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Snakes, Ghosts & Spiders

Damsel in distress during shooting of “Spider Walk”.
Message on exterior wall of local tavern.

Good afternoon,

I have long since recovered from July 30 illness and have some new videos under my belt. Above nudie pics come from soon-to-be-released Spider Walk:

Spider Walk

Translucent spider crawls up arm,

Retraces track marks on fair skin,

Inscription on veined porcelain

Advises: “Shield yourself from harm,

Dark devastation lurks within.”

No wonder that broad is screaming 😉

On August 4 I shot middle pic on outdoor wall of local tavern. Same handwriting has appeared in numerous other places in my neighborhood and for some reason I always find odd reassurance in the messages. Seems strange to type that last sentence, especially since property owners presumably don’t appreciate extra labor of covering up anonymous tributes to mystery individual. Maybe I find it refreshing that someone doesn’t rely upon cellphones and social media to transmit emotion? Not sure.. will have to reflect on it more.

About a week ago my VOD store at TanyaTV.com came down. Store had been experiencing technical issues and software provider accused me of lying when I requested help with correcting the problem. I feel tempted to post the e-mail he sent me but I know I should let the matter die. For the moment I will be selling all my videos exclusively at Clips4Sale.com.  Just released Black Snake Boogie (special introductory price of $12.99)  at Clips4Sale and am also preparing both aforementioned Spider Walk  and new paranormal fantasy Ghostbusted for their debuts later this month.

Hope everyone is having a nice Monday! I will return today or tomorrow to answer post comments.

Love this joyful snake. Often snakes are portrayed as sinister but this individual transcends the stereotypes.

XO Tanya



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