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Gunfight at the Compton Corral
Masked gunfighter ready for action.
Bit slow on the draw.. Mouth full of carpet 🙂

Good evening,

First of all, I’d like to thank Brad for the wonderful new trove of reading material and the T-shirt which I will wear proudly. I love regional T-shirts. Muuuaaahhh!! Lately I have not been visiting my mailbox as frequently so please forgive the delayed acknowledgement for your lovely gifts. Tonight I plan on reading “Casting the Runes” since I have developed a bit of a fixation with runes. Early this morning a few odd verses popped into my brain as I lay in bed:

Suppressed for centuries,

Lost to society,

Antiquity’s dark rune

Yields great wealth unto me.

Think those words may eventually help explain how a certain masked gunfighter (pics above) developed supernatural abilities which enable her to survive endless gunfights with other busty outlaws 😉 Or maybe they don’t explain anything at all. Sentence fragments often dangle inside my head – I’ve probably forgotten 1,000,000 of them for every one that I’ve noted down. For reasons unknown my mind likes to compose things. As a little kid I dreamed of scoring a job where I could name different shades of lipstick: “Lustrous Lilac”, “Cranberry Passion”, “Miss Liberty” (bright red), “Gold Cadillac” (perhaps for nail polish.) I still dream of that job even though I love what I do.

Tonight I am preparing Chosen Few starring Saharra Huxly vs. myself for release. Very weirdly I named the video Chosen Few on Wednesday night, met a friend on Thursday morning at a breakfast joint where we saw someone sporting a T-shirt emblazoned with Chosen Few MC. Prior to that moment I had never heard of the club but they do seem to have a colorful history.

So tired.. must stop typing. I will return in the morning to answer post comments. Hope everyone is having a great weekend! Thanks again for the wonderful gifts, Brad. May your generosity revisit you a thousandfold.

XO Tanya



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Lovely Marilyn 1962 – shot by Bert Stern
So beautiful

Thought of something overnight.. above photos inspired the 2008 leopard scarf pics from last post. Think I was trying to re-create famous Marilyn pics and gallery didn’t turn out as planned.. lol

New Year’s Eve 2008 – Intoxicated

Oh, well.. blame it on:

Saw this while driving on Sunday

Took above pic over the weekend in City of Commerce. Wish I’d seen that in 2008. I could have used it as my profile pic for MySpace instead of this:

MySpace.com profile pic circa 2008

Not kidding, this really was my profile pic for MySpace back then. Oh, those were the days.. Good grief. Going jogging, be back shortly. Hope everyone has a wonderful Thursday!

XO Tanya



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