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Mad Science – Part 2


madscience (2)

Mad Science

Sun blazes with Amazonian intensity. Flora and fauna wilt, waiting for relief. Only one creature displays animation. Power Girl smashes the kryptonite dildo which had rendered her senseless, obliterating its dynamism and reducing it to smithereens. Now she will craft a plan to entrap Electra Lady, the diabolical villainess who has placed her in this predicament. Inspiration dawns. Hours pass. From the other side of the sweltering city Electra Lady dispatches a ruthless henchwoman, Batgirl AKA Alexis Taylor, to spy on Power Girl. Instead of locating the superheroine Batgirl finds legendary crime boss Catwoman tied to a makeshift bed inside a tiki hut! What has happened here?!! Bedecked from head to toe in black lycra and spandex Catwoman must escape her binds – and her clothing – before she succumbs to the perils of heat exhaustion and dehydration. Batgirl rushes to assist..

Alexis Taylor and Tanya Danielle star in Mad Science – Part 2, a sexy superheroine thriller featuring bondage, trickery, transformation, catfighting, effectively applied sleeper hold, and untimely demise.

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