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Buxom Neighbor

Tanya stars as buxom neighbor in “Satan’s Fire”

Handwritten placard accompanies vial of combustible powder:

Satan’s Fire

Magnificent sensations surge,

Extreme emotion conquers ire,

Reluctance morphs to wild desire,

Gargantuan, unquestioned urge,

Elicited by Satan’s fire.

A bit hesitantly shopper inquires: “Is this.. an aphrodisiac powder?” Apothecary nods affirmatively, sells dose of substance for $750, cautions buyer to use  it wisely.

Wisely? What unmarried man uses potent aphrodisiac powder wisely? With hands in ten and two o’clock positions buyer drives slowly home, hoping against hope that he will soon expose buxom neighbor to a great deal more than just his new purchase..

Tanya Danielle stars as buxom neighbor in Satan’s Fire, a POV seduction fantasy featuring astonished prey, double image in mirror, magic dust, entrancement, overpowering lust, striptease, full nudity, indecent proposal.

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POV/GOP Spectacle

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Good afternoon,

Several decades ago I got rid of my TV and never wanted it back. Only on extremely rare occasions do I desire to view any type of television programming. Tonight, however, I will be carrying a pizza upstairs to watch the Republican debates with my neighbor. Donald Trump, whatever you may think of him, has enlivened the GOP with his proclivity to basically do or say anything that he wants. I hope that he will prod the other presidential aspirants into revealing more than intended.

You may know that Donald Trump, in addition to his other business endeavors, owns the Miss USA pageant. Back in 2009 Donald canned reigning Miss California Carrie Prejean. Since that time Carrie (due to her blondeness, busty-ness, and total hypocrisy) has become a favorite target of custom video script writers.

Tonight – in honor of Donald Trump and the sideshow spectacle that he is creating – I present POV Room Service starring Carrie Prejean:

POV Room Service

Several years have passed since Carrie Prejean completed her brief reign as Miss California. She sits alone in a New York hotel suite, contemplates latest in string of failed auditions, knows that she badly needs to revitalize her career. Room service waiter arrives at door. On a whim Carrie fluffs hair, asks him if he recognizes her. Sensing Carrie’s desperate need for approval waiter indulges her with some perfunctory compliments before whipping out his huge cock and waving it around in slow, hypnotic circles. It seems to fill the room. Carrie can only stare in open-mouthed wonder at the biggest dick that she has ever seen in her life. He shoves it between her lips. Prior to this moment Carrie has never orally serviced anyone other than a pageant judge, but this young man’s desire makes her feel beautiful again. Relishing his obvious lust she enthusiastically sucks and strokes him until he stuns her by spraying a gigantic, nearly inhuman load of hot cum all over her shocked, protesting face..

Download POV Room Service at Clips4Sale.com.

XO Tanya



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Sexual Therapy


The admin area for my Clips4Sale store has gone down, temporarily inaccessible. I have an incorrect video description and title posted with my latest (vintage Mike Raffone era) video. Title should be “Sexual Therapy” and text should read:

You visit Dr. Danielle’s office hoping to revive your flagging interest in sex. She listens carefully to your symptoms, carefully scrutinizing every inch of your body with laserlike intensity. When you finish speaking she presents various pictures of attractive, semi-naked women. You offer little reaction and wonder if you have been watching too much porn for too long, thus desensitizing yourself. Dr. Danielle refutes this notion and pulls out some glossy nude photographs of herself. Your dick stirs visibly inside your pants. The doctor nods with satisfaction and begins playing erotic music. Slowly, seductively she peels off her sensible dress to reveal giant cans and a slim, toned physique. Now you have a raging hard-on. Dr. Danielle orders you to reveal your cock and start stroking it. Therapist and patient climax together. You feel a bit guilty about saturating her carpet with your sperm but she does not seem to mind. “Personalized entertainment.” she tells you. “You will retain full sexual function as long as you have access to personalized entertainment. Feel free to make an appointment anytime.. ” (Tanya Danielle stars in “Sex Therapy”, a masturbation encouragement video featuring highly skilled counselor, striptease, dancing, dirty talk, masturbation, and orgasm. Co-produced by CD.)

Will update tomorrow as soon as I can regain entry to admin area.

Good night!

XO Tanya



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