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Memories of Santana






CatfightBlogger asked me to write a few more words about wrestler Santana who died tragically on October 11, 2015. Throughout her career Santana performed under numerous monikers, including her legal name, Tina. I first met Tina in 2000 at a shoot for DTWrestling.com. She took fitness seriously, studied martial arts, and kept herself in top physical shape. Like most women of the era who worked in the erotic catfight realm – Francesca Le, Stacy Burke, Christine Dupree, Jewell Marceau, Shannan Leigh, Hollywood, myself, others – Tina had an excellent grasp on reality and fully comprehended the fantasy nature of the videos that we were creating. She tortured her victims with savage vengeance when a script called for her to win a match and suffered in abject humiliation when scripted to lose. As evidenced by pics above (courtesy of femfight producer STJ) Tina played both roles, victor and jobber, to the hilt.

Maybe around 2004 or so Tina seemed to vanish from the scene. A few years later I did too. Did we have the same reason? I can only speculate. Within this time frame I was having problems with performers who took themselves very seriously and apparently could not comprehend that winning or losing a scripted match did not constitute any type of real victory or loss. Those words seem so remedial as I type them but I just don’t know how to explain the situation in any other way. I started producing my own videos so I could avoid working with people who lived in self-created worlds of delusion. Presumably Tina was pursuing other types of endeavors but I will never know what path she took out of the catfight industry or why she chose to leave.

After a long hiatus Tina resurfaced maybe a year or so ago. STJ scheduled us for an October 21, 2015 match. I was very much looking forward to seeing her again. Just checked my cellphone and realized that STJ and I were exchanging text messages about the upcoming shoot just hours after Tina’s death. Of course we had not yet heard of her passing. Local news sources later reported that Tina had argued with her boyfriend and then gone to take a shower where the boyfriend had shot and killed her before committing suicide. A roommate had phoned police immediately after hearing the first shot.

Tina and I both lived for many years in the same general area of Los Angeles. Other than our shoots for DTWrestling.com she and I had only spent time together when I visited her at The Castle in Manhattan Beach where she used to bartend. I will always remember Tina as a raven-haired beauty with a no-nonsense demeanor and tremendous charisma. She touched many friends and fans with her regal grace and radiant personality. I hope that Tina’s three children and one grandchild will eventually find peace in the aftermath of her heartbreaking, untimely passing.

XO Tanya



Am I Overreacting?



Remember this guy? He demanded a refund because I exposed Francesca Le’s breasts during a custom wrestling match. The individual in question is not one of “my” customers. He books me for videos through ringmaster/cameraman STJ so I have no direct contact with him.  Over three weeks ago he ordered a custom match of Santana and me. We scheduled the shoot for January 27. Evidently there is a 40% chance of rain on that date so STJ, who has an outdoor ring, asked me to provide some alternate dates. I did so. Earlier today he asked if we could move the shoot to this Sunday. Someone is coming to help me with home repairs on Sunday. In order to change the appointment I will have to pay the contractor $75. I told STJ that I will only shoot this Sunday if I receive an additional $75 as reimbursement for that fee. The customer who booked the match replaced me with a different model. STJ assured me that the customer will use me for other projects in the future. I told STJ that I have no interest in shooting for this customer ever again. Am I overreacting? (Above pics come from one of the many matches that Nicole Oring and I shot for the same man.)

XO Tanya



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