover that Valiant has already departed, leaving solitary bottle of Jack Daniels in its wake. Discomfited, I load suitcases into car, hit road. As noted in post from November I have recently been listening to biography of Lynrd Skynrd. Maybe that explains why odd lyrics (mostly culled from Sknyrd’s That Smell) begin floating through my head:

Whiskey bottle and classic car

Smoke screen, you’re in the way

There’s too many schemes and too many scenes

Fear is welling up inside you

Ooooh that smell

Can’t you smell that smell

Ooooh that smell

Devil’s torment surrounds you

I motor on, driving into fog as memories spray windshield , drift over car. Sun rises behind cloud cover, wattage diminished by atmospheric conditions.

Misty morning and shining star

Choked scream, too much to say

There’s too much coke and too many jokes

Tears are welling up inside you

Ooooh that smell

Can’t you smell that smell

Ooooh that smell

Fermented death surrounds you

Car veers toward sidewalk, bounces off curb, parks. I pull out pad of paper, unsure if I want to remember strangely modified lyrics or not.

Angel of surcease is upon you,

Stuck a needle in your heart,

So take another toke, have a blow for your nose,

One more drink fool, will drown you..

Thoroughly rattled, I shut Pleather folio with defiance, as if I can escape verses just by expunging them onto paper. Words linger..

Much later – after work and after nightfall – I revisit Blonde Dahlia shoot. Original source material contains 789 unedited images, including those from same day filming of Black Magic Sexfight and POV Class A Blowjob. Inadvertently comedic aspect of some shots vanquishes dark clouds from my psyche. Below you see co-star Goldie giving her best male pornstar face, cumshot emitting from nozzle of plastic condiment bottle instead of dick, and condiment bottle resting in plain sight because we forgot to hide it.

Dahlia 421_pp

Dahlia 462_pp Dahlia 474_pp

Afterward Goldie and I change outfits, proceed with other business (Black Magic Sexfight):

Dahlia 003

Dahlia 004

Dahlia 014_pp_pp

Goldie departs and disgraced pageant queen Carrie Prejean shows up (POV Class A Blowjob):

Dahlia 728_pp

Blonde Dahlia 708_pp

Above photos (aside from whiskey bottle at top) reflect how I spent Monday, September 26, 2011.  No wonder I have occasional bouts of madness.. and hear peculiar tunes inside my head. Just think of all the videos I have produced over the decades – constantly changing outfits, characters, locations, etc. So far this week I have wrestled legendary Robin of LesFemmesFatales.com and am now preparing for a round of custom videos which feature very imaginative storylines. Tomorrow I shall return to post new photos and answer blog comments. Hope everyone is having a great week!

XO Tanya



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New World Order







Good morning,

I am ingesting caffeine, preparing for a fun week. Be careful at the office today:

New World Order

Meet the secretary who will destroy your life..

Iron control,

Bloodthirsty eyes,

Devastating sneer,

Ruthless thighs.

You blink, unsure how amazon goddess has escaped comic book, landed in your office. Starched white shirt conceals full, jiggling breasts but not for long. Relishing your discomfiture secretary slowly unbuttons blouse. “I control you.” she enunciates carefully, as if speaking to a very dim pupil. “From this moment forward you will stroke your cock to my beauty until I command that you ejaculate precisely on cue. Any deviation from protocol will result in total destruction of your manhood.” Silence descends, Earth wobbles, you unzip pants to new world order..

(Tanya Danielle stars in New World Order, a POV femdom experience featuring secretary fetish, dominatrix, lingerie, stilettos, striptease, full nudity, multiple countdowns to orgasm under threat of unspeakable doom.)

Now that I have put New World Order in effect I have to go run some errands. Next few days look busy but I will return as soon possible to answer blog comments and post more news. Hope everyone is having a pleasant Monday!

XO Tanya



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Shootout at the Easy 8







Good afternoon,

In this abbreviated holiday week I have  motored the streets of Los Angeles, crashed at budget accommodations, engaged in a gun battle, and faced awesome newbie wrestler Shia in the ring. Yesterday cameraman Jon White graciously allowed me to use his spare bedroom for several videos. His new kitten Isabelle is already preparing for her first Xmas:


Today I am running errands, picking up mail, unpacking suitcases. Either tonight or tomorrow I will answer blog comments and post some pics of my match with Shia. Hope everyone is having a great week, especially fellow Americans who are likely preparing for our annual Thanksgiving Day holiday.

