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Stadium Thrill


I just added Stadium Thrill starring Jewell Marceau vs. myself to my Clips4Sale store. Ringmaster STJ’s backyard wrestling ring probably does not qualify as a “stadium” but I can’t seem to resist the verbiage:

Stadium Thrill

“All muscles, no strength.” wrestler sneers,

“Wait til the bell rings.” model  jeers,

Adrenaline pounds cranium,

Insanity fills stadium,

Testosterone-infused crowd cheers..

Wrestler jerks awake, pouring sweat. Strange dream had coupled snippets of trash talk with head-pounding pain. Might it be predicting dire outcome of upcoming match? Wrestler dismisses notion after five seconds of reflection. “No fitness model, especially Jewell Marceau, has enough skills to cause me even one iota of pain.” she blurts aloud to empty room..

Yep, Jewell Marceau and I are back in all our trash talking glory. In honor of this long-awaited reunion I have put Stadium Thrill on sale for $19.99 (regularly $38.99) through Sunday, September 3. Funny, about 16 hours after this match I was lying on an operating table as I underwent surgery. Almost completely healed now and working on photos which accompany video footage. Thanks so much to everyone who has posted comments. I really enjoy your feedback and have answered about 3/4 of recent messages. Will return tomorrow to answer more. Hope everyone is having a nice Monday!

XO Tanya

P.S. Also added La Tigresa and Assignation with a Senator to my Diamond Club Members’ Area.



POV/GOP Spectacle

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povroomservice (2)


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povroomservice (99)

Good afternoon,

Several decades ago I got rid of my TV and never wanted it back. Only on extremely rare occasions do I desire to view any type of television programming. Tonight, however, I will be carrying a pizza upstairs to watch the Republican debates with my neighbor. Donald Trump, whatever you may think of him, has enlivened the GOP with his proclivity to basically do or say anything that he wants. I hope that he will prod the other presidential aspirants into revealing more than intended.

You may know that Donald Trump, in addition to his other business endeavors, owns the Miss USA pageant. Back in 2009 Donald canned reigning Miss California Carrie Prejean. Since that time Carrie (due to her blondeness, busty-ness, and total hypocrisy) has become a favorite target of custom video script writers.

Tonight – in honor of Donald Trump and the sideshow spectacle that he is creating – I present POV Room Service starring Carrie Prejean:

POV Room Service

Several years have passed since Carrie Prejean completed her brief reign as Miss California. She sits alone in a New York hotel suite, contemplates latest in string of failed auditions, knows that she badly needs to revitalize her career. Room service waiter arrives at door. On a whim Carrie fluffs hair, asks him if he recognizes her. Sensing Carrie’s desperate need for approval waiter indulges her with some perfunctory compliments before whipping out his huge cock and waving it around in slow, hypnotic circles. It seems to fill the room. Carrie can only stare in open-mouthed wonder at the biggest dick that she has ever seen in her life. He shoves it between her lips. Prior to this moment Carrie has never orally serviced anyone other than a pageant judge, but this young man’s desire makes her feel beautiful again. Relishing his obvious lust she enthusiastically sucks and strokes him until he stuns her by spraying a gigantic, nearly inhuman load of hot cum all over her shocked, protesting face..

Download POV Room Service at Clips4Sale.com.

XO Tanya



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Good evening,

I greet you after a long day and less than 3 hours of sleep. Last night I stayed up til nearly 1am editing photos from upcoming video Milfettante and watching Rush on Amazon Prime. This morning I rose at 3:30am to move my car out of a 4am street cleaning zone. Motoring aimlessly down empty boulevards I eventually arrived at a 24-hour truck stop with Subway sandwich shop on the premises. Love that place 🙂 Over breakfast sandwich and coffee I described the latest dilemma faced by milf extraordinaire Tanya Hamilton:




Future dilettantes,

Who marry for millions.

The cruel rhyme jars Tanya Hamilton, especially since she finds it scribbled on a notepad in her spare bedroom. Is someone poking fun at her lifestyle and background? Or mocking her daughter Alice? Moments later she makes another startling discovery: the names “Tanya” and “Kelli” enclosed in a large, carefully rendered heart. Arteries contract, breath catches, face flushes, body sweats. Who wrote these words?? Daughter Alice frequently invites girlfriends, including best pal Kelli, to spend the night. Mrs. Hamilton collapses onto bed, nearly impaling herself on a monstrous black dildo which lurks beneath the covers. Dread, shock, revulsion, excitement flood body and brain. Soon forbidding instinct subsumes lesser emotions, imbuing housewife with realization that 18-year-old Kelli has purposefully planted these bombshells with sexual seduction in mind. Will Kelli succeed in tempting Mrs. Hamilton, dilettante of leisure, into compromising her comfortable marriage and traditional values for an episode of unthinkable debauchery?

Milfettante will be coming soon to TanyaTV.com. I shall return here in the morning after I catch up on my sleep. Hope everyone had a great Tuesday!

XO Tanya

P.S. Full moon tomorrow night! Will probably be a Garfield moon (big and orange) tonight too.



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