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Holiday Unwind


After my traditional stay-at-home New Year’s Eve I waaay overdid it on New Year’s Day.  Even 12 hours of sleep haven’t restored me to normal. Time to say goodbye to the holidays. Check out my OnlyFans Twitter feed to discuss plans for the new year and see daily photo and video updates for just $9.99 a month!

XO Tanya



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Last night, while preparing for upcoming round of shooting, my ThinkPad T400 computer (dates back to Bush administration) froze. I have a LOT of stuff stored in that computer and spent much of today trying to fix it. Probably everyone has experienced similar frustration at one time or another. Finally I left computer on desk, headed outside, wandered to donut shop. Eager for distraction my mind floated back to great poster I saw at gas station last week (top pic.) I have literally never smoked a cigarette but for some reason that morbid image makes me want to light one up.


Compelling visual popped into my head as I sipped coffee: supervillainess character (kinda like Madeleine in second pic from top) ripping off signature black glove to reveal gory, festering remnants of once vibrant hand. Suitably inspired I began writing promo text for upcoming Madeline video tentatively entitled Half-breed:



In response to query gypsy utters mystifying quintilla:


“Behind articulated sheath
Raw, bloody fingers of death squirm,
Entwine, entangle, reconfirm
Each bullet prised from underneath
Decaying heart suffused with worm.. “


Madeleine replays words over and over inside mind. “Articulated sheath?” she finally says aloud. “Articulated sheath..   articulated sheath..   could that refer to..    a glove?” Again she reviews strange gypsy poem. Descended from one mortal and one superhuman parent Madeleine respects esoteric knowledge but often struggles to translate gypsy’s proclamations. Assembled search party has grown impatient with Madeleine’s confusion. “Maybe your half-breed intuition ain’t working today.” one of them says sarcastically. Pivoting sharply on high-heeled boot Madeleine announces definitively: “Fallen gunfighter has hidden silver bullets inside her black gloves. She pried shells from still-beating heart while she lay dying. Now we must locate her decomposed corpse. Those bullets are my legacy..”


Ooohh.. there are sooo many forbidden words in that text. Payment processors expressly prohibit distributors/producers from using words like “blood”, “bullet”, “gun”, “dying”, “corpse”, etc. when promoting adult material even if none of those elements appear in footage (which they don’t.) I will have to revise paragraphs but composing them did take my mind off computer probs today. Hope everyone is having a great Wednesday! Tomorrow I will return to answer blog comments.


XO Tanya



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Black Swan





(Pics above from Madeleine’s Mark)

Good afternoon,

I have pulled myself from bed after brief illness. Made a few lifestyle changes recently but want to see how they work out before I discuss them. Think alterations have shocked my body. Lymph nodes in left groin have exploded to sizes never seen. Last night I sweated with fever, gobbled ibuprofen for body aches. Do I have the flu or am I reacting to recent events? Not yet sure but I did have some trippy dreams. One of them featured a black swan nesting within my kitchen (or pantry?) light fixture. Even inside dream I reacted to black swan by staring fixedly and thinking: “Wow, that really is a black swan.”

During 2016 I have started listening almost exclusively to alternative media on YouTube for economic, political news because in this day and age mainstream radio primarily transmits propaganda. Alternative media makes frequent mention of potential black swan events which will adversely effect economy. I had never gazed upon a black swan til one surfaced in my dream last night. In honor of the omen (and sometimes omens do presage good things) I am putting Black Swan starring Goldie Blair and myself on sale for $11.99 (normally $22.99.)

While wracked with fever, body aches over past two nights I also rewrote some text:

Madeleine’s Mark

Legend of Madeleine’s Mark:

Moon beams as banished infidel,
Advancing soul from parts unknown,
Divinely guided but alone,
Encounters ravaged citadel.

Lost fortress strewn with mortar shell,
Excruciated human bone,
Irreverently toppled stone
Now offers up forbidden spell.

Ensconced in devastated site,
Submerged beneath dark, layered loam
Masked vagrant finds forgotten tome.

Alchemical book brightens light,
Rich gold explodes from honeycomb,
Kaboom! Deposed queen has come home!

After banishment from corrupt oligarchy Madeleine had wandered for years, stumbled upon remains of toppled fortress. Search of rubble lead to discovery of ancient tome containing alchemical secrets. Now possessing ability to create golden bullets – magic projectiles which will transfix enemies into quiescence – Madeleine prepares to leave indelible mark on society which had rejected her so long ago..

Previously I had released above video under title “Through the Looking Glass” but I had strange compulsion to redo text and change title to Madeleine’s Mark. I just added Madeleine’s Mark to my Clips4Sale store for the first time.

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend. I’m trying to rest up because I have a lot of shoots next week and want to be 100% healthy.

XO Tanya



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Blue Iris Mountain



Blue Iris Mountain

Brazen outlaws lurk beneath escarpment,
Lavender horizon fills with ashes,
Ululating owls form parliament,
Eery beacons abound, lightning flashes.

Insolent scoundrels disregard warning,
Recklessly approach Blue Iris Mountain.
Iron bells repeal irenic morning,
Stir response from heavily armed townsmen.

Magic chieftain rides to pinnacle ridge,
Overlooks assemblage of invaders,
Unloads stunning cavalcade of carnage,
Nigrifying land with fresh cadavers.

Thunderous explosion rocks sierra,
Armoring terrain with rich escutcheon;
Iolite, blue iris form triquetra,
New heraldic symbol for brave chieftain .

Legend of Blue Iris Mountain inspires countless attempts but only three successful climbs to location of massacre. Each triumphant expedition verifies existence of gemstone/blue iris escutcheon on steep hillside. Gift from deities to chieftain, shield still prevents mere mortals from crossing summit of sacred Blue Iris. Brave chief has long since passed to holier land but one great, great, great granddaughter, Tanya Danielle, lingers in rough terrain at base of mountain. Blessed with same gunfighting skills as famous ancestor Tanya uses power for nefarious purpose. For how long will prodigal granddaughter elude forces of justice??

Tanya Danielle stars in supervillainess fantasy Blue Iris Mountain. Shot entirely in POV video features bare breasts, shameless self-worship, double image in mirror, thigh high boots, gloves, mask, belly chain, belly fetish, micro G-string, double-barreled duel, multiple knockouts..

Blue Iris Mountain coming soon to TanyaTV.com..



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