XO Tanya



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Morning Neon



Good afternoon,

This morning I rose at 4am to move car from street cleaning zone, motored to donut shop, busied myself with work/coffee, glanced out window a short time later to discover that sun had already risen. Still haven’t adjusted to daylight savings time change. Nearby a neon bar sign blinked in hazy morning light. It looked a bit haunting so I photographed it from one angle before stepping around to the other side to get a different shot (top pics.) Either a timer or a live person extinguished neon bulbs just as camera clicked.

This week I continue my usual lifestyle of solo road trips/empty diners/cheap motels. Below pics come from November 1, 2015:



November12015 060_pp

November12015 059_pp

Will milf extraordinaire Tanya Hamilton recover from her latest troubles? Will desperate call for help go unanswered? Only The Shadow knows. Just kidding.. on the day before the shoot I stayed at a surprisingly pleasant 1960s-style motor court. You can see my long shadow holding trusty point-and-click camera because I don’t even know how to use the one on my phone. Think I was studying Mrs. Hamilton script at above diner before filming commenced. By the way, thanks again to the generous soul who sent me the gorgeous purple bra from my Wishlist. I love it!

November12015 187_pp

Yep, Mrs. Hamilton did indeed bounce back from recent hijinks. She will continue to traverse empty roads and snap pics of morning neon while the rest of the world sleeps 😉

Hope everyone is having a great Wednesday!

XO Tanya

P.S. Just discovered that Amazon has put audiobook version of Lynrd Skynrd bio on sale for $3.95. I’ll be listening to it today as I unpack from last shoot, pack for next one.


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Labor Day Trifecta



Aug302015 006_pp

Aug302015 142_pp

tnAug302015 163_pp

Good afternoon,

I greet you from home on this extended Labor Day holiday weekend. Since the end of August I have logged many road miles and filmed tons of footage (above pics taken on August 30.)  Today I finally had time to stock up on essentials at Petco and CVS Pharmacy and tomorrow I will start preparing for another round of upcoming videos.

On several occasions in the past I have noticed that Petco, CVS, and Denny’s all issue coupons which expire on the exact same day. Does one silent plutocracy control all three corporations? 😉 The Big 3 (as I like to think of them) do this frequently, not just on national holidays devoted to the working man. I recall a specific day in June – after two vigorous wrestling matches in hot sun with Prinzzess – that I felt compelled to capitalize on all three coupons before the stroke of midnight. This time I planned better: a friend and I dined at Denny’s on Saturday night and this morning I put the other two coupons to excellent use  – a true Labor Day weekend trifecta which saved me nearly $70 on food, daily supplies.

Prior to September 2008 I never really used coupons. Everything changed on that landmark month when the stock market plummeted, real estate values circled the drain, and the media was devoting endless coverage to bank failures around the world. No source has ever fully confirmed this but I have long suspected that banks have been restricting the availability of credit to the average working person ever since that time. My video sales plunged. Like every self-employed person I know I now work twice as hard to make about half the money I did before 9/2008. It has made me stronger, much more conscientious about my spending, and way more appreciative of my customers, career, and lifestyle.

How does Denny’s factor into this era of mindful frugality? Obviously I buy quadruped/personal supplies at Petco/CVS but I don’t really need to visit Denny’s. However, I have always gone to Denny’s and the historic diner with luminous yellow sign represents one of the only consistent features of my lifetime. Long ago I parted ways with my family and I do not have any contact with childhood or high school friends. The past simply vanished but Denny’s persists. From early family road trips (1970s) to late night study sessions (1980s) to sunrise breakfasts after 4am stripper shifts (early 1990s) to feature dancing highway stopovers (late 1990s) to anytime meals after video shoots (2000 til present) Denny’s has always greeted me with hot coffee and open arms. Some of them even have cocktail lounges.

Earlier this year I watched with truly morbid fascination as Walter White from Breaking Bad celebrated his 52nd year of life by taking advantage of Denny’s longstanding “free meal on your birthday” promotion. He sat there alone and played with his food. Honestly, the possibility of that particular scenario transpiring in my own life has long tormented me. I try to go to Denny’s with other people.

Tonight I shall sleep in my own bed and then rise early to answer blog comments. In a few days I will once again be fulfilling custom video requests and also meeting Kendra James for the very first time. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

XO Tanya



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