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Noir Heat


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Buried deep in the pages of Femfighter Monthly a single photo of September Reign generates more excitement than anything else inside the publication. Practically salivating, Tanya Danielle pens these phrases in September’s honor:

“Rich noir chocolate bar,

Indescribable treat,

Let’s unwrap you, my sweet,

Eat flesh in rite bizarre,

Savor your creamy heat.”

Months later the two women encounter one another at a Los Angeles-area wrestling ring. Tensions escalate quickly. Will veteran fighter Tanya Danielle succeed in disrobing, defiling, and devouring newcomer September Reign?

(September Reign and Tanya Danielle star in Noir Heat, a topless femfight thriller featuring interracial opponents, skimpy G-strings, copious trash talk, leg scissors, breast smothering, surfboards, grapevines, hammerlocks, half nelson, belly punching, breast mangling in ropes, biting, tit torture, chokeholds, multiple submissions, pleading, KO, more. Co-produced by Naz.)



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No Mercy

Who is that scantily clad assailant using her muscular legs to crush me like a vise??

Funny thing, after taking the long Labor Day holiday weekend to recover I began thinking of  my stunning attacker as “the crazy-eyed Cajun”:

Yep, that is one Prinzzess Felicity Jade chewing on my breast. Always lovely, she has somehow begun to remind me of Kim Basinger’s Cajun character in the classic (at least to me) movie No Mercy. Join my OnlyFans.com Twitter feed to see more pics from last week’s match featuring Prinzzess vs. me!

XO Tanya



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T. Danielle Girlbanged

Who is that poor woman in above pics so violated and abused??


Tick, tock..  tick, tock..


Oh, wow.. repressed memory is slowly returning..

Guess final disturbing photo explains the torn T-shirt and destroyed purple/white G-string I found in my laundry pile. Did I bring this vile attack upon myself? Some people seem to think so..

Apt insult strikes like thunderbolt,
Edge of the Earth quakes, victims shake,
Girlbanging trio does partake
In diabolical revolt,
Sweet payback for Danielle’s mistake.

More photos of August 7, 2018 match at my OnlyFans Twitter Feed. Come join me now!

XO Tanya



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Upside Down, Turned Around

“Stadium Thrill” starring Jewell Marceau vs. myself

KO’ed and Abused

Greetings on this Labor Day weekend,

So many disjointed events have occurred that they seem like kaleidoscope fragments shifting around inside my head. It all started with a routine visit to the dentist who told me that I had a cyst on my throat. He advised that I make an appointment with an ear, nose, and throat specialist immediately. I did so, completing four days of shooting beforehand. On the appointed day my friend Jed kindly accompanied me to the doctor’s office  in case I needed a biopsy and might not feel comfortable driving home. After a short exam doc informed me that dentist had simply located the carotid bulb on my neck, not a cyst. Stunned but relieved I paid the agreed-upon $200 fee (I no longer have health insurance for reasons discussed here) and departed.

Within 48 hours Jed had cracked his tooth by biting into a bone. Of course I returned the favor and drove him to an exam as he had so kindly done for me. Hours passed. I revised text for Summertime Rune (new version entitled Strawberry Moon), filed my nails, flipped through a magazine, watched Hurricane Harvey coverage on TV, walked to 7-11 for a snack, stretched, had a cup of coffee, used the bathroom. Afternoon staff replaced morning staff at the dental office. One of the new arrivals shot a long, speculative look at me. I overheard swing shift receptionist assure an antsy patient that “Normally we never have waits like this but all our dentists are tied up with an emergency.”  Finally my phone chirped.

“Took forever to get that tooth out, just waiting to get sown up.” Jed’s message read.

Maybe 20 minutes later Jed staggered into the waiting room. I tried to keep a neutral expression on my face because he looked like he had gone through a war. Jed tried to talk, could not do so, stumbled into a nearby bathroom to spit blood into the sink. Only much later did he describe a truly barbaric scenario in which a tech held his jaws apart while two different dentists tried for hours to pry a  splintering molar out of his mouth. For the moment I needed to fill Jed’s prescription for pain pills. “Rite Aid” he managed to mumble. Jed waited in the car while pharmacy assistant searched inventory, apologetically returned unfilled prescription to me due to lack of immediate availability. Inspiration struck when I returned to the wheel: “I have pain pills at home from my surgery in June!” I proclaimed while starting engine. Upon arrival building manager looked a bit askance when Jed and I alighted from car and Jed spat a stream of blood into the sewer. I bee-lined straight to my bathroom where I spent precious minutes hunting for the pills. In the meantime Jed had found a bottle of vodka in the freezer. “I’m not sure that you should.. ” I started to say and then just shut up. Later on Walgreens filled his Norco prescription and the experience has ended well.

