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Conjunction Junction




Good evening,

Just returned from a 24-hour jaunt to Ontario, California – a location far enough away to warrant booking a motel room. Friends kindly picked me up yesterday around noon. We slowly progressed to our destination, stopping at bars and restaurants along the way. Another pal was expecting us between 5 and 6pm that evening. At one point, in the midst of nachos and beer, I  inquired about the time. “It’s maybe 4 o’clock or so.” someone answered. I glanced through  a window and said: “But it’s dark outside and Monday Night Football has already started.” Everyone present simultaneously froze. We bagged up food, paid bill, stopped at a liquor store to buy a peace offering for host who had been expecting us for over an hour. Upon arrival at his house festivities quickly resumed. Late in the night host and I commenced a game of Scrabble. We were playing for blood and no one else wanted to participate. Ultimately I suffered a 229-230 loss. During the game such unlikely words as “quiz” and “weariest” emerged. Anyone familiar with Scrabble knows the improbability of building an 8-letter entry on the board or of fitting both “q” and “z” into one play. That game will linger in my memory forever. Afterward a friend drove me to my motel. “I really don’t feel good about leaving you here.” he commented as we peered into the frigid blackness surrounding Knights Inn Ontario. “Don’t worry, I’ve stayed in way worse neighborhoods than this.” I reassured him. He insisted that I take his knife (third pic from top) and then waved goodbye as I accessed my room on the second floor. Only after he left did I realize that the entryway had no lock. Not kidding. It sported one of those chains which enable you to partially crack open the door and look outside but the actual deadbolt did not work. Dark comedy continued when every hour upon the hour huge locomotive trains blew their horns as they passed through town. This morning I learned that an uncontrolled intersection of railroad tracks/roadway lies just a few hundred feet behind the motel, thus obligating train engineers to blast a warning signal when making their approach.

All in all I had a great mini-vacation even though I didn’t sleep much. Below shot captures my reaction when I saw final Scrabble tally in my friend’s living room:

June52015 009_pp

I have already demanded a rematch. (Pic actually comes from upcoming video entitled Twisted Demon.) Hope everyone is enjoying the first days of December. I shall resurface here in the morning after some needed rest in my own bed 😉

XO Tanya


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November12015 023_pp

November12015 195_pp


In the early hours of this morning I rolled home on fumes, too tired to stop for gas. Parking deities blessed me with a spot close to my building and I got all gear upstairs in just two hauls. Recent theft deters me from leaving suitcases in my car anymore. Exhausted, I lay down in bed and watched the ceiling fan spin until it became apparent that I could not sleep. Why does that happen? I pulled on jeans, Uggs (thanks, Bob!) and headed to a donut shop after fueling my car. 14 hours later I am still buzzing with caffeine/overtiredness/delirium from recent round of shooting, diner food, cheap lodging, and even cheaper cocktails. Above pics capture the grandeur 😉 Tomorrow I will post footage from yesterday’s wrestling match with Goldie Blair and possibly some shots I did in the ring with wrestler Jackson.

It feels like time for a long, hot shower and peaceful night of rest in my own bed. I shall return in the morning to answer blog comments. Hope everyone is already enjoying the weekend!

XO Tanya



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Labor Day Trifecta



Aug302015 006_pp

Aug302015 142_pp

tnAug302015 163_pp

Good afternoon,

I greet you from home on this extended Labor Day holiday weekend. Since the end of August I have logged many road miles and filmed tons of footage (above pics taken on August 30.)  Today I finally had time to stock up on essentials at Petco and CVS Pharmacy and tomorrow I will start preparing for another round of upcoming videos.

On several occasions in the past I have noticed that Petco, CVS, and Denny’s all issue coupons which expire on the exact same day. Does one silent plutocracy control all three corporations? 😉 The Big 3 (as I like to think of them) do this frequently, not just on national holidays devoted to the working man. I recall a specific day in June – after two vigorous wrestling matches in hot sun with Prinzzess – that I felt compelled to capitalize on all three coupons before the stroke of midnight. This time I planned better: a friend and I dined at Denny’s on Saturday night and this morning I put the other two coupons to excellent use  – a true Labor Day weekend trifecta which saved me nearly $70 on food, daily supplies.

Prior to September 2008 I never really used coupons. Everything changed on that landmark month when the stock market plummeted, real estate values circled the drain, and the media was devoting endless coverage to bank failures around the world. No source has ever fully confirmed this but I have long suspected that banks have been restricting the availability of credit to the average working person ever since that time. My video sales plunged. Like every self-employed person I know I now work twice as hard to make about half the money I did before 9/2008. It has made me stronger, much more conscientious about my spending, and way more appreciative of my customers, career, and lifestyle.

How does Denny’s factor into this era of mindful frugality? Obviously I buy quadruped/personal supplies at Petco/CVS but I don’t really need to visit Denny’s. However, I have always gone to Denny’s and the historic diner with luminous yellow sign represents one of the only consistent features of my lifetime. Long ago I parted ways with my family and I do not have any contact with childhood or high school friends. The past simply vanished but Denny’s persists. From early family road trips (1970s) to late night study sessions (1980s) to sunrise breakfasts after 4am stripper shifts (early 1990s) to feature dancing highway stopovers (late 1990s) to anytime meals after video shoots (2000 til present) Denny’s has always greeted me with hot coffee and open arms. Some of them even have cocktail lounges.

Earlier this year I watched with truly morbid fascination as Walter White from Breaking Bad celebrated his 52nd year of life by taking advantage of Denny’s longstanding “free meal on your birthday” promotion. He sat there alone and played with his food. Honestly, the possibility of that particular scenario transpiring in my own life has long tormented me. I try to go to Denny’s with other people.

Tonight I shall sleep in my own bed and then rise early to answer blog comments. In a few days I will once again be fulfilling custom video requests and also meeting Kendra James for the very first time. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

XO Tanya



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