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Good afternoon,

We live in crazy times. Even Captain James T. Kirk (transformed by gender bender cannon) finds himself challenged. Just added Star Trek Star Cross 2 starring Prinzzess Felicity Jade and myself to TanyaTV.com:

Star Trek Star Cross – Part 2

“Tall, blonde Amazon confounds perception,
Haughty eyes bespeak superior race,
Radically engineered conception.

Uberhuman creature radiates grace,
Scientifically honed deception,
Toxic subterfuge beneath red hot glace.”

Message on communicator confuses rather than enlightens Captain James T. Kirk. Alone on mission he can make no sense of puzzling words. Someone is attempting to warn him about… a blonde Amazon? A genetically engineered threat? Sublime trickery? Red hot ice?? Sudden noise returns Kirk to present moment. Instantly on guard captain brandishes phaser, comes face to face with towering blonde Amazon, watches in astonishment as beguiling beauty’s scarlet space suit liquefies into lethal concoction of red hot ice..

(Prinzzess Felicity Jade and Tanya Danielle star in Star Trek Star Cross 2, a sci-fi adventure featuring transgender supervillain, compulsory masturbation, lesbian domination, forced blowjob on dildo, simulated sex, orgasm, crushing subjugation of Captain James T. Kirk. Co-produced by MK.)

Think Prinzzess may have been a sex-crazed alien in a former life. She brings remarkable passion to her role ūüėČ

In other news:

Hope everyone is having a great Thursday! I should have time to answer post comments tomorrow.

XO Tanya



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Garden of Melon







gardenofmelon (91)

gardenofmelon (111)

gardenofmelon (133)

gardenofmelon (149)

Mrs. Hamilton instructs English students to compose envelope quintets on subject of choosing. Amongst completed assignments appears this submission from Prinzzess Felicity Jade:

Garden of Melon

Casaba, honeydew, papaya, quince –
Rich, fruity horticultural reserves
Used for speed bags, drills, target practice thence
Smashed into jam, pie filling, sweet preserves.
Heed warning, Temptress, hide your succulence!

Disconcerted by words Mrs. Hamilton unconsciously raises hand to cleavage, wonders if Prinzzess might be leveling some type of threat. Admittedly English teacher has used large breasts to seduce numerous 18-year-old male pupils but Prinzzess can’t know that, can she? Dismissing notion educator slashes red “C-” across page, returns it to Prinzzess the following morning. Several hours later classroom door flies open to reveal pair of stunningly feral, catlike eyes. “Stay away from my boyfriend.” Prinzzess hisses ferociously, clouds of yellow fire emitting from hazel irises. “Or I will smash your huge tits into oblivion!!” Naturally Mrs. Hamilton will brook no such disrespect from a mere student..

Prinzzess Felicity Jade and Tanya Danielle star in Garden of Melon, a brutal topless catfight which pits hot teacher against nubile student. Punching, choking, breast mauling, nipple torture, wedgies, crotch grabbing, stomping, decisive KO ensue. Download Garden of Melon at TanyaTV.com.



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One Person Traveling







Good afternoon,

I have embarked on another round of shooting. Pics above come from yesterday’s shoot with Prinzzess.¬†Needless to say,¬†our match got pretty down and dirty ūüėČ My travels continue this week as I¬†create more videos. Often I stay in motels because I have a phobia of driving on the freeway and happen to reside in one of the furthest corners of Los Angeles County. Sometimes I get lonely in budget accommodations and 24-hour diners but I stay busy studying scripts (2nd pic from top) and snapping photos of roadside attractions.

Hope everyone is doing well. I will return¬†tomorrow or Thursday¬†to answer blog comments and post more photos. Right now I’m feeling a little¬†worn out¬†and think I can use a cocktail..


XO Tanya

P.S. Full Hunter’s Moon will be lighting up the sky tonight.



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Memories of Santana






CatfightBlogger asked me to write a few more words about wrestler¬†Santana who died tragically on October 11, 2015. Throughout her career¬†Santana performed under numerous monikers, including her legal name, Tina. I first met Tina in 2000¬†at a shoot for DTWrestling.com. She took fitness seriously, studied martial arts,¬†and kept herself in top physical shape. Like most women of the era who worked in the¬†erotic catfight realm – Francesca Le, Stacy Burke, Christine Dupree, Jewell Marceau, Shannan Leigh, Hollywood, myself, others¬†–¬†Tina had an excellent grasp on reality and fully comprehended the¬†fantasy nature of the videos that we were creating. She¬†tortured her victims with savage¬†vengeance when a script called for her to win a match and suffered in abject humiliation when scripted to lose. As evidenced by pics above (courtesy of femfight producer¬†STJ) Tina played both roles,¬†victor and¬†jobber,¬†to the hilt.

