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The Watcher

The Watcher

Peculiar note appears on back doorstep of Hamilton residence:

“Only reason that I am holding back,
Priming for the moment, feeding on lack,
Is because I relish sweet perfection,
Need to execute flawless attack,
Earn eternal right to your affection.”
– The Watcher

Just awakened from nap in the sunlight Mrs. Hamilton crumples paper in her hand, presumes that it must have blown into her yard from neighbor’s property. Several blocks away, atop the tallest of three neighborhood hills, Jamal Jackson watches housewife through high-powered telescope. He knows that he should not have left Mrs. Hamilton a note but he could not resist establishing contact, especially after seeing her brand new red and white bikini. Soon Jamal will make his longstanding affection known, leaving no room for denial..

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Find out just who is watching who in The Watcher.

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Buxom Neighbor

Tanya stars as buxom neighbor in “Satan’s Fire”

Handwritten placard accompanies vial of combustible powder:

Satan’s Fire

Magnificent sensations surge,

Extreme emotion conquers ire,

Reluctance morphs to wild desire,

Gargantuan, unquestioned urge,

Elicited by Satan’s fire.

A bit hesitantly shopper inquires: “Is this.. an aphrodisiac powder?” Apothecary nods affirmatively, sells dose of substance for $750, cautions buyer to use  it wisely.

Wisely? What unmarried man uses potent aphrodisiac powder wisely? With hands in ten and two o’clock positions buyer drives slowly home, hoping against hope that he will soon expose buxom neighbor to a great deal more than just his new purchase..

Tanya Danielle stars as buxom neighbor in Satan’s Fire, a POV seduction fantasy featuring astonished prey, double image in mirror, magic dust, entrancement, overpowering lust, striptease, full nudity, indecent proposal.

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Good afternoon,

Do I look a bit glazed in above pics from December 22? Aside from fake cumshot I was already feeling effects of an uncommonly festive Christmas season. Generally I do little for holidays but lately I’ve been attempting to improve my social life. Think I went a tad too far. Put it this way.. on January 1 a friend and I embarked on a 30-day stint of sobriety. Only people with overtaxed livers bother doing stuff like that. After nearly two weeks I feel great, have discovered a lot more hours in each day.

Today, while editing photos for soon-to-be-released video Holi-glaze I gazed into desktop snow globe (same one featured in Magic Janet) and came up with this promotional text for Holi-glaze:

Transparent sphere contains lingerie-clad sylph getting doused with snow each time someone turns globe upside down. Man chuckles at novelty, reads accompanying placard:

“Month after month lone secretary dreams,
Year passes through spring, summer, liquid fall,
Soon Christmas vision shatters crystal ball.
Tis season for diabolical schemes,
Enchanted machinations, wild extremes,
Rich fantasy swirls like fast-building squall,
Yields hurricane force lust, delicious thrall
Punctuated by loud orgasmic screams.

Advancing maelstrom traces serpentine
Course over rapidly debauched terrain,
Kaboom! Splash! Landfall on pristine demesne!
Awake now, soaked like snow globe figurine,
Glazed secretary simply can’t explain
Exotic frosting from monsoon unseen.. ”

Slightly puzzled but mainly disinterested man turns from display to find collectibles dealer staring at him. “Very successful entrepreneur created snow globe, wrote magic spell in 1963.” dealer remarks. “Claimed he could seduce any female employee by placing globe on her desk.” Visitor nods politely at this questionable piece of trivia, prepares to leave store. “Sell it to you for $50. Bet you know a lovely lass whose heart you want to capture.” proprietor says with a wink. Feeling strangely obligated man buys item, presents impromptu purchase to to secretary as gag Christmas gift, promptly forgets all about it..

Looks like snow globe worked its magic on secretary:

Btw.. during shooting of Holi-glaze I told cameraman Jon White about a fellow whom I had recently met at a donut shop. Since I date so rarely (OK, never) I asked Jon for advice on whether I should text number man had given me. Jon encouraged me to do so. Shortly before New Year’s Eve man and I met for coffee. We enjoyed a nice conversation and stayed in phone contact. Throughout these days we never discussed anything of a sexual nature. On January 4 (just checked phone) he sent me a photo of his dick. In a subsequent message he bragged of his sexual prowess, suggesting that he might “ruin” me for any other man. I permitted myself one or two sarcastic responses before cutting off all contact. Have I turned into a prude? Do most women tolerate (enjoy?) unsolicited dick pics from relative strangers? Good grief. Suffice it to say that I’d rather stare into my snow globe and write sonnets than hang out with a misguided purveyor of poorly photographed penis (there was even a toilet seat in background of shot.)

