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Black Cat Bacchanal

Look who has returned for the holidays.. straight from comic book pages and into my house Catwoman seeks to defile all within her reach.  I’d like to blame her for the tumbler of vodka which now rests by my elbow. Honestly, however, I think I penned these cautionary words to myself several months before she even showed up:

“A river runs across my crypt,
Rich vodka – hundred-proof supreme,
Continually flowing stream,
Explosive when sucked through my lips,

Deadly when taken to extreme.”

Maybe I’ll slow down after Xmas. Anyways, to see more photos of Catwoman and read even more pathologically honest confessions join my OnlyFans.com Twitter feed to correspond with me daily.
Happy Holidays!
XO Tanya

Veteran’s Day 2018


I would like to extend much love and thanks to current and former members of our US military. Thought I would share my post-Veteran’s Day message from my OnlyFans.com Twitter feed here:

Upon waking this morning these phrases came to me:


“Two days in, impulses cling,
However, I hear the birds sing,
Indefatigable bells ring,
Signs multiply: do the right thing.”

What impulses cling? Well, I wouldn’t mind a little “hair of the dog” to take the edge off my hangover. The indefatigable bells ringing were those of my alarm clock after I hit “Snooze” five times. Signs multiply? Yes, I should be studying – even the birds on my balcony are trying to get me up. From bed I can see a huge stack of notes, folders, books on my desk across the room. They seem to pulsate. I’ll brew some coffee, start studying, and see if I can redeem myself tomorrow when I take Part 2 of my two-day final exam. Hope everyone is doing well. And I hope that all former and current members of the US military enjoyed a meaningful, well-deserved Veteran’s Day. Thank you for your service. XOXO


Tool Time

A recent excerpt from Tanya’s OnlyFans.com Twitter feed:


“3/11/18 – And what will I do with my first day off in what feels like a long time? Perhaps I will address the aftermath of an episode which occurred two weeks ago. Several Saturdays ago I returned home to find my front door barricaded shut from the inside. At first it seemed like a fluke, some strange folly of circumstance caused by a dropped item wedged in the door frame. I shook the door by the knob, certain I could dislodge the obstruction but soon it became apparent that I couldn’t. My unit boasts a so-called “fire door” installed in the 1920s. It fits nearly flush with the floor and has remarkable thickness, designed to burn very, very slowly in case of a fire. Soon I was throwing my whole body weight against the door to no avail. Remember this famous scene? Like Jack’s efforts it seemed like my own were playing over and over on an endless loop with no progress whatsoever. I called out to my cats who remained silent. Weirdly I had just been working on a text description for upcoming video The Watcher in which a stalker pens a cryptic note to milf target Mrs. Hamilton. Here were some of the words in my notebook:

“Only reason that I am holding back,
Priming for the moment, feeding on lack,
Is because I relish sweet perfection,
Need to execute flawless attack,
Earn eternal right to your affection.. “

“Golden sunlight fades to ochre halo,
Over distant hills dark villain lays low,
Even in harsh isolation he knows:
Rich surprises reward those who play slow.”

“Golden sunlight fades to ochre halo,
Over distant hills dark villain lays low,
All alone and forgotten.. he still knows:
Lady luck rewards those who play slow.”

When my front door would not yield I really started to wonder if some psycho had against all odds holed up inside my place..  (click for more)”




Find out the rest of the story, watch exclusive videos and ogle nudie pics at Tanya’s OnlyFans.com Twitter feed – updated daily!



Only Fans

Good afternoon,

I greet you with a cup of dandelion tea (supports liver function) at my elbow. Had a great time last night but, wow, did I overdo it. Sometimes I come up with good ideas at random moments and this morning – during the nadir of my hangover – I checked out OnlyFans.com. For years I’ve been wondering what to do with the treasure trove of nudie pics that I have amassed over the decades. Remember Lonnie Waters? Remember Cherokee? Remember Devon Michaels? Remember Zora Banx? Remember Randy Moore? The list goes on and on.. I have sooooo many exclusive pics of gorgeous models who have graced stages, magazines, video sets, etc. that I need to share them with the world. Today I started my own membership feed at OnlyFans.com/TanyaDanielle.

You may have noticed that I don’t post very explicit photos on this blog. Well, now I have a place for those “full monty” shots. I am just getting started with OnlyFans but I can post a photo a day every day for the next 30 years and still have more unseen photos. Seriously. My protocol may change as I adapt to the OnlyFans system but today I am adding a mixture of both new and old photos featuring current and retired models whom I have known over the years.

I have initially set the price at $9.99 per month but that may change. Still figuring all this out. Looks like the OnlyFans system uses Twitter software so my feed will have all the features of a Twitter feed. Wish I could tell you more but I’ve never had a Twitter feed before. Anyways, this is a work in progress and will doubtlessly morph over time in ways that I can’t even anticipate. Come check me out at OnlyFans.com/TanyaDanielle!

XO Tanya



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