Several days after dental episode I went to a court hearing where a friend’s son would possibly be turning himself in to face jail time. Friend and I arrived a bit late and could not find seats next to son. “He looks sad.” my friend said about son. “Look how red his eyes are.” Honestly, son did not appear that sad to me – he looked like someone who had indulged in a proverbial “last hurrah” overnight but I didn’t say anything. Judge gave son thirty days to get his affairs in order and report for an 8-month sentence in Los Angeles County Jail.

One day later I learned of an advanced water damage/mold situation that I would need to fix on my property. With that in mind I attended a lovely memorial service and could not really ponder the meaningful event because I needed to meet with a contractor about the mold issue directly afterward. Contractor assessed the significant damage and we drove to Home Depot. “Watch it, watch, watch it.. ” he cautioned as a random individual pedaled toward us atop a cornflower blue bicycle with large white basket. Cyclist drifted all over the roadway, enjoying the breeze, his freedom, his ability to disrupt all traffic in the vicinity. I recognized the bike as one of those rented in a popular tourist area miles and miles away. “Pedal for fitness and health!” a banner on the white basket read. “Ha, Ha, Ha!” contractor chortled aloud, his inflection getting higher on each “Ha!” “Look at him go! Look at this guy go!” I burst out laughing too. Bike thief was enjoying his ride more than anyone from the gentrified “Pedal for fitness and health!” enclave ever could.

As I sit here typing a freak, beautiful rainstorm has just begun pummeling my neighborhood. So awesome! We have been experiencing a 90+ degree heat wave near the ocean. Recent occurrences – including this sudden summer rain – have left me slightly discombobulated, like I haven’t really had a chance to process everything that’s happened in the past week or two. I am posting above photos from Stadium Thrill because I need some nudie pics and because they reflect how my circumstances have been veering all over the place lately..

Anyways, I feel very grateful for all blessings and hope everyone is doing well. I will try to answer post comments in the next few days.

XO Tanya



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Stadium Thrill


I just added Stadium Thrill starring Jewell Marceau vs. myself to my Clips4Sale store. Ringmaster STJ’s backyard wrestling ring probably does not qualify as a “stadium” but I can’t seem to resist the verbiage:

Stadium Thrill

“All muscles, no strength.” wrestler sneers,

“Wait til the bell rings.” model  jeers,

Adrenaline pounds cranium,

Insanity fills stadium,

Testosterone-infused crowd cheers..

Wrestler jerks awake, pouring sweat. Strange dream had coupled snippets of trash talk with head-pounding pain. Might it be predicting dire outcome of upcoming match? Wrestler dismisses notion after five seconds of reflection. “No fitness model, especially Jewell Marceau, has enough skills to cause me even one iota of pain.” she blurts aloud to empty room..

Yep, Jewell Marceau and I are back in all our trash talking glory. In honor of this long-awaited reunion I have put Stadium Thrill on sale for $19.99 (regularly $38.99) through Sunday, September 3. Funny, about 16 hours after this match I was lying on an operating table as I underwent surgery. Almost completely healed now and working on photos which accompany video footage. Thanks so much to everyone who has posted comments. I really enjoy your feedback and have answered about 3/4 of recent messages. Will return tomorrow to answer more. Hope everyone is having a nice Monday!

XO Tanya

P.S. Also added La Tigresa and Assignation with a Senator to my Diamond Club Members’ Area.



Raspberry 33


I return from a mysterious 36-hour illness which reminded me a bit of this. Let me backtrack..

About a week ago I spontaneously attended a Pacific Islander festival. Friend and I paid $10.99  for above 1.75 liters of Smirnoff. For that price I could ignore the “raspberry infusion” in this particular bottle. We had a great time talking, laughing, eating ethnic food, watching a dance show, splitting raspberry vodka with other friends. The following morning I awoke to a mostly empty vodka bottle on my desk accompanied by a strange handwritten note:

Raspberry 33,

Enchanted fruit injects

Dark madness into me..