Unsurprisingly, I will be staying home tonight. Plan to answer blog comments right after I complete a few updates. Hope everyone is having a great weekend 🙂

XO Tanya



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Slice of Cake?


I have blog comments to answer, scripts to read, shoots to schedule but – per 2017 New Year’s resolution – I will step away from computer at 6pm. Long ago a wise man told me: “If you have all day to do something then you will take all day to do it.” With that in mind I am now ending work days promptly at 6 to commence much-needed home repairs. Hopefully this new daily structure will make me more productive.

Today I accomplished the following:

Speaking of Tres Leches (named for a wonderful Latin cake) I finally removed shark, changed title, and came up with following text for this birthday celebration video:

Tres Leches
“Pink satin bow unwraps delicious dream,
Astonishingly succulent dessert
Swirled with thick layers of vanilla cream.

Top tier banana nearly splits at seam,
Exhibits preternatural growth spurt,
Loads nuts galore upon meringue extreme.

Ethereal lights flicker, candles gleam,
Rich icing penetrates to deep culvert
Inside enchanted birthday cake supreme..

Arriba! El tres leches misticos
Son ingredientes balísticos!”

“I.. I’m not sure I understand description for tres leches cake.” puzzled shopper says. “Perfect for birthday celebration.” proprietress responds. “Be sure to include a pink bow in presentation. I guarantee that events will unfold exactly as menu indicates.” Customer purchases mysterious delicacy, leaves pasteleria with imprecise expectations. Later that night – awash in milk and nuts with her honey – she utters silent prayer of thanks for powerful Latin aphrodisiac..

Stop by TanyaTV.com and have a slice of my Tres Leches cake! I shall return tomorrow. Hope everyone is well 🙂

XO Tanya



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Blue Iris Mountain



Blue Iris Mountain

Brazen outlaws lurk beneath escarpment,
Lavender horizon fills with ashes,
Ululating owls form parliament,
Eery beacons abound, lightning flashes.

Insolent scoundrels disregard warning,
Recklessly approach Blue Iris Mountain.
Iron bells repeal irenic morning,
Stir response from heavily armed townsmen.

Magic chieftain rides to pinnacle ridge,
Overlooks assemblage of invaders,
Unloads stunning cavalcade of carnage,
Nigrifying land with fresh cadavers.

Thunderous explosion rocks sierra,
Armoring terrain with rich escutcheon;
Iolite, blue iris form triquetra,
New heraldic symbol for brave chieftain .

Legend of Blue Iris Mountain inspires countless attempts but only three successful climbs to location of massacre. Each triumphant expedition verifies existence of gemstone/blue iris escutcheon on steep hillside. Gift from deities to chieftain, shield still prevents mere mortals from crossing summit of sacred Blue Iris. Brave chief has long since passed to holier land but one great, great, great granddaughter, Tanya Danielle, lingers in rough terrain at base of mountain. Blessed with same gunfighting skills as famous ancestor Tanya uses power for nefarious purpose. For how long will prodigal granddaughter elude forces of justice??

Tanya Danielle stars in supervillainess fantasy Blue Iris Mountain. Shot entirely in POV video features bare breasts, shameless self-worship, double image in mirror, thigh high boots, gloves, mask, belly chain, belly fetish, micro G-string, double-barreled duel, multiple knockouts..

Blue Iris Mountain coming soon to TanyaTV.com..



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Suburban Legend





Suburban Legend

“Lissome figure strolls dark hallways,
Enters skeleton key in lock,
Glides across dimensional maze,
Easily awakens black rock
Netherflesh volcano which sprays
Dripping, Dionysian shock.”

Crude, coded legend, handed down by generations of fathers, stuns chambermaid. “People really believe that the ghost of Hamilton House comes here to.. to.. ” maid struggles for words. “.. to obtain the seminal fluids of dark-skinned male guests??” Butler nods sagely , explains further. “A distinguished family, the Hamiltons, occupied this mansion long before it became a bed and breakfast inn. Matriarch Tanya Hamilton began an interracial love affair which destroyed marriage, family, social standing, and career. To this day Tanya’s ghost revisits the ancestral Hamilton home, condemned to endlessly repeat the same mistakes which ruined her life. Let me tell you how it all began.. “

Tanya Danielle stars as Mrs. Hamilton in Suburban Legend, a milfsploitation fantasy featuring multiple outfit changes, microbikini, interracial theme, rising tension, POV blowjob on dildo, facial cumshot. Download Suburban Legend at TanyaTV.com today.



