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Ides of March – Epic Day?


Exactly one year ago  today I was outside Jack in the Box, staring into night sky, writing Black Forest as I waited for sun to rise. World had become increasingly unfathomable and I felt lost in something akin to a black forest. This year I greet Ides of March with a bit of anticipation. Some of my favorite YouTube prognosticators (David Stockman and James Perloff foremost among them) are predicting financial chaos on this day. Upheaval can often lead to beneficial reform and US markets seem to need it.

Once again this morning – just like last year -I sat in drive-thru parking lot (Taco Bell this time) sipping coffee and gazing into darkness. Yet one more time I found message in night sky:

Ides of March

Mosaic pieces drift like ghosts,

Align themselves on seven coasts,

Rise higher than imposing larch,

Convey words from eternal hosts:

“Hear ye! Beware the Ides of March!”

Not sure if March 15, 2017 will go down in history or not but I did notice another message on my coffee cup when I returned home:

Epic Day

Didn’t get the angle quite right but full text on Taco Bell coffee cup reads “Let this Epic Day Begin”. Lol.. I feel ready for an epic day. Have lots of shoots coming up with assorted costars such as Christine Dupree, Alix Lynx, and Saharra Huxly. Contact Jay at webmaster@tanyadanielle.com for info on ordering your own custom video.

Oh, yes.. couldn’t very well do a post without adding a few nudie pics. Top photos feature Donna Von Cornelius (hapless secretary from soon-to-be-released True Detective video) who evidently did not receive warning about Ides of March danger 😉

Hope everyone is having a great Wednesday. I will return to answer post comments within the next few days.

XO Tanya



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Last night, while preparing for upcoming round of shooting, my ThinkPad T400 computer (dates back to Bush administration) froze. I have a LOT of stuff stored in that computer and spent much of today trying to fix it. Probably everyone has experienced similar frustration at one time or another. Finally I left computer on desk, headed outside, wandered to donut shop. Eager for distraction my mind floated back to great poster I saw at gas station last week (top pic.) I have literally never smoked a cigarette but for some reason that morbid image makes me want to light one up.


Compelling visual popped into my head as I sipped coffee: supervillainess character (kinda like Madeleine in second pic from top) ripping off signature black glove to reveal gory, festering remnants of once vibrant hand. Suitably inspired I began writing promo text for upcoming Madeline video tentatively entitled Half-breed:



In response to query gypsy utters mystifying quintilla:


“Behind articulated sheath
Raw, bloody fingers of death squirm,
Entwine, entangle, reconfirm
Each bullet prised from underneath
Decaying heart suffused with worm.. “


Madeleine replays words over and over inside mind. “Articulated sheath?” she finally says aloud. “Articulated sheath..   articulated sheath..   could that refer to..    a glove?” Again she reviews strange gypsy poem. Descended from one mortal and one superhuman parent Madeleine respects esoteric knowledge but often struggles to translate gypsy’s proclamations. Assembled search party has grown impatient with Madeleine’s confusion. “Maybe your half-breed intuition ain’t working today.” one of them says sarcastically. Pivoting sharply on high-heeled boot Madeleine announces definitively: “Fallen gunfighter has hidden silver bullets inside her black gloves. She pried shells from still-beating heart while she lay dying. Now we must locate her decomposed corpse. Those bullets are my legacy..”


Ooohh.. there are sooo many forbidden words in that text. Payment processors expressly prohibit distributors/producers from using words like “blood”, “bullet”, “gun”, “dying”, “corpse”, etc. when promoting adult material even if none of those elements appear in footage (which they don’t.) I will have to revise paragraphs but composing them did take my mind off computer probs today. Hope everyone is having a great Wednesday! Tomorrow I will return to answer blog comments.


XO Tanya



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