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Smoking, Shooting & Warhawks




Good afternoon,

In the past week I completed my hospice orientation and also did a lot of shooting for a private collector. The material goes straight into his library and will never surface publicly. I lost count of the number of videos but they consisted of my standard fare: bondage, POV femdom, and superheroine-in-peril. Yesterday I caught up on necessary errands, including a trip to the doctor’s office for a TB test required by the hospice organization. The red circle on my forearm still looks like a red circle – nothing alarming has developed 😉

Today I visited Subway for breakfast (just discovered that they sell Subway gift cards on Amazon) and could not get a refill on my coffee. Most Subway locations put a coffee pot near the fountain drinks but this store did not. I ate my food and migrated to a donut shop. The Jerry Springer Show was playing on a TV set above my head. Fortunately I could only hear it, not see it. One individual lamented the fact that his girlfriend had been sleeping with his cousin but expressed his desire to stay with the girlfriend. He used these words to explain why he had neglected to kick his cousin’s ass: “When you smoke weed you get stuck. I got stuck watching Netflix.” I write most of the text descriptions for my videos in donut shops so I quickly jotted down his statement on my ubiquitous notepad (thanks again for the new supply, Don!)

For the record, I think that Francesca Le and I have the distinction of being the only women in the entire adult industry – and possibly the whole state of California – who do not smoke pot. She once commented that it annoys her when she has to wait for people who are fiddling with their pipes or inhaling intoxicants. I feel the same way. For some reason I never engage in any type of smoking, not even cigarettes. Shay Sights and I shot the above photos for a customer who later observed that we had forgotten to light the cigarette. Lol.. I don’t get hired for many smoking-themed shoots.

Tonight I am immersing myself in Turbo Tax. For fun I put a little money on a college hoops (CBI) tournament. Go Warhawks! Hope everyone is having a great week.

XO Tanya



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Diamond Jackson


Silk Stocking Seduction

I first met Bob Walenski of Bob’s Videos in 1999 or 2000. Bob gained nationwide notoriety in the mid-1990s when he got canned from his job as a high school English teacher after concerned community members discovered that he had been filming erotic videos in his spare time. Even Jay Leno cracked a joke about Bob during his opening monologue for The Tonight Show, thus cementing Bob as something of a countercultural folk hero. After exiting the realm of college preparatory education Bob devoted himself to the filming of foot fetish, hosiery fetish, and smoking fetish videos. I have posted many of his photos (Jewell, Mackenzie, Cory)  here in the past week. Bob and I have now been shooting together for the past 15 years, joined on the most recent occasion by Diamond Jackson.

When I had arrived at the Diamond shoot Bob seemed uncharacteristically perturbed, very unlike his normal laid-back self. He was actually pacing in front of the location house where we were shooting and running his fingers through his hair. I did not understand why until much later.

I met Diamond for the first time that day and really enjoyed our time together. We exchanged contact info and agreed to stay in touch. She lives in Florida, I believe. Later on both JM Rolen and I wanted to book her for shoots here in California. We made all the arrangements and then, days before her arrival, she stated that she expected to both receive full payment for all the footage she shot and the rights to distribute all of the material for her own purposes. JM and I told her that this was not feasible and cancelled all of the plans. Came to find out later that Diamond had asserted these same demands on Bob on the VERY MORNING of our shoot. That is why he had initially been so perturbed. She put him in the position of needing to either agree to all of her conditions or else cancel everything at the absolute last minute. B ob had flown all the way from Massachusetts to LA to shoot models and couldn’t really afford to simply alter plans at the last second.

Anyways, I did not realize all this until much later on. The day with Diamond was actually a lot of fun and the videos turned out great. We filmed Silk Stocking Seduction Parts 1-4 and another vignette entitled Smoking Hot Diamond Jackson. I just added Silk Stocking Seduction – Part 4 to my Diamond Club Members’ Area.  Part 4 is my favorite segment because Diamond and I slather each other in oil and then jump into a pool! Join now to check it out. I will add the other three parts of the series if members express interest.

XO Tanya

P.S. I will be removing Crystal Palace and Hotel Dominatrix from the Diamond Club in the next day or two so watch them now if you haven’t already.



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Cory Lane



I first met Cory Lane on the set of Penthouse: On Campus which we shot back in, dare I say, 1993 (!)   That’s me doing the splits on the cover of the video and that might be Cory in the yellow cheerleader outfit but I can’t tell for sure.  Cory had true beauty, confidence and kindness, sort of like a Carolyn Monroe with less of a wild streak (at least on film.) Cory, to my knowledge, only did softcore work. She shot with Bob Walenski (BobsVideos.com) a lot and I believe that he likely took the above pic of Cory smoking.  Click here for the full gallery. Cory vanished off the scene long ago. What a beautiful woman, inside and out. Never knew her well but remember her fondly.

By the way, I guess Penthouse: On Campus has turned into a bit of a collector’s item. Amazon is charging $99 for the DVD! I remember ordering boxes of VHS tapes of Penthouse: On Campus so I could sell them while dancing and also send copies to members of my mail order fan club.

XO Tanya



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