Maybe around 2004 or so Tina seemed to vanish¬†from the scene. A few years later I did too. Did we have the same reason? I can only speculate.¬†Within this time frame I was having problems with performers¬†who¬†took themselves very seriously and apparently could not comprehend that winning or losing a scripted match did not constitute any type of real victory or loss. Those words seem so remedial as I type them but I just don’t know how to explain the situation in any other way. I¬†started producing my own videos so I could avoid working with people who lived in self-created worlds of delusion. Presumably Tina¬†was¬†pursuing other types of endeavors¬†but I will never know what path she took out of the catfight industry or why she chose to leave.

After a long hiatus Tina resurfaced maybe a year or so ago. STJ scheduled us for an October 21, 2015 match. I was very much looking forward to seeing her again. Just checked my cellphone and realized that STJ and I were exchanging text messages about the upcoming shoot just hours after Tina’s death. Of course we had not yet heard of her passing. Local news sources later reported that Tina had argued with her boyfriend and then gone to take a shower where¬†the boyfriend¬†had shot and killed her before committing suicide.¬†A roommate had phoned police immediately after hearing the first shot.

Tina¬†and I both lived for many years in the same general area of Los Angeles. Other¬†than our shoots¬†for DTWrestling.com she and I had only spent time together when I visited her at The Castle in Manhattan Beach where she used to bartend. I will always remember Tina as a raven-haired beauty with a no-nonsense¬†demeanor and tremendous charisma.¬†She touched many friends and fans with her regal grace and radiant personality. I hope that¬†Tina’s three children and one grandchild will eventually find peace in the aftermath of her heartbreaking, untimely passing.

XO Tanya



Labor Day Trifecta



Aug302015 006_pp

Aug302015 142_pp

tnAug302015 163_pp

Good afternoon,

I greet you from home on this extended Labor Day holiday weekend. Since the end of August I have logged many road miles and filmed tons of footage (above pics taken on August 30.)  Today I finally had time to stock up on essentials at Petco and CVS Pharmacy and tomorrow I will start preparing for another round of upcoming videos.

On several occasions in the past I have noticed that Petco, CVS, and Denny’s all issue coupons which expire on the exact same day. Does one silent plutocracy control all three corporations? ūüėČ The Big 3 (as I like to think of them)¬†do this frequently, not just on national holidays devoted to the working man. I recall a specific day in June – after two vigorous wrestling matches in hot sun with Prinzzess – that I felt compelled to capitalize on all three coupons before the stroke of midnight. This time I planned better: a friend and I dined at¬†Denny’s on Saturday night and¬†this morning¬†I¬†put the other two coupons¬†to excellent use¬†¬†– a true Labor Day weekend trifecta which saved me nearly $70 on food, daily supplies.

Prior to September 2008 I never really used coupons. Everything changed on that landmark month when the stock market plummeted, real estate values circled the drain, and the media was devoting endless coverage to bank failures around the world. No source has ever fully confirmed this but I have long suspected that banks have been restricting the availability of credit to the average working person ever since that time. My video sales plunged. Like every self-employed person I know I now work twice as hard to make about half the money I did before 9/2008. It has made me stronger, much more conscientious about my spending, and way more appreciative of my customers, career, and lifestyle.

How does Denny’s factor into this era of mindful frugality? Obviously I buy quadruped/personal supplies at Petco/CVS but I don’t really need to¬†visit Denny’s. However, I have always gone to Denny’s and the historic diner with luminous yellow sign represents one of the only consistent features of my lifetime. Long ago I parted ways with my family and¬†I do not have¬†any contact with childhood or high school¬†friends. The past simply vanished but Denny’s persists. From early family road trips (1970s) to late night study sessions (1980s) to¬†sunrise breakfasts¬†after 4am stripper¬†shifts (early 1990s) to feature dancing¬†highway stopovers¬†(late 1990s) to anytime meals after video shoots (2000 til present) Denny’s has always greeted me with hot coffee and open arms. Some of them even have cocktail lounges.

Earlier this year I watched with truly morbid fascination as Walter White from Breaking Bad celebrated his 52nd¬†year of life¬†by taking advantage of Denny’s longstanding “free meal on your birthday” promotion. He sat there alone and played with his food. Honestly, the possibility of¬†that particular scenario transpiring in my own life has long tormented me. I try to go to Denny’s¬†with other people.

Tonight I shall sleep in my own bed and then rise early to answer blog comments. In a few days I will once again be fulfilling custom video requests and also meeting Kendra James for the very first time. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

XO Tanya



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Francesca Felucci




I had heard of Francesca Felucci but never, to my recollection, seen her photos before today. In the box cover above (top pic) she looks a bit like a cross between Prinzzess and Mercedes Ashley, two of my favorite models. Francesca has some beautiful galleries at her Official Site (bottom two pics), including many gym-themed scenarios.¬†I like Francesca’s words from her Hotmovies.com Star Page:

“I think it is important to take care of your body. So I work out to stay healthy and keep in shape. I need to keep my power because I like to have wild sex.”

Click here for sizzling XXX clips of Francesca from Milf Squirters.

