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Lovely Valentine

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Good afternoon,

Today I received four wonderful gifts from my Wish List. Thank you to the generous gentleman who sent me sports headphones (perfect for jogging) and an awesome new Carolina Panthers T-shirt. Next season I will root for the Panthers in style 🙂

Many thanks to the Mystery Individual who sent the gorgeous red Cuban heel stockings. I can’t wait to wear them!!

At my mailbox I also found an intriguing book entitled Ship of Theseus. Text on the back reads: “A young woman picks up a book left behind by a stranger. Inside it are his margin notes.. ” I am really looking forward to diving into the pages this evening!

Muuuuaaaahhhhh!!!!! You have made my Valentine’s Day. Thanks sooo much to all of you. I am very touched.

XOXO Tanya



Valentine’s Day Cards

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Jan292015 127_pp

Good morning from Los Angeles,

Fog down to the ground this morning. So beautiful – just like a scene from an old noir movie.  Speaking of classics.. would anyone like a Twinkie or a limited edition Valentine’s Day Hostess cupcake (pics above)? Those may not hold up well in the mail but I am sending out Valentine’s Day cards this year. Just shoot an e-mail to webmaster@tanyadanielle.com which includes your address and the subject line “Valentine’s Card”.  You will receive your card within the week unless you live in a particularly far-flung reach of the globe.

The images above come from an as-yet-unreleased video entitled Valentine’s Day Massacre. It’s a doozy. A mysterious stranger sent me the beautiful black gloves last week. Thank you so much! I love them.

Hope everyone has a great Thursday 🙂

XO Tanya



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