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Siren Song




Siren Song

“Sea witch reclines on rocky knoll,
Innumerable casualties
Reside ten thousand leagues below
Exotic shapeshifting atoll.
Noir mist descends on Cyclades,
Surrounds mysterious tableau;
Oblique winds rage, deep waters roll,
New soul joins ranks of entities
Gone missing centuries ago.”

Gypsy’s words carry undeniable warning. Superstitious ramblings in seafaring towns rarely faze sailor but today eery question plagues mind: how had old gypsy known his intention of visiting Cyclades? Within space of one minute sailor ponders change in travel plans, abandons notion, scoffs at self for giving any credence to strange prophecy. Off in distance Aegean waters reflect stunning hues of crimson sunset..

Tanya Danielle stars as predatory sea witch in Siren Song, a POV femdom odyssey featuring lace gown, stiletto heels, striptease, masturbation instruction, multiple countdowns to potential doom. Buy Siren Song at TanyaTV.com.



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Sweet Valentine




Good evening,

Valentine’s Day 2016 continued this weekend when I drove to Venice and picked up my mail. Thank you soooo much, Don and Mikey, for the lovely gifts! You each have delighted me once again with your thoughtfulness and generosity. May good karma revisit you quickly, copiously, and unexpectedly. Muuuaaahhhh!!! Don, I will have you know that your pictogram portrait of a smiling cat warrants its own cartoon series  >^..^<

An item of a rather different nature also arrived at my mailbox. Evidently a fellow postal center customer is facing felony charges after an altercation with parking lot security. He sent a mass mailing to all box holders requesting testimony from anyone else who had endured a run-in with security staff. I e-mailed his attorney with my account of an odd episode which occurred in 2014:

.. I am writing in reference to Case # XXXXXXX. Yesterday I received a letter from “Mr. X”, fellow tenant at Marina Postal Center, 2554 Lincoln Blvd., Venice, CA 90291 where I have received my mail for the past twenty years. In his correspondence Mr. X requested that anyone who had experienced problems with security personnel working near Marina Postal Center premises in 2014 please contact you. In that same year I had visited a local business and then walked across the street to get my mail at Marina Postal Center. A man began bellowing at me as I passed through the parking lot behind the postal center. Confused as to why anyone would address me in such a disrespectful manner I simply kept walking. The man stepped into my path, several inches from my face, and refused to allow me to pass. He asked if I knew why he was stopping me. I had no idea. He ordered me to remove my car from the parking lot and informed me that he would have it towed away if I refused. Since I had arrived on foot I stared at him in disbelief, told him to go right ahead, and then stepped around him to continue into the postal center. I would describe the security guard as a large, muscular, dark-skinned black man, probably near 6 feet in height. Sorry I did not write sooner but I only pick up my mail 2-3 times a month and saw Mr. X’s letter for the first time yesterday evening. Please feel free to contact me if  can provide any help.

Although my story seems kind of underwhelming I decided to alert X’s attorney because security man really had a screw loose. On the day he confronted me I recall thinking: “This guy is going to end up in a lawsuit with someone.” Later I learned that he had threatened to taser another customer’s dog. After sending above e-mail I resumed work on upcoming release Brutal Jamal, an interracial milfsploitation fantasy starring none other than morally challenged Mrs. Hamilton. Someone would have needed to cue the porn music if Mrs. Hamilton had encountered that same security guard:


Lol.. no, life does not imitate art. I would not have given that guard the time of day, let alone a blowjob.

Anyways, going to try and post Brutal Jamal before I go to bed tonight. Will return in morning to answer post comments. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

XO Tanya



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Feast of Dick



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Good morning,

Getting ready to release new video inspired by longtime collector CD and crumbling architecture of LA:

Feast of Dick

“Ocean’s center,
Neptune’s nest,
Steely trident,
Dripping with death.. ”

Virtue receives cryptic message in wake of nephew Wonderboy’s mysterious disappearance. Night of tortured rumination leads superheroine to Ocean’s Center Building on Los Angeles coastline. Search of crumbling property proves futile. Virtue sinks to ground beneath statue of Neptune, allowing precipitation to bathe skin. Absence of rain clouds in sky prompts sudden, sickening realization. Bolting to feet crimefighter espies dripping object attached to Neptune’s trident, vaults thirty feet in air to retrieve blood-soaked paper. It reads:

“Prime steak,
Sausage on platter,
Tender loins,
Longer, thicker, fatter.”

