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Tis The Season

Good evening,

As you can see I’m lacing up my boots, getting stretched out, preparing for holidays. Just posted a bunch of updates:

Hope everyone is having a great Tuesday! I am going to turn on an audiobook and begin sanding kitchen cabinets. Getting a jump start on 2017 New Year’s resolution to fix my place up..

XO Tanya



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Dark Sky Dawning














Dawn breaks over wasted city,
Altered landscape, withered roses.
Radiant sunlight exposes
Knight errant, devoid of pity,
Searching rubble which encloses
Kingdom’s devastated palace,
Yesterday’s aforethought malice.
Dulled by arrogance knight closes
Arduous quest for Queen’s chalice,
Wrecks surviving architecture,
Navigates out of prefecture
Into region far less callous.
Next year brings sublime emergence:
Goblet raised, Queen toasts resurgence.


Tanya awakens, recalls odd dream with stunning clarity: dark knight, wasted kingdom warned of defilement and, most disconcertingly, she had recognized herself as beaten but resurgent Queen. Always mindful of omens Tanya knows that she should brace for a challenge, possibly an ignominious defeat looming in near future. “Not today though.” blonde catfighter thinks dismissively. “That newbie – what was her name? – has no chance against me in the ring.” Mere hours later exotic upstart Shia traps Tanya in excruciating camel clutch, giving champion ample time to repent arrogance. Loss seems fated but Tanya recalls that Queen in dream had eventually mounted a comeback..


Tanya Danielle and newcomer Shia star in Dark Sky Dawning, an interracial catfight melee containing camel clutch, Boston crab, double-toed leglock surfboard, hammerlock, figure four headscissors, test of strength, schoolgirl pin, nipple torture, full nelson, forced submissions, trash talk, imperious victor. Co-produced by HH. Download Dark Sky Dawning at TanyaTV.com today.

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Morning Mayhem

Haha.. joke’s on me. After yesterday’s post I crawled into bed, shut my eyes.. and then realized that I needed to rise at 4am to move my car out of a street cleaning zone. So much for getting lots of rest. I do love these hours of the morning though. Sun is rising outside my window as I type these words. Just remembered that last week I promised to present some photos of awesome new wrestler Shia:







On morning of Shia shoot (which occurred on a Sunday) I had floated through traffic and arrived at STJ’s place long before appointed hour. Not wanting to descend on him too early I sat in my car and, true to lifelong habit, began scribbling on a notepad.  I later found these words lurking inside a folder where I keep model release forms:

Leaves blow, church bells toll. Absurdly early, I park car a few blocks from STJ’s ring and watch two guys cleaning large, plastic container on their front lawn. Family with toddler in tow casts suspicious looks in my direction, enters different house. Sipping coffee I peruse script for thirtieth time, quite well-acquainted with egotistical opening dialogue and my later comeuppance at hands of ruthless opponent..

Either Apollo or CatfightBlogger had recently asked exactly what I do in the hours before a shoot. Above sentences reflect the rather banal reality. Wish they contained more excitement but I prefer to enter the ring feeling calm and composed. Incidentally, I rarely document the (non)events of my life as they simultaneously unfold. Preceding narrative reminds me of a Family Guy episode in which Peter was doing precisely that. Think Lois punched him in the face.

XO Tanya

P.S. That top pic looks a bit reminiscent of another episode..



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Christmas on Elm Street?



Good evening,

I shot above pics earlier today. Christmas decorations? It still feels like summertime.. of 2003. How are months and years flying by so quickly? After gawking in disbelief at Xmas décor I spent the second of two days shooting with lovely Francesca Le. Time keeps passing but Francesca looks exactly the same as she did 15 years ago, possibly even better. Below pics come from soon-to-be-released Jamestown Caper gallery of September 2015.




Tonight I am going to unpack my suitcases and start preparing for upcoming shoots with wrestlers Jackson and Shia. I shall return in the morning to answer blog comments and post more pics. Hope everyone had a great weekend!

XO Tanya

P.S. Below image re-creates traumatized expression on my face when I encountered both Santa Claus and a bona fide Xmas wreath in the early hours of this morning. Felt like Nightmare on Elm Street..

November12015 114_pp



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