XO Tanya



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Blonde On Blonde







Stopped by STJ’s place earlier today to pick up some content. Prinzzess Felicity Jade and Georgia Jones were preparing for a shoot. Both looked smashing as usual. STJ gave me photos and video from my December 6 confrontation with Tara Morgan (pics above.) Video of the Tara match will be coming to TanyaTV.com soon!

XO Tanya



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Was just editing some photos from Twisted Bitch starring Prinzzess Felicity Jade and myself when I encountered a pic which immediately reminded me¬† of musician Beck’s 1996 album cover for Odelay. I was dancing in Reading, Pennsylvania when that album came out. For the record, I think Prinzzess is one of the most beautiful and talented adult actresses to emerge in many, many years. And I love her hair. There was just something in the ferocity of her body language combined with the flying hair that instantly made me think: Odelay!

XO Tanya



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Working Holiday





Good morning,

Have you recovered from the L-tryptophan? Hope all US residents had a nice Thanksgiving. I had intended to go to Vegas but that did not happen. Instead I unpacked from my last two shoots and prepared for the next one. Great day to do laundry because no one else was. Fetish models do a LOT of laundry. I live in a building from the 1920s that lacks washer/dryer hookups inside each unit so I stash quarters on top of my refrigerator and head to the communal facilities before and after each shoot. I try to time it so my neighbors don’t see me folding my superheroine cape and air-drying an endless array of neon bikinis. After November 15 no one believes that you are still washing your last Halloween costume ūüėČ

Yesterday I added new videos to TanyaTV.com, my Clips4Sale store, and my Diamond Club Members’ Area. This morning I am working on Twisted Bitch, a January 2013 wrestling match featuring Prinzzess vs. me (see above pics.) I have taken a lot of pain in my life. Glad it’s well-documented and I have not suffered silently. Love the way Prinzzess is just sorta casually strolling away in that bottom shot. Twisted Bitch is coming to TanyaTV.com soon.

Have a great Friday!

XO Tanya



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Twisted Bitch




Good afternoon (where did the morning go?),

I am embarking upon yet another massive undertaking. Fresh off the heels of Blonde Probability, (1200 photos and a video of stunning brutality), I am now ensconced in at least 1200 more photos and another violent video from January 2013 which features Prinzzess and me locked in a vicious battle for dominance. Think I will entitle the footage Twisted Bitch to commemorate something truly creepy that Prinzzess says at the beginning of the match.

In terms of costars I suspect that Prinzzess may well end up joining the ranks of Francesca Le, Jewell Marceau, and Goldie in terms of the women with whom I have been paired up most often, especially in wrestling. Only time will tell..  She is awesome. For a Prinzzess fix now I highly recommend All in the Family and the recently released Wicked Beauty.

XO Tanya



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Goldie vs. Prinzzess


september2012 158_pp_pp

Check this out! Top pic features a magazine cover of Goldie and me from my current auction of memorabilia. Bottom pic is from the awesome sexfight video All in the Family in which Prinzzess plays my daughter’s best friend. I can see why the HotMovies.com editors got confused.

By the way, my current auction is ending in 5 hours. You will not find that magazine (or any of the other exclusive items) anyplace else!

XO Tanya



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goldie_4 009

goldie_3 038

Good morning,

I noticed something funny the other day. Internet giant¬†HotMovies.com has placed a photo of¬†¬†Prinzzess¬†(top pic) on Goldie Blair’s profile page. In person¬†these two particular hot babes do not share much of a resemblance, especially now that Goldie has dark hair. The two lower pics (see above) come from my Blonde Lovefest videos which are currently¬†playing for a limited time inside my Diamond Club Membership Area. I think the basis for the HotMovies.com editor’s confusion stems from the ladies’¬†hairstyles. ¬†Prinzzess’¬†curly locks¬†look very similar to ¬†those sported by Goldie during the¬†blonde era of Goldie’s career.

XO Tanya



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Wicked Beauty

wickedbeauty (1)

wickedbeauty (2)

Wicked Beauty

Slim, blonde, seductive Kelli (played by Prinzzess) revels in beauty and wickedness. Bored with easy sexual prey she sets her sights on the strictest nun at her Catholic academy, Sister Tanya. Brilliant but subtle maneuvering lands Kelli inside Sister Tanya’s private quarters. The two females face each other across a table, speaking pleasantly until Kelli introduces a heretical notion into the conversation. Sister Tanya wraps her right hand around an omnipresent ruler. Kelli erupts with laughter and punches the nun in the face. “I am going to teach you how to worship.” student informs educator. “Only submissive women become nuns.. they just haven’t yet figured out who they should be serving.”

Prinzzess Felicity Jade and Tanya Danielle star in Wicked Beauty, a topless sexfight video featuring lesbian domination, wrestling, punching, spitting, breast clawing, spanking, vigorous tribbing, ass kissing, and forced orgasm. Wicked Beauty is now playing at the TanyaDanielle.com VOD store! (Co-produced by RB.)



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