Sinister import of words clutches at Virtue’s heart. “Prime, prime, prime..” she whispers urgently, trying to force vague memory into forefront of brain. Slowly, agonizingly she recalls mid-century restaurant, Prime’s Steakhouse, located just blocks from where she stands. Do Wonderboy’s captors intend to carve up his manhood, serve it for victuals?? Virtue will do anything to save Wonderboy. Thus commences stunning odyssey into very depths of sexual perversion..

(Tanya Danielle stars as Virtue in Feast of Dick, a shocking superheroine adventure which features transformation, thigh-high boots, V-string, forced striptease, taboo aunt-nephew storyline, masturbation, interracial component, double POV blowjob, catastrophic peril to superhero dynasty.)

Feast of Dick coming soon to TanyaTV.com..

XO Tanya



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New World Order







Good morning,

I am ingesting caffeine, preparing for a fun week. Be careful at the office today:

New World Order

Meet the secretary who will destroy your life..

Iron control,

Bloodthirsty eyes,

Devastating sneer,

Ruthless thighs.

You blink, unsure how amazon goddess has escaped comic book, landed in your office. Starched white shirt conceals full, jiggling breasts but not for long. Relishing your discomfiture secretary slowly unbuttons blouse. “I control you.” she enunciates carefully, as if speaking to a very dim pupil. “From this moment forward you will stroke your cock to my beauty until I command that you ejaculate precisely on cue. Any deviation from protocol will result in total destruction of your manhood.” Silence descends, Earth wobbles, you unzip pants to new world order..

(Tanya Danielle stars in New World Order, a POV femdom experience featuring secretary fetish, dominatrix, lingerie, stilettos, striptease, full nudity, multiple countdowns to orgasm under threat of unspeakable doom.)

Now that I have put New World Order in effect I have to go run some errands. Next few days look busy but I will return as soon possible to answer blog comments and post more news. Hope everyone is having a pleasant Monday!

XO Tanya



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Fire and Ice







Good evening,

On August 2 I shot new footage of milf extraordinaire Tanya Hamilton (pics above.) Five days later I had an IPL (intense pulsed light) treatment administered to my face, neck, and chest. I do this periodically to reduce the amount of freckling, sun damage on my skin. Normally I experience very little discomfort during the procedures but on this occasion I squirmed in distress and had to use mental energy transfer techniques. “Give back to the pain. Give back to the pain.” I kept telling myself silently. The technician, who had started on my chest, seemed rather alarmed. She toned down the settings on her equipment and stopped until I assured her that I felt fine. I smelled something akin to burning flesh in the air but told myself that I was imagining it. About ten minutes later the technician finished with my face and insisted that I take an ice pack with me as I departed.  Good thing she did. Clutching the ice to my chest I drove one-handed to my mailbox. Agitation – I refused to call it pain – radiated down to my toes. Breathing heavily and sweating I forced myself to keep running errands. If I abandoned the ice for more than a minute the sizzling sensation on my sternum became nearly intolerable. Finally, while visiting the bank, I could no longer deny the obvious: my ice was melting.

At Western and 168th I staggered into a bar and ordered Stoli on the rocks with a bag of ice. Too polite, street smart, worldly to ask questions the bartender very kindly complied. By an extremely peculiar coincidence a man materialized off the street, sat a few stools away from me, ordered a drink and a bag of ice. He downed a shot and then pressed Saran-wrapped ice cubes to his jaw. We probably looked like victims of the same brawl.

To make the long story short I ended up with a combination of first and second degree burns on my neck and chest. Naturally the medical spa which administered the treatment denies any wrongdoing. If you want to check out the burns I do have pictures but I suggest that you avoid looking at them if you get easily grossed out.

Things got worse before they got better – skin blistered, turned black, slowly peeled away. I used lots of homeopathic techniques like aloe vera and apple cider vinegar. Thankfully my décolletage has healed beautifully. Some discoloration (pink in hue) still remains but I did two days of shooting this past week and it did not represent a problem.

I think that life episodes happen for a reason. On this occasion I decided that the Universe was simply challenging me to practice acceptance. Although I could not shoot for about 10 days I maintained faith that the situation would resolve itself in the best way possible. Honestly, I avoided everyone I knew because inevitable comments like “You need to see a doctor” or “You need to see a lawyer” were not in harmony with how I was feeling. Aside from asking my neighbor to take some photos of my chest I did not tell anyone what had happened.

Fear not, Mrs. Hamilton shall ride again 😉


Hope everyone is having a great weekend. I will return in the morning to answer blog comments.

XO Tanya



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POV/GOP Spectacle

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povroomservice (99)

Good afternoon,

Several decades ago I got rid of my TV and never wanted it back. Only on extremely rare occasions do I desire to view any type of television programming. Tonight, however, I will be carrying a pizza upstairs to watch the Republican debates with my neighbor. Donald Trump, whatever you may think of him, has enlivened the GOP with his proclivity to basically do or say anything that he wants. I hope that he will prod the other presidential aspirants into revealing more than intended.

