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Black Cat Bacchanal

Look who has returned for the holidays.. straight from comic book pages and into my house Catwoman seeks to defile all within her reach.  I’d like to blame her for the tumbler of vodka which now rests by my elbow. Honestly, however, I think I penned these cautionary words to myself several months before she even showed up:

“A river runs across my crypt,
Rich vodka – hundred-proof supreme,
Continually flowing stream,
Explosive when sucked through my lips,

Deadly when taken to extreme.”

Maybe I’ll slow down after Xmas. Anyways, to see more photos of Catwoman and read even more pathologically honest confessions join my OnlyFans.com Twitter feed to correspond with me daily.
Happy Holidays!
XO Tanya



Last night, while preparing for upcoming round of shooting, my ThinkPad T400 computer (dates back to Bush administration) froze. I have a LOT of stuff stored in that computer and spent much of today trying to fix it. Probably everyone has experienced similar frustration at one time or another. Finally I left computer on desk, headed outside, wandered to donut shop. Eager for distraction my mind floated back to great poster I saw at gas station last week (top pic.) I have literally never smoked a cigarette but for some reason that morbid image makes me want to light one up.


Compelling visual popped into my head as I sipped coffee: supervillainess character (kinda like Madeleine in second pic from top) ripping off signature black glove to reveal gory, festering remnants of once vibrant hand. Suitably inspired I began writing promo text for upcoming Madeline video tentatively entitled Half-breed:



In response to query gypsy utters mystifying quintilla:


“Behind articulated sheath
Raw, bloody fingers of death squirm,
Entwine, entangle, reconfirm
Each bullet prised from underneath
Decaying heart suffused with worm.. “


Madeleine replays words over and over inside mind. “Articulated sheath?” she finally says aloud. “Articulated sheath..   articulated sheath..   could that refer to..    a glove?” Again she reviews strange gypsy poem. Descended from one mortal and one superhuman parent Madeleine respects esoteric knowledge but often struggles to translate gypsy’s proclamations. Assembled search party has grown impatient with Madeleine’s confusion. “Maybe your half-breed intuition ain’t working today.” one of them says sarcastically. Pivoting sharply on high-heeled boot Madeleine announces definitively: “Fallen gunfighter has hidden silver bullets inside her black gloves. She pried shells from still-beating heart while she lay dying. Now we must locate her decomposed corpse. Those bullets are my legacy..”


Ooohh.. there are sooo many forbidden words in that text. Payment processors expressly prohibit distributors/producers from using words like “blood”, “bullet”, “gun”, “dying”, “corpse”, etc. when promoting adult material even if none of those elements appear in footage (which they don’t.) I will have to revise paragraphs but composing them did take my mind off computer probs today. Hope everyone is having a great Wednesday! Tomorrow I will return to answer blog comments.


XO Tanya



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Blue Iris Mountain



Blue Iris Mountain

Brazen outlaws lurk beneath escarpment,
Lavender horizon fills with ashes,
Ululating owls form parliament,
Eery beacons abound, lightning flashes.

Insolent scoundrels disregard warning,
Recklessly approach Blue Iris Mountain.
Iron bells repeal irenic morning,
Stir response from heavily armed townsmen.

Magic chieftain rides to pinnacle ridge,
Overlooks assemblage of invaders,
Unloads stunning cavalcade of carnage,
Nigrifying land with fresh cadavers.

Thunderous explosion rocks sierra,
Armoring terrain with rich escutcheon;
Iolite, blue iris form triquetra,
New heraldic symbol for brave chieftain .

Legend of Blue Iris Mountain inspires countless attempts but only three successful climbs to location of massacre. Each triumphant expedition verifies existence of gemstone/blue iris escutcheon on steep hillside. Gift from deities to chieftain, shield still prevents mere mortals from crossing summit of sacred Blue Iris. Brave chief has long since passed to holier land but one great, great, great granddaughter, Tanya Danielle, lingers in rough terrain at base of mountain. Blessed with same gunfighting skills as famous ancestor Tanya uses power for nefarious purpose. For how long will prodigal granddaughter elude forces of justice??

Tanya Danielle stars in supervillainess fantasy Blue Iris Mountain. Shot entirely in POV video features bare breasts, shameless self-worship, double image in mirror, thigh high boots, gloves, mask, belly chain, belly fetish, micro G-string, double-barreled duel, multiple knockouts..

Blue Iris Mountain coming soon to TanyaTV.com..



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Power Girl vs. Bat Girl


Good evening,

I felt compelled to write my last post but don’t want to leave it lingering at the top of the page overnight. Back to normal stuff..  more accurately, back to stuff which passes for normal in my world 😉

Just added Episode 1 of Power Girl vs. Bat Girl starring Summer Cummings and myself to the Diamond Club Members’ Area. I love this video series. You will too. Check it out if you want a little laughter with your porn. Summer was in exceedingly rare form that day.

XO Tanya



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Supervillainess Mackenzie Mack




I just added a gallery of superheroine photos to my Diamond Club Members’ Area.  Mackenzie Mack plays the sexy supervillainess who defiles familiar, fallible Power Girl, dragging her through the trenches yet again. Custom video pioneer Mike Raffone shot the gallery in his living room (note teal couch in background) during a 2004 custom video shoot. I have not yet located the video but I will.

Mackenzie and I only worked together a few times. She was a lot of fun. Finding these old pics made me smile. You can see her personality shining through: mischievous, smart, and sexy. In addition to shooting I believe that she was dancing at one of the Spearmint Rhino clubs in Los Angeles around that time. Some women enter the adult industry, become dependent on the money, and then feel stuck, unable to move to a different line of work where they will earn equivalent pay. My impression of Mackenzie was that she was trying out XXX entertainment just for fun. She had previously worked in a cosmetic surgeon’s office and I had the inkling that she may return to that at some point. Eventually she did vanish. I don’t see any trace of her on the Internet after 2007 or so. Think she set her own limitations (only accepting girl-girl and solo jobs), worked for 2-3 years, and simply moved on.

Join my Diamond Club to view the entire gallery of Mackenzie and me now!

XO Tanya



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Mad Science – Part 2


madscience (2)

Mad Science

Sun blazes with Amazonian intensity. Flora and fauna wilt, waiting for relief. Only one creature displays animation. Power Girl smashes the kryptonite dildo which had rendered her senseless, obliterating its dynamism and reducing it to smithereens. Now she will craft a plan to entrap Electra Lady, the diabolical villainess who has placed her in this predicament. Inspiration dawns. Hours pass. From the other side of the sweltering city Electra Lady dispatches a ruthless henchwoman, Batgirl AKA Alexis Taylor, to spy on Power Girl. Instead of locating the superheroine Batgirl finds legendary crime boss Catwoman tied to a makeshift bed inside a tiki hut! What has happened here?!! Bedecked from head to toe in black lycra and spandex Catwoman must escape her binds – and her clothing – before she succumbs to the perils of heat exhaustion and dehydration. Batgirl rushes to assist..

Alexis Taylor and Tanya Danielle star in Mad Science – Part 2, a sexy superheroine thriller featuring bondage, trickery, transformation, catfighting, effectively applied sleeper hold, and untimely demise.

Mad Science 1 & 2 are now playing inside Tanya’s Diamond Club Members’ for a limited engagement. Join the fun!



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