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Weekend in Vegas

(See more photos from Gilt City at Tanya’s Twitter feed.)


Gilt City

Alone in Las Vegas Mrs. Hamilton gazes at singular white orchid, only life stirring within garish bridal suite. View from 38th floor showcases long row of hotels, each offering slight variation on same neon/gilt motif. Drained and demoralized, Mrs. Hamilton tries to unlatch window, finds it bolted shut. Mysterious green bug saunters toward orchid as if mocking housewife’s sensibilities. “How did that insect gain entry when I can’t even open a window?” she cries aloud before pulling out leather-bound journal. Tears flow as ballpoint pen races across page:


My Weekend in Vegas

Creeping, crawling, calculating aphid

Instigates attack on blooming beauty,

Turns once pristine orchid into sordid

Yellow husk, systemically empty.


Brief journal entry reflects internal strife without providing incriminating evidence should anyone ever read it. Long weekend partying with 18-year-old lover has left Mrs. Hamilton feeling withered. Can she really justify risking marriage, social standing, reputation for fresh, young pussy? After several long, moments of tortured consideration homemaker’s mouth curves upward into a wicked smile..

Now we shall turn back the clock – download Gilt City to join Mrs. Hamilton on the very day she plans this fateful trip to Las Vegas, the day which changed her life.

Tanya Danielle stars as Mrs. Hamilton in Gilt City, a milfsploitation fantasy featuring older woman/younger woman theme, phone sex, finger fucking, anal masturbation, rollicking orgasm.



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Sexual Therapy


The admin area for my Clips4Sale store has gone down, temporarily inaccessible. I have an incorrect video description and title posted with my latest (vintage Mike Raffone era) video. Title should be “Sexual Therapy” and text should read:

You visit Dr. Danielle’s office hoping to revive your flagging interest in sex. She listens carefully to your symptoms, carefully scrutinizing every inch of your body with laserlike intensity. When you finish speaking she presents various pictures of attractive, semi-naked women. You offer little reaction and wonder if you have been watching too much porn for too long, thus desensitizing yourself. Dr. Danielle refutes this notion and pulls out some glossy nude photographs of herself. Your dick stirs visibly inside your pants. The doctor nods with satisfaction and begins playing erotic music. Slowly, seductively she peels off her sensible dress to reveal giant cans and a slim, toned physique. Now you have a raging hard-on. Dr. Danielle orders you to reveal your cock and start stroking it. Therapist and patient climax together. You feel a bit guilty about saturating her carpet with your sperm but she does not seem to mind. “Personalized entertainment.” she tells you. “You will retain full sexual function as long as you have access to personalized entertainment. Feel free to make an appointment anytime.. ” (Tanya Danielle stars in “Sex Therapy”, a masturbation encouragement video featuring highly skilled counselor, striptease, dancing, dirty talk, masturbation, and orgasm. Co-produced by CD.)

Will update tomorrow as soon as I can regain entry to admin area.

Good night!

XO Tanya



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