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Heady Sky – 4th of July

Incomparable Hedy Lamarr – Mural near 1st and Cherry Streets in Long Beach, California

Happy 4th of July! Fireworks will abound tonight and I have already ensconced myself at home with feline companions, one of whom especially dislikes loud noises. As always, many thanks and much love to current and former members of the US military who have nobly served our country.

I have been recovering from surgery and finally have a chance to begin responding to accumulated post comments. Happy to report that Mingori correctly identified amazing Hedy Lamarr from the mural paintings in this post. In my mind portrait of Hedy actually bears a slight resemblance to former Vivid contract star Sky Lopez.

Hedy Lamarr
Sky Lopez
Hedy – Actress/Inventor
Sky – Actress/Hip hop artist

Love Sky Lopez. And Hedy. Sky and I both starred in Jim Holliday’s High Desert Pirates although we unfortunately did not have a chance to do a scene together. Looks like Sky’s contribution was nominated for an AVN Best Female Scene Award before she renounced pornography.

High Desert Pirates

Btw.. if you look carefully at above box cover you will notice something peculiar 😉

Think I could stare at Sky Lopez all day long. So lovely. Intoxicating to my eyeballs.

Here’s another snippet from Sky’s Wikipedia page: “Despite her growing popularity, the actress decided to withdraw from the community in 2005. She accused the adult industry of being ‘a long winding road that leads to self-destruction, a villain World that I do not recommend to anyone .'” I believe we shot High Desert Pirates about a year before she made that statement. Seems like a lifetime ago.

Going to have some lunch but will return later to answer more post comments. Again, Happy Independence Day to all my fellow  US citizens!

XO Tanya



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Into the Blue


I chose the photos from my last post kind of at random. Their blueness appealed to me. A few minutes later I was writing something about Holly Hollywood in the Face from the Past comment field and decided to hunt for another scene that Holly and I did together. Purely by accident I stumbled upon the DVD cover for Treasure Box (above) in which I am wearing that exact same blue bra and panty set from the photos I just published. I keep clothes forever. Still have jeans from high school. Still have that bra and panty set. In fact, I think I have worn all that stuff recently. Maybe that is why I feel blue. Sometimes it seems like I have been stagnating for a long time.. lol 😉

Holly and I both appear in Treasure Box but we did not do a scene together. On that occasion I romped in the bedroom with sultry cover girl Teanna Kai, another sexpot with whom I have worked often. You can see Holly and me during our first meeting in Scene 3 of the quirky Vivid production Now or Never. Holly plays a puppet (or was she a clown?) – I play a French maid with a very traditional hairstyle. On the set that day I remember Vivid contract star Dasha commenting to pornstar Alec Metro that once you do porn you can never do anything else.  That comment sticks with me all these years later although I know it is not true.




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