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Morrison Hotel








Saturday night.. always a good night to stay home and get smashed by oneself. I know that sounds kind of pathetic. Anyways, with vodka at elbow/music playing I am busily editing photos from soon-to-be released Morrison Hotel starring Stacy Burke and Francesca Le. Top photo shows iconic 1970 album cover of Morrison Hotel by The Doors. I snapped next pics (second and third photos from top) during 2011 visit to now defunct establishment. On that day I had a few things on my list, missed a turnoff for Hope Street, and did not feel like reversing course til White Room by Cream (1968) started playing on the radio. Music impelled me to renew search for Morrison Hotel and so glad I did – will always remember that afternoon because boarded-up property still housed plenty of magic.

While writing text for October 7 Stacy-Francesca French maid video the mystic  Morrison Hotel resurfaced in my head once again:

Morrison Hotel

As with most dreams imagery contains odd symbols, weirdly discombobulated activity:

“Polished black and white squares, liquid marble,
Ripple underneath stiletto footfalls,
Evanesce behind steel-reinforced walls,
Signal slow-approaching mystic marvel.

Ebony eyes promise life-changing tryst,
Nighttime predators begin to warble,
Crashing orgasm! Transmissions garble!
Evidence fades with dawn’s earliest mist.. ”

Business traveler wakes to same concrete walls, black-white checkerboard tiles which had surrounded him at bedtime but he feels very, very different, almost as if succubi had sucked soul right out of body. Memories of two stunning French maids float through consciousness – same raven-haired vixen, blonde beauty who had engaged him in sexual tryst? Dismissing notion traveler rises from bed, departs Morrison Hotel for meeting. Associate notes traveler’s uncharacteristic distraction. Traveler dismisses concern by saying: “Oh, I’m fine, just didn’t sleep very well at that old Morrison Hotel on Hope Street. Strange old place.” Associate responds with puzzlement, alarm, reflexive emotion. “Morrison Hotel on Hope Street..” he echoes uncomprehendingly. “That establishment shut down in 1973..”

Still fiddling with words, photos but this is general idea for Morrison Hotel video so far. Description of interior (black-white checkerboard floors, steel-reinforced walls) actually arises from building of same era in which I live. Wish I could have entered Morrison Hotel but every passageway sported iron locks and/or bars. Hope everyone is having a great weekend! I will return to answer blog comments when I feel more coherent (probably tomorrow) 🙂

XO Tanya



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New World Order







Good morning,

I am ingesting caffeine, preparing for a fun week. Be careful at the office today:

New World Order

Meet the secretary who will destroy your life..

Iron control,

Bloodthirsty eyes,

Devastating sneer,

Ruthless thighs.

You blink, unsure how amazon goddess has escaped comic book, landed in your office. Starched white shirt conceals full, jiggling breasts but not for long. Relishing your discomfiture secretary slowly unbuttons blouse. “I control you.” she enunciates carefully, as if speaking to a very dim pupil. “From this moment forward you will stroke your cock to my beauty until I command that you ejaculate precisely on cue. Any deviation from protocol will result in total destruction of your manhood.” Silence descends, Earth wobbles, you unzip pants to new world order..

(Tanya Danielle stars in New World Order, a POV femdom experience featuring secretary fetish, dominatrix, lingerie, stilettos, striptease, full nudity, multiple countdowns to orgasm under threat of unspeakable doom.)

Now that I have put New World Order in effect I have to go run some errands. Next few days look busy but I will return as soon possible to answer blog comments and post more news. Hope everyone is having a pleasant Monday!

XO Tanya



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