Don’t remember writing those words but I do that all the time – odd scribblings turn up under my bed, inside my pockets, beneath car seat, even saved inside my computer. “Raspberry 33” made sense because for years I’ve maligned vodka “flavors” as synthetic travesties: “Oh, yuck, is that Vanilla #24?”, “Who wants to ruin good vodka with Grape #12?”, “Real vodka should not taste like pear..”, etc. Yes, I could see why I scribbled “Raspberry 33” but last line seemed to have no relevance to such a fun evening.  Shaking my head I tossed piece of paper back onto desk, deposited vodka into freezer, continued with day.

Nearly a full week later (this past Friday) I finished packing for upcoming shoot and decided to pour myself a drink before bed. Bottle of Raspberry 33 lay waiting. I loaded final props into suitcase, zipped it with finality, watched end of Boogie Nights with vodka in hand. Hours later, as previously mentioned, this happened. I don’t know why. Two days later I have wracked my brain trying to figure out what had affected me so adversely. A friend and I had had some potato tacos, later I’d made an omelette out of fresh eggs and freshly washed vegetables.. and I’d drunk some of the remaining Raspberry 33. For the record, friend and I had been pouring vodka into plastic containers for everyone at the Pacific Islander festival so the bottle itself stayed just as clean as when we bought it. Honestly, I don’t think germs would live on a liquor bottle anyway, especially not after a week in the freezer. During the worst of my illness I remembered that strange poem I had written and suddenly the words assaulted me with haunting clarity:

Raspberry 33,

Enchanted fruit injects

Dark madness into me..

Lol.. anyone who has experienced a bad case of food poisoning knows how the mind can wander when subject to extreme dehydration. Recovery took from Friday night til noon today. Needless to say I had to reschedule my shoot. A few minutes ago I logged onto computer only to find STJ’s latest e-mail blast of photos. Check out those raspberry streaks in Nicole Oring‘s hair, raspberry flower barrette, and raspberry trimmed bikini:

Raspberry 33
Dark memory
Scripted into breathtaking finality.

Maybe I need to avoid all things raspberry for a while 😉

Many thanks to custom photo/video collectors who have to wait a little longer for me to shoot. I do have a newly scheduled date. Hope everyone is having a great weekend! I will return to answer post comments after I drink another half gallon of water. Still trying to re-hydrate.. so grateful to regain good health.

XO Tanya



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Sunday Punch

Returned home from yesterday’s match with Christine Dupree to find that ringmaster STJ had already uploaded some photos from our bout. Still recovering from that Sunday punch. Christine is probably nursing her wounds across town..

Incidentally, that same aqua blue bikini (thanks, Phil!) has seen quite a bit of action in recent years:

Francesca Le pummeling me in 2014

This week already looks busy but I will answer post comments as soon as I can. BTW.. just added Three Faces of Tanya to my Diamond Club Members’ Area (along with 75 other selections.) Hope everyone is having a pleasant Monday!

XO Tanya



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Mardi Gras Web Chat

Fetish diva Stacy Burke
Christine Dupree, Juliette March, me at hallowed STJ ring

Good evening,

Lotsa stuff happening – sorry I have not yet had a chance to answer blog comments. Just wanted to pop in and encourage you to join incomparable Stacy Burke (top pic) and myself for a live Mardi Gras web chat at 2PM PST tomorrow on Stacy’s YouNow Channel. Yesterday I wrestled Christine Dupree and Juliette March and can probably use a day away from the squared circle:

Ultimate Surrender veteran Juliette and her legs of iron

Hope to see you tomorrow – 2PM PST!

XO Tanya



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Amarna, USA







Good evening,

Just emerged from bed and found pics from ringmaster STJ inside my inbox. Fiery Spaniard  Amarna Miller and I shot above match on November 10, I did another shoot yesterday, and then had to postpone today’s booking due to  recurrence of fever. Guess I should have taken more time to recover from illness I mentioned in last post.

Lovely Amarna, whom I met for the first time minutes before our match, struck me as both uncommonly intelligent and capable. Although relatively new to wrestling she successfully pulled off numerous moves that many veterans would probably not even try. Her pleasant manner, tinged with just the slightest diffidence, bespoke very refined cultural sensibilities. I found her intriguing and would like to know more about her. Have a feeling Amarna spends a lot more time reading literature than watching television, if you get my drift. A certain intensity seems to percolate beneath her red hair and beautiful fair skin.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. I would like to send much love and gratitude to current and former members of our US military whom we just honored with the Veteran’s Day holiday on Friday. Mere words seem inadequate but sentiment behind them comes from the heart. Thank you for your service.