You may know that Donald Trump, in addition to his other business endeavors, owns the Miss USA pageant. Back in 2009 Donald canned reigning Miss California Carrie Prejean. Since that time Carrie (due to her blondeness, busty-ness, and total hypocrisy) has become a favorite target of custom video script writers.

Tonight – in honor of Donald Trump and the sideshow spectacle that he is creating – I present POV Room Service starring Carrie Prejean:

POV Room Service

Several years have passed since Carrie Prejean completed her brief reign as Miss California. She sits alone in a New York hotel suite, contemplates latest in string of failed auditions, knows that she badly needs to revitalize her career. Room service waiter arrives at door. On a whim Carrie fluffs hair, asks him if he recognizes her. Sensing Carrie’s desperate need for approval waiter indulges her with some perfunctory compliments before whipping out his huge cock and waving it around in slow, hypnotic circles. It seems to fill the room. Carrie can only stare in open-mouthed wonder at the biggest dick that she has ever seen in her life. He shoves it between her lips. Prior to this moment Carrie has never orally serviced anyone other than a pageant judge, but this young man’s desire makes her feel beautiful again. Relishing his obvious lust she enthusiastically sucks and strokes him until he stuns her by spraying a gigantic, nearly inhuman load of hot cum all over her shocked, protesting face..

Download POV Room Service at Clips4Sale.com.

XO Tanya



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may3015 210_pp

may3015 201_pp_pp

Good evening,

Hope everyone in the US had a pleasant 4th of July holiday. I donned patriotic attire and hit a few bars with a friend. Lower pic reminds me of how I felt the next morning when I caught sight of myself in the mirror whilst brushing my teeth. Have you ever done that? That inadvertent glimpse of bloodshot eyes, tangled hair, downturned mouth should be enough to dissuade me from ever drinking again but it never seems to work out that way 😉 Anyways, I have recovered and am now preparing for another shoot. Tomorrow evening I will catch up on blog comments and post more pics.

XO Tanya

P.S. Check out my 2014 Independence Day activities in POV Fireworks!



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Wet Blowjob


Spring Break Blowjob

Snow, hail, and hurricanes rock the continent. Somehow California retains its usual immunity to seasonal strife. Los Angeles college student Tanya Danielle decides to relax locally during spring break. Where else can she enjoy daily 73 degree temperatures without the burden of large insects and/or humidity? She stops by your house. You show her around the place and she asks to take a long, hot bath in your jacuzzi tub. Before you can respond she promises to give you a wet blowjob in exchange for the hospitality..

Tanya stars in Spring Break Blowjob, a bathtub/shower fantasy containing full nudity, wet body, wet hair, and POV blowjob. Now playing for a limited time inside the Diamond Club Members’ Area.



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Panhandle This


Good morning,

I was not intending to expand upon my last post about panhandlers but I came across this when I logged onto the Internet this morning. Crazy story. You may wonder why the infamous Sister Tanya appears in the pic above. A friend of mine gives money to every person who asks. I respect that but I have a different protocol. Some people just arouse my suspicion, especially when they stand outside large pharmacies or electronics stores dressed as religious figures. A lot of supposed nuns and pastors solicit donations in Los Angeles. Several years ago my friend and I were walking out of Fry’s Electronics in Manhattan Beach. A “priest” hit him up for a donation to the poor. My friend had no small bills or loose change on him. He looked at me expectantly and I shook my head. I could sense the mild disapproval in his demeanor as we strode to the car. “I have a nun outfit.” I commented as he started the engine. “I could stand out there and ask for money too. ” He smiled as he pulled out of the driveway. “Seriously..” I persisted. “I could stand out there and offer up some spiel about how I represent a mission in Honduras and need money for the children.. blah, blah, blah.. and then use all my ill-gotten gains to party with drugs and hookers.” The car stopped at a red light. “You would need to brush up on your Spanish.” he said, acknowledging my point without proffering any validation for my mindset.

Like everyone who lives in a big city I encounter panhandlers all the time. I do have empathy for people in need but yet I don’t hand cash to everyone who asks, only some of them. Often I feel like I should do more to help others. It’s a thorny subject.

Seriousness aside, Sister Tanya never panhandles. She performs a valuable service to her community, as demonstrated in the pic above (from Taste of Satan.) Is this post in poor taste (pun intended)? Probably so. Somehow my fingers just keep typing..

XO Tanya



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