P.S. I’m going to eat something and go back to bed. Will answer messages tomorrow 🙂



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Dark Sky Dawning














Dawn breaks over wasted city,
Altered landscape, withered roses.
Radiant sunlight exposes
Knight errant, devoid of pity,
Searching rubble which encloses
Kingdom’s devastated palace,
Yesterday’s aforethought malice.
Dulled by arrogance knight closes
Arduous quest for Queen’s chalice,
Wrecks surviving architecture,
Navigates out of prefecture
Into region far less callous.
Next year brings sublime emergence:
Goblet raised, Queen toasts resurgence.


Tanya awakens, recalls odd dream with stunning clarity: dark knight, wasted kingdom warned of defilement and, most disconcertingly, she had recognized herself as beaten but resurgent Queen. Always mindful of omens Tanya knows that she should brace for a challenge, possibly an ignominious defeat looming in near future. “Not today though.” blonde catfighter thinks dismissively. “That newbie – what was her name? – has no chance against me in the ring.” Mere hours later exotic upstart Shia traps Tanya in excruciating camel clutch, giving champion ample time to repent arrogance. Loss seems fated but Tanya recalls that Queen in dream had eventually mounted a comeback..


Tanya Danielle and newcomer Shia star in Dark Sky Dawning, an interracial catfight melee containing camel clutch, Boston crab, double-toed leglock surfboard, hammerlock, figure four headscissors, test of strength, schoolgirl pin, nipple torture, full nelson, forced submissions, trash talk, imperious victor. Co-produced by HH. Download Dark Sky Dawning at TanyaTV.com today.

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Twilight Zone








Good afternoon,

Felt a bit under the weather over the past few days and unfortunately had to cancel a shoot with Niki Lee Young but hopefully we can reschedule at some point in the near future. Slowly recovering today but taking it easy – just staying close to home, drinking lots of water, and catching up on computer work. Thought I would post some pics from 10-Count Twilight starring Nicole Oring and me. Seem to recall that I mounted a comeback after waking from the twilight zone 😉

Hope everyone is doing great!

XO Tanya



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Time Machine Ticking







Good afternoon,

What a beautiful day . Even received 1957 wheat penny in change for coffee. Love old coins. Speaking of classics.. ringmaster STJ recently found these shots of Tasha Welch vs. me in his vast repository of photos. You can buy the video, along with many other “vintage” matches, from SpecialInterests.com. Haven’t seen Tasha in years, think she retired from wrestling. I remember Tasha as strong, sweet, sexy, and determined. We filmed above footage at nondescript Hollywood motel in 2000 or so. Other models/wrestlers lounged in common area outside room we were using, waiting to shoot their videos. Wonder what regular motel guests thought when they arrived for check-in, heard noises of violence, encountered large assortment of lithe, toned beauties on premises 😉

XO Tanya



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10-Count Twilight







Good evening,

I have been shooting and revisiting older, never-released content. Yesterday I had opportunity to ponder twilight netherworld created by an expertly applied chokehold or smother. Usually I spend a day or two writing promotional text for a specific video but this popped out as soon as I put pen to paper:

10-Count Twilight

Astral silver,
Cherry marvel,
Cacophony of color,
Twilight slumber..

Wrestler fights for consciousness amidst swirling colors, disjointed thoughts, pressing breasts, twinkling lights. “1.. 2.. 3.. ” Breath impossible beneath massive tit smother. “4.. 5.. ” Body writhes. “6.. 7.. 8.. ” Spirit kicks free before final 10-count. Back on feet combatant smiles ironically, hears chirping of real or imagined birds. Opponent glares, angrier than before. Match continues with surprising twists and turns until one merciless bitch seizes upper hand..

Heavy boots,
Blue canvas,
Mystical séance,
Indubitable truth.
Loser hears peculiar words, faces reality before lapsing into painful quiescence.
(Nicole Oring and Tanya Danielle star in 10-Count Twilight, an exploration of female fighting which features multiple KOs, multiple chokeholds, altered consciousness, multiple referee countdowns, multiple kickouts, facesitting, stomping, grapevines, hair pulling, figure four head scissors, crossbody pins, sleeper holds, leg scissors, belly punching, camel clutch, Stacy Keibler corner foot choke, crawling, stomping, boob smother, rear dragon sleeper hold, Boston crab, stomach claw, championship belt. Download 10-Count Twilight at TanyaTV.com now.)
Photos look bad but I did succeed in mounting a comeback of sorts. More photos soon.. I just uploaded first gallery from 10-Count Twilight to FantasyImageStore.com. Hope everyone had a great Super Bowl weekend. I shall return in the morning to answer post comments – still recovering from celebrating my lucky Denver +6 wager 😉
XO Tanya







Good afternoon,

I just wrapped up three days of shooting, two with Francesca Le and the third with Jackson (pics above.) Yesterday morning I had to move my car at 9am so I began the journey to STJ’s ring even though I wouldn’t be wrestling until afternoon. It seemed like a nice morning to enjoy coffee, bagel, writing. In second pic from top I am finishing text description for an upcoming video entitled “Executive Dominatrix”. Not sure if Yum Yum Donuts has nationwide locations but they have exact same menu as parent company, Winchell’s. After fueling up on caffeine I headed to the ring, filmed a solo POV fight video, and then prepared for my first ever actual match with Jackson (prior to yesterday we had only shot photos together.) I will describe Jackson as very fun, very strong, very flexible, and very skilled. Sort of made me feel like I should spend less time at the donut house and more hours training 😉

XO Tanya



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One Person Traveling







Good afternoon,

I have embarked on another round of shooting. Pics above come from yesterday’s shoot with Prinzzess. Needless to say, our match got pretty down and dirty 😉 My travels continue this week as I create more videos. Often I stay in motels because I have a phobia of driving on the freeway and happen to reside in one of the furthest corners of Los Angeles County. Sometimes I get lonely in budget accommodations and 24-hour diners but I stay busy studying scripts (2nd pic from top) and snapping photos of roadside attractions.

Hope everyone is doing well. I will return tomorrow or Thursday to answer blog comments and post more photos. Right now I’m feeling a little worn out and think I can use a cocktail..


XO Tanya

P.S. Full Hunter’s Moon will be lighting up the sky tonight.



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Memories of Santana






CatfightBlogger asked me to write a few more words about wrestler Santana who died tragically on October 11, 2015. Throughout her career Santana performed under numerous monikers, including her legal name, Tina. I first met Tina in 2000 at a shoot for DTWrestling.com. She took fitness seriously, studied martial arts, and kept herself in top physical shape. Like most women of the era who worked in the erotic catfight realm – Francesca Le, Stacy Burke, Christine Dupree, Jewell Marceau, Shannan Leigh, Hollywood, myself, others – Tina had an excellent grasp on reality and fully comprehended the fantasy nature of the videos that we were creating. She tortured her victims with savage vengeance when a script called for her to win a match and suffered in abject humiliation when scripted to lose. As evidenced by pics above (courtesy of femfight producer STJ) Tina played both roles, victor and jobber, to the hilt.

Maybe around 2004 or so Tina seemed to vanish from the scene. A few years later I did too. Did we have the same reason? I can only speculate. Within this time frame I was having problems with performers who took themselves very seriously and apparently could not comprehend that winning or losing a scripted match did not constitute any type of real victory or loss. Those words seem so remedial as I type them but I just don’t know how to explain the situation in any other way. I started producing my own videos so I could avoid working with people who lived in self-created worlds of delusion. Presumably Tina was pursuing other types of endeavors but I will never know what path she took out of the catfight industry or why she chose to leave.

After a long hiatus Tina resurfaced maybe a year or so ago. STJ scheduled us for an October 21, 2015 match. I was very much looking forward to seeing her again. Just checked my cellphone and realized that STJ and I were exchanging text messages about the upcoming shoot just hours after Tina’s death. Of course we had not yet heard of her passing. Local news sources later reported that Tina had argued with her boyfriend and then gone to take a shower where the boyfriend had shot and killed her before committing suicide. A roommate had phoned police immediately after hearing the first shot.

Tina and I both lived for many years in the same general area of Los Angeles. Other than our shoots for DTWrestling.com she and I had only spent time together when I visited her at The Castle in Manhattan Beach where she used to bartend. I will always remember Tina as a raven-haired beauty with a no-nonsense demeanor and tremendous charisma. She touched many friends and fans with her regal grace and radiant personality. I hope that Tina’s three children and one grandchild will eventually find peace in the aftermath of her heartbreaking, untimely passing.

XO Tanya





Just received tragic news that wrestler Santana died this past Sunday. I had not seen Santana in over 10 years but producer/cameraman STJ had recently scheduled Santana and me for an upcoming October 21, 2015 match. Naturally I had been looking forward to working with her again after such a long hiatus. So sad that our reunion will never take place. My heart goes out to her family and loved ones as they deal with their devastating loss. May Santana rest in peace. Friends and fans alike will treasure memories of her smile, her talent, her beauty, and her spirit